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Homoeopathic Treatment For Chest Pain

A part from coughs, which may be more irritating than serious , most chest and lung ailments need careful monitoring . Bronchitis , pneumonia , pleurisy , asthma .Emphysema and tuberculosis should all be treated by qualified practitioners of both conventional and complimentary medicine .

BRONCHITIS : Bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchi , the tubes that connect the wind pipe to the lungs . It is caused by viral and bacterial infections , Symptoms include coughing , wheezing , phlegm , shortens of breath and tightens in the chest , often with head ache and fever .

A cute bronchitis will usually clear with treatment in about 10 days , but chronic bronchitis is harder to clear and can be extremely serious , requiring specialist medical attention . Bronchitis can be a serious illness . Best rest in a warm room is advisable in the early stages of infection . Avoid airway irritants such as smoke and dust .  Steam inhalations provide the quickest form of relief – try 5 or 6 drops of essential oils of eucalyptus , hyssop , cedar wood or sandalwood , many other essential oils can help various symptoms of bronchitis . A warming compress can remove tightness and soreness in the chest .


Avoid dairy products , sugar and eggs as they are mucus forming , eat hot , spicy foods instead to free up mucus . Try in all juice diet for the first 2 to 3 days of infection . Good choices are blends of carrot and radish ; carrot , beetroot and cucumber ; or carrot and spinach . Taking plenty of liquids is more important than eating in the first 48 hours . Take supplements of vitamins A,B-complex , C with bio flavonoids and E , as well as the minerals zinc and selenium . Fresh garlic or garlic capsules and Echinacea can help prevent and fight infection . Teas of elecampane , liguorice  root and ginger can clear mucus and are warming , take three times a day , hot or cold as preferred , there are more than a dozen herbs effective for bronchial infection . so the advise of a qualified medical specialist is necessary to treat individual symptoms .


The remedies , bryonia , aconite , sulphur , phosphorous arsenicum album , and pulsatilla are recommended for various symptoms but it is best to obtain an individual prescription from a qualified homoeopath .


Coughing is the body’s natural way of expelling any substance that interferes with breathing and usually resolves itself , when the cause of the problem ( such as dust or smoke ) is removed , however , coughing caused by an infection such as laryngitis or bronchitis , can be painful and needs treatment in order to clear it up ., see your doctor immediately if coughing is accompanied by pains in the chest , a high temperature and blood in the mouth .

A hot drink of lemon juice , honey and glycerine is a good throat soother , a hot apple cider venegar compress wrapped around the throat and upper chest can help loosen phlegm .


Take a garlic capsule 2-3 times a day take a daily multivitamin tablet that includes betacarotene ( vitamin A ) , B-complex , cand zinc , hot foods such as chillies , onion , mustard and horseradish are excellent daily products , by contrast are mucus forming and should be avoided , if you suffer from respiratory illnesses .


Remedies include bryonia , aconite , pulsatilla , rumex and arsenicum album .


Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs either one or both , caused by a virus or bacterium symptoms are chest pains , breathlessness , a cough with colored phlegm , fever and chills . Bacterial pneumonia is more serious than viral . Bronchopneumonia is often the final stage in people dying of old age and cancer and is sometimes a feature of acquired immune deficiency syndrome .

Warning : pneumonia can be life threatening , immediate treatment with antibiotics is advisable in severe cases of bacterial pneumonia , see your doctor .


eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables ( include raw garlic, chillies , and cayenne peppers ) and avoid dairy produce and sweet foods , fresh diluted pear juice is claimed to have decongestant qualities and regular drinks of fresh juiced carrot , spinach , parsley , garlic and cumin are said to help , take supplements of large daily doses of vitamins –A ( preferably in the form of betacatolene ) , C with bioflavonoids ( 6-10 gms ) and zinc , other useful supplements are propolis ( bee pollen ) and acidophilus , bifidophilus ( probiotics) .

PLEURISY : when the pleura , the membrane between the lungs and the walls of the chest becomes inflamed , pleurisy results , the most usual cause is viral infection , but it can be brought about by pneumonia and injury or inflammation of the heart and lungs , breathing produces sharp , stabbing pain in the chest and shoulders from the fluid build up in the membranes and there may also be a high fever .

Pleurisy can result from serious disease such as cancer or pulmonary embolism . medical advise is essential , rest and take plenty of fluids , hot compresses applied to the back and chest will bring relief and promote recovery .


Hot soups and broths , especially if they contain the spices turmeric , garlic and cloves and chewing the rind on the inside of citrus fruits can all help , soothe the pain of pleurisy , drinks of carrot juice , celery and parsley ( or carrot and pine apple ; or carrot , beetroot and pine apple , cucumber ) can also be beneficial .

