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Bad Breath And Homoeopathic Treatment

When it has been present for some time without clearing spontaneously , bad breath is usually caused by bad teeth or catarrhal conditions of the nose , throat or sinuses , it may also indicate some kind of disorder of the gastrointestinal tract , such as mouth ulcers or an upset in the stomach , people who breath through the mouth or who are smokers often tend to suffer from halitosis . The breath may also smell unpleasant for a while after eating highly flavored or highly spiced food


A bitter or putrid taste in the mouth , girls at puberty are particularly affected ulcers may develop on the gums ====aurum metalicum

Tongue feels burnt and is dry and brown with red shiny edge . food tastes flat and bitter , breath is foul only liquids can be swallowed —-baptisia 

Breath smells mildly , mouth and tongue ulcers hurt when eating salty or sour foods , mouth feels hot , dry and tender —–borax

Thick offensive , dry , green yellow crusts from on the back of the mouth , swallowing is difficult , breath is foul ——–elaps corallinus

Breath smells like urine , sour tasting belches , burning blisters are found on the tongue ——–graphites

Excessive salivation and saliva tastes metallic like copper , gums become spongy sore and bleed easily , tongue is yellow , flabby and thick , teeth indentations form on the sides of the tongue , breath has an offensive smell —–mercurius sol.

A dry mouth with no thirst that is worse in the morning , tongue is yellow or white and covered by a tenacious mucus , breath is offensive ——-pulsatilla

Bad breath comes from infected gums ——-silica

Breath is offensive and smells of onions , hot sour tasting belches , tongue is fissured and painful . A foul odor from the mouth from excessive mucus at the back of the throat ——-sinapis nigra

An offensive taste in the mouth ——spigelia

Tongue is dry , red sore and shiny with a burning sensation at its tip breath feels cold and smells foul ——-terebinthina

Chronic nasal catarrah produces bad breath and a mouldy taste , a loss of the sense of smell . ——-teucrium marum

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