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Osteoporosis And Homoeopathy

The term “osteoporosis” means “porous bones” and the condition results from loss of bone tissue leading to weakening of the skeleton and a consequent predisposition to fractures , it is an increasingly common disorder affecting mainly post-menopausal women because they no longer produce oestrogen , the hormone which helps maintain bone mass , it has recently attracted a lot of publicity because of the new HRT medical treatment offered by some orthodox doctors , most people mistakenly believe that this condition results from a lack of calcium is an important component of a healthy diet , the problem seems to lie in the inability of the bones to make use of the bones to make use of the calcium and that this inability is the result of the low oestrogen levels found in post menopausal women . This explanation is still controversial , but it would be fair to say that most scientists believe there to be three contributory factors .This explanation is still controversial but it would be fair to say that most scientists believe there to be three contributory factors  1. diet  2.exercise  3. hormonal  . Osteoporosis can also occur following long standing steroid use , it was also identified in astronauts who spent a long time in space in micro gravity , other hormones known to play a part in the causation of osteoporosis include thyroid , calcitonin and the para thyroid hormone . There may be none and the condition many only be discovered routinely on X-ray , when a softening of bone density is noticed together with collapse of the vertebrae , many minor falls in elderly women will lead to fractures because of their fragile bone structure , some people will lose up to 5 cm in height and develop a curvature of the spine (Dowager’s hump ) , pain may occasionally occur but it is unusual , there is often a strong family history of osteoporosis

Prevention And Self Help :

Regular exercise appears to retard the development of osteoporosis by holding the calcium and protein in the bone , yoga is probably the most accessible form of exercise but tai-chi or regular walking or swimming for up to half an hour ,three times a week will also be appropriate dietary therapy is controversial, because simply taking calcium supplements does not work nor does drinking extra milk , some nutritionists believe it is the combination of calcium and magnesium which is important . Avoiding excess phosphorous ( found in Fizzy drinks ) is important and adding supplements of vitamin C , folic acid and vitamin B2 will help , supplements are not required . If you maintain a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit , green vegetables and occasional seeds (such as flax , pumpkin ) and nuts (almonds ) , avoid acidity in drinks and keep to herbal teas .

Naturopath will recommend a natural whole food diet together with vitamin and mineral supplements , they will also encourage a regular intake of leafy green vegetables (such as spinach or kale ) as well as nut oils (cashew ) . Recently special bone densitometry tests have become available to measure more precisely the level of bone loss associated with osteoporosis treatment for women has included HRT (hormone replacement therapy ) which provides the menopause , other treatments include a combination of calcium retaining hormone , these treatments are largely unproven and may lead to undesirable side effects , such as excessive deposits of calcium that may disturb kidney function

Osteoporosis the density of bones decreases in older people and is particularly marked in women after the menopause , osteoporosis is a serious cognition , as thin bones will fracture easily . The standard medical treatment is to recommend HRT but about 80 % of women can not or do not wish to use it if you are one of them you can adopt other measures to decrease your risk of osteoporosis .  

Caring For The aged 

More and more people are living to old age and much of their care is provided by their families , if you are a care taker , do not be afraid to give the homoeopathic – symptom medicines , they provide a very gentle treatment and do not interfere with other medication that has been prescribed .

Osteoporosis :

Hormone replacement therapy is nit the only way in preserve the strenth of your bones , it is never too late to start keeping your bones strong by adopting the following suggestions .

Change your Diet  :

  1. Consume 1000—1500 mg of calcium / day , do not exceed 200 mg at a time .
  2. Eat plenty of green , yellow and red vegetables and fruit .
  3. Do not eat too much protein .

Cut down on –Alcohol (3 units a day maximum) , Caffeine ( in coffee tea and many over the counter pain killer ) , salt

Take plenty of exercise __  Take at least 30 minutes 3 times a week , if you are up and about , if not do move about as much as you possibly can .

Sun light – Expose your skin to out door sun light on as many days as possible , try to allow the sun on your skin ( with out sun block ) for 15 –30 minutes before 10 am or during the late afternoon , when the sun is less strong , save time by taking your exercise out side

Stop smoking and avoid illegal drugs

Medicines : Avoid the following over the counter medicines

  1. Laxatives – instead gradually increase the fiber in your diet and reduce the dose . antacids that contain alluminium if you have to take antacids , use those containing calcium instead vary your exercise regime to avoid getting bored and in benefit different bones , do not forget to warm up properly first , if you have any health problems always check with your doctor before you start any exercise program
  2. Walking benefits your feet , legs , hips and lower back , walk fast enough to be a little out of  breath but still able to talk
  3. Running and dancing help the same bones , but are tougher on weight bearing joints that are affected the same bones , plus the upper back and also the wrists
  4. cycling , golf , rowing  (boat /machine )wind surfing and bowels (indoor or out door ) all benefit the bones of the arms and legs .

Weight training does not have to be done in a gym. Use cans and plastic bottles from your store cupboard to strengthen bones in your arms and upper back . Yoga is probably best learned in a class that is taught by an experienced instructor choose a group that matches your age

Yoga can be very beneficial to your body as get older as it will help you to breath properly and keep you toned and very supple .

Osteoporosis : Bones , particularly those in the spine and pelvis , lose calcium and become less dense with age , symptoms vary considerably and in some women there may be none at all , usually however there is some degree of pain especially in the back , thinning of the bones means that fractures occur very easily , when this occurs in the spine , there may be a consequent loss of height , attention to diet is helpful as an adequate intake of protein calcium and vitamin D is important .


Rheumatic –type pains are felt after exposure are felt , after exposure to damp conditions Pain and weakness in the back , especially the lower back. Curvature of the upper part of the spine . Symptoms improve when lying on the painful area – Calcarea carbonica

Stiffness and pain with a cold , numb feeling – pain in the lower back and around the hips which can be so bad that it may feel as if a bone is broken – pain is worse in changeable weather — Calcarea phosphorica

There is weakness in the arms and legs – sciatic pain is felt in the hips , legs and feet – pain is better for warmth and in wet , humid weather – Silica

Useful for treating fractures caused by osteoporosis – Symphytum

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