Naturopaths recommend drinking juiced vegetable to ease the symptoms of pneumonia and pleurisy affect the lungs , massaging back helps ease lung pain .


this recurrent chronic breathing problem is caused by constriction of the bronchi and bronchioles ( the breathing tubes ) which produces attacks of wheezing and breathing difficulty , it is often due to allergy though irritation of the lining of the bronchi and bronchioles can also produce and attack , childhood asthma often clears when adolescence is reached , but adult asthma is usually chronic . A number of therapies help alleviate symptoms and promote recovery .  Severe attacks of asthma are potentially life-threatening . Immediate medical help must be sought , especially if the sufferer develops blue lips and cold , clammy skin during an attack

DIETARY AND NUTRITIONAL THERAPIES : To identify food allergens by keeping a dairy of what you eat , then follow your findings with an exclusion diet , preferably aided by a dietician , eating a healthy diet and avoiding known allergens such as dairy products .

Food additives and colorings is a priority . Raw juice are recommended , particularly carrot , celery , spinach and grape fruit or radish , lemon , garlic , carrot , horseradish comfrey and beetroot . Cider vinegar with honey in a glass of warm water taken 3 times a day can also help . Nutritionists may advise supplements of propolis (bee pollen ) , omega-3 and omega-6 . essential fatty acids , vitamins-A (or betacarotene ) C , E and B –complex and minerals magnesium , calcium , selenium , and manganese .

Identifying allergens can be difficult , food allergens can be identified by following an exclusion diet but environmental allergens are harder to isolate . recent research makes the house dust mite found in pillows and bedding the leading culprit . Alternating hot and cold foot baths , dry skin brushing and mustard or hot mud packs on the chest may also help .


Testing for allergies is still a far from exact science . A variety of tests is available that claim to identify allergens substances that cause allergies and they include blood tests , electrical tests ( vega and mora ) .

Muscle tests ( applied kinesiology ) and pulse tests , experts do not regard any of them as reliable because they are not based on recognized scientific principles , have not been fully researched and tested and they rely too much on the subjective judgment of the tester . New tests are constantly being devised however and favourable test results indicate that a reliable test may soon be available .


House dust , animal dander ( fur, hair , skin ) , pollens and seeds , weather ( very dry , very cold air ), air pollution ( vehicle fumes , tobacco, smoke , mould ) , stress , exercise , food additives , viral infection , medicine and drugs .


stress and anxiety can trigger an attack or worsen an existing attack , mental relaxation , exercises such as visualization , meditation , and bio feed back can help.

EMPHYSEMA : This progressive disease of the lungs occurs when the tiny air sacs that transfer oxygen breathed from the air into the blood stream become damaged , they fail to work effectively , causing , increasingly severe breathlessness , damage is usually caused by smoking or prolonged exposure to polluted air but sufferers of chronic bronchitis and asthma can also be affected .

Although , as yet emphysema is incurable ,there are effective self help treatments to ease symptoms , these include gentle exercise such as swimming , tai chi and yoga , using ionizers and humidifiers and rhythmically patting the back with cupped hands .


To ease congestion eat hot , spicy foods such as garlic , chilli peppers , mustard , horseradish and onions , avoid mucus forming dairy products such as milk , cream and cheese . Drink juiced fruit or vegetables to fortify the body’s defences , combinations of garlic , celery , spinach water cress , carrots , potatoes , barley and wheat grass or black currants , oranges , lemons and grapes can help .supplements of vitamins A, B-complex , C and E , as well as co-enzyme Q10 , zinc and lecithin are recommended .

TUBERCULOSIS : A severe bacterial infection , tuberculosis ( TB ) is caused by the organism , mycobacterium tuberculosis , it is a systemic disease and so can affect any part of the body , including the brain , lymp glands . small intestine , kidneys and bones . Usually however , it affects the lungs , symptoms include pain , fatigue , breathlessness , loss of appetite and weight loss , fever , night sweats and coughing blood , from a low between 1944 and 1985 , the incidence of the disease has risen in the west in recent years .Immunization with the BCG vaccine remains the preventive treatment of choice among doctors but it is not widely known that BCG is only partly effective in some people , it is not a blanket remedy . More over , immunization limits diagnosis in cases of suspected tuberculosis because once vaccinated , a person will register permanently positive in standard tests , tuberculosis is a potentially fatal illness ; seek medical advise if you are suffering from any of its symptom or have been in contact with a sufferer . this is a serious disease  but the discovery of antibiotics has made it curable . the bacillus tuberculosis enters the body with the breath and attacks the lungs deteriorating them , fever , cough , debility are common symptoms . the patient loses weight , the bacilli can be detected in the sputum of the patient by microscopic examination , those who are weak in health can contact the disease from any T.B patient , but those who are healthy will not open air is essential for a TB patient living conditions in cities are responsible for this disease , anxiety , disappointment , loss in business , grief , mortification , humiliation etc., are also some of the causes of TB . Antibiotics like streptomycin , , pas , isonex , do arrest the disease but even after that the patient should live in healthy surroundings , otherwise a relapse may occur .

