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Physiology of breast

During pregnancy and lactation indicates the mammary glands are becoming functional. Breast size before pregnancy does not determine the amount of milk a women will produce.
Physiological basis of lactation is divided into four phase:
Preparation of breasts (Mammogenesis)
Synthesis and secretion from the breast alveoli (Lactogenesis)
Ejection of milk (Galactokinesis)
Maintenance of lactation (Galactopoiesis)
Hormones during breast feeding
Prolactin level rise with nipple stimulation, alveolar cells make milk in response to prolactin when the baby sucks.
Oxytocin cause the alveoli to squeeze the newly produce milk into the duct system.
Therapeutic of lactation
Aethusa cynapium
Feature expressive of pain and anxiety, herpatic eruption at the end of nose.
Sunkeness in face with marks linea nasalis physically child is so weak that he unable to stand or hold up the head.
There is contraction of nipple, nipple are raw and sore, there is engargement of braest.
She has to drain the breast mechanically.
Mother is uneasy and discomfort because of intolerance of milk and then suppress the lactation.
by open air.
Agnus castus
Sadness with impression of sppedy death.
Loss of nervous energy.
Hysterical palpitation with nose bleed.
When there is suppression of milk the cause is mind is depressed.
Dread of downword motion in nearly all complaints.
Sensitive to sudden noise.
There is secretion of too thick milky badly taste and curded.
Baby will not nurses the breast there is pain in opposite breast which nursing.
Calcarea carb.
Fair fatty flaby person.
Fatness without fitness.
Abundant milk but disagreeable to the child.
Nipples cracked, ulcerated very tender.
Sever stitches in mamme, when nurshing.
Brest are distended with scanty milk the secretion of watery milk, babyrefuse to take.
It is suited to person of thin dry, bilious constitution.
The lady who has profuse haemorrhage during confinement.
There is less secretion of milk mother put babay to breast ,she started the toothache.
For women with prolapse from atony enervated by indolence and luxury.
Worn out with hard work mental and physical over taxed muscle, burn and ache, so tiered cannot sleep.
Cause- impaired nutrition.
Breast are very hot swollen and painful, nipple are cracked, fissure she cannot feed her baby.
Lady who are easily fatige by any work who constantly complaints of backache tieredness.
They feels better only when working.
Nipple are sensitive cannot bear touch or even clothing.
All complain worse when alone or while thinking of her complain.
Nux vomica
This remedy ideally suited to thin, spare subject with dark hair and dark complexion.
Who lead to sedentary life style nervous, extremely sensitive to external impression, habituated to over study, gelous, debouches.
This drug is especially recommended for deficiency of milk.
Breast are diminished in size, nipple dry sore.
There is engarment of breast at 3rd and 4th day.
There is acute mastitis with rise of temp.
Pain in breast when sucking by baby.
Painless gathering of milk in breast when no nusing of child.
evening, while at reast and lying down.
Constitution: usually lady who are and fair and beautiful looking but inclined to the fleshy hair and blue eyes, soft and lax muscles.
Anemia and chloric with pale face at puberty.
Cause- anemia
Milk is thin and watery which contain hardly any milk, globules.
There is thin and watery which contain hardly any milk globules.
There is sudden suppression of milk breast are swollen form nipple to all over the chest.
Puls lady have chance of breast abscess so breast milk remove mechanically.
Ricious communis
Caster oli used externally to develop the milk and also used internally in law potency.
Infants refuse breast or vomit immediately after nursing, child does not grow.
Destoration of health of mother after nursing.
Secretion of milk are bad, thin, infant refuse to take.
Urtica urens
Best remedy for nonappearance of milk, no any other cause.

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