The Christian missionaries of the Methodist church did successfully treat many cases of TB by naturopathic methods , mud plaster , breathing exercises , open air resorts , breathing from a wet pit etc., are some of the methods they used .

Homoeopathic medicines have cured many cases which were treated in early stages , a few medicines are given

Tuberculinum and bacilinum –these medicines are prepared from tubercular lungs patients from a hot climate will respond to tuberculinum and bacilinum . Never use less than 30 potency , 200 or 1000 is better , these should not be repeated before a week or month , slight but constant fever , with cold , catarrh , cough etc., are the primary symptoms when these medicines will avert the attack .

Arsenic iode —this remedy is said to be the head remedy for TB , this may be given when there is an evening rise of temperature and the pulse proportionately rapid .

Iodium , calcarea iode , merc proto iode , ars iodide , phosphorous , calcarea phos , tuberculinum , ferrum met , calcarea carb , pulsatilla , thyrodinum , sulphur , hydrastis , nux muschata , galic acid , acid phos , acid mur , ipecac , gerenium , and ipecac for bleeding . The climate of hill stations is very conducive in this disease ; open air is a must , a nutritious diet and freedum from worry and anxiety are also needed .


The mucus membrane of the air tubes is inflamed due to cold , suppression of perspiration etc., and fever , difficult breathing and cough are common symptoms , some times it takes a serious turn , specially in children .


If given early it will avert the attack —aconite

Antim tart —is useful for children and old men , when there is rattling sound in the throat and chest and the patient can not eject phlegm . fever is not high , hands abd feet are cold .

Bryonia —-when there is dry trouble some cough , pain in the chest , which is relieved by pressing the chest , bloody phlegm , cough is aggravated by entering a warm room .

Phosphorous —–when the patient can not lie on his left side , the pain increases , he has cough by going out in the cold and sweat , expectoration some times bloody . the medicine should not be repeated too often , one dose of a day will be sufficient .

Kali bich, lycopodium , hepar sulph , sulphur , bacillinum and tuberculinum in old cases .

PLEURISY ars album in chronic cases , cantharis , kalicarb , phos , silicea , sulphur and arnica are some other remedies .apis mellifica , bryonia , aconite are some other remedies indicated in this disease and should also be considered  .

PNEUMONIA : inflammation of lungs is called pneumonia , high fever , difficult breathing , thirst and restlessness are the primary symptoms . In the second stage exudation in lungs collects and comes out as sputum . In the third stage sputum is ejected easily , fever subsides and cough remains for some time , in bad cases the third stage does not come and the disease takes a serious turn , then the sputum increases , extremities get cold , temperature falls to sub normal and subsequently the patient expires . A physician should be consulted in this disease , however the following medicines are found useful .

Medicines : when the phlegm is rusty , the patient can not lie on his left side —-phosporous ,   In chronic cases ———hepar sulphur .

When the case is complicated with pleurisy —-bryonia

When there is cold sweating and a gurgling sound of sputum in the throat and in lungs , the patient has subnormal temperature —–antim tart

Sulphur , iodium, bacilium , chellidonium and ars album are also used .

ASTHMA : asthma is chronic bronchitis and is a tough disease . The spasm occurs in the muscles around the air tubes and difficult breathing , cough etc., occurs . The patient can not lie , paroxysm or fits occurs now and then .

During fit or attack , aconite , ipecac , lobelia , cuprum , natrum sulph , aspidosperma , senega , magnesia phos , have proved useful , they should be given in hot water , this medicine is often useful to the patients who have had malaria —blata orientalis Q  .

When the attack comes after the first sleep at about 11pm-12 noon and there is dry coughing , which gets worse on lying . Nasal catarrh , the patient feels as if there was some thing in the throat that chokes , also sneezing —-aralia

When the attack is worse after midnight , the patient can not lie , he has cold sweats and thirsts for small quantities of water , and the attack subsides after 3 or 4 am –arsenic album

When the patient sits and gasps for air as if he is hungry for air —carbo veg . 

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