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Incurable Cases Cured By Lycopodium

A case   of duodenal   ulceration   cured by   Lycopodium

Case history – Mr  Ramesh   aged  18 years  male  ,  consulted me  on 25th   AGUST           2004 for  ulcerative  pain in stomach   he had  allopathic treatment  for a  period of 2 years   and  used  all pain  –   killers  and  antacid   . he got  palliation   all the  time  with  that  treatment  and  finally  was  suggested  surgery   . I took his case  and the  following symptoms were   recorded   . 

  1. Gripping   severe pain   in the pit of stomach  .
  2.  Nausea  and  vomiting  of food 
  3. Pain  radiating   from  pit of stomach  to   back   / spinal region 
  4.  Restlessness  during pain  
  5.  No time modality for pain .
  6. Tongue  coated  white and   tasteless  .
  7.  Stomatitis   
  8.  Anxious  and  restless .
  9.  Patient  pale   Anaemic  , lean and tall .
  10.  Ozaena in  nose  and pain full 
  11.  Fear of examination
  12.  Angry   on contradiction   .
  13.  Loss of memory . 
  14.  Revengeful  ( malicious )
  15.  Concentration   in studies  difficult  .
  16.   Desire s of cold  water to drink 
  17.  Desire for open air
  18. Pain amelioration  by eating


  1. Barium x-ray  – confirmed   duodenal  ulcer Z .E syndrome .
  2. Blood  hg 9%   only  . other  – normal  .
  3. Stool  ova  , cysts   undigested particle  of food  were  found .
  4. Urine  “normal “ , colour  yellowish  
  5. After evaluating   the  symptoms   and  also  after  re- verification   with patient ,  following symptoms  were considered to select the remedy .

!. angry  on  contradiction   .

2. revengeful  (malicious0

3. difficulty in concentration forget fullness 

5.  desire for cold water to drink .

6. desire for open air

7. pain in stomach ,  ameliorated  by eating .

After  repertorisation  with  KENT   and   study  with  M.M  I selected   LYCOPODIUM   .

ON  26th   -8-2004  gave  LYCOPODIUM  200  1 dose only .  no amelioration  . pain continued .  waited  for  48 hours .  On 29th -8-2004  gave  Lycopodium !M  1 dose  .  pain  relieved on the same day . 
On 21-9-2004  patient  improved well  . appetite  improved  . but   pain  relapsed  with less  intensity   .  gave  Lycopodium  10M only one dose  no pain  since  than . 
On  1-12-2005 patient reported  improvement  and wait  gain  no problem  .  gave  Lycopodium  CM  only one dose .  no aggravations  
On  10-9-2005  investigation were done   had  barium x-ray ,  stool examination.  Every thing normal . ulcer   totally  cured  the case was closed  successfully  with out using  any  complementary drug  .



Mrs  M Minaxi age  21 years   history of left sided sciatica for  many years  . had been unable   . to  leave   the house  at  all  since  February   ( 4 months ago)

 Pain      shoots down to the ankle   particularly   when   she  attempts  to  put the foot  to the  ground . The  pain is worse  for  cold  weather  , damp weather   , tender   , first   movement  but does  ease   of  very much  with  continual   movement  .It    is  worse  of all   when   standing  , worse  lying   on the  pain full  side  and   better   sitting and lying   . the   greatest relief is  obtained   from warm th e either   local  or when  she gets  warm  in bed  .

Examination  showed   a  stout  old lady  with a  marked  lumbar  lordosis   and increased  thoracic   curve  , and  no  neurological   signs   except   pain on  stretching   stretching  the  sciatica nerve  . Rhus tox  had given  sum e relief  but this was not  maintained   .

Taking  the local  modalities   worse   standing , gave   Aesculus Hip   , Agaricus  Baryta carb    ferrum phos  kali Iod  NUX VOMICA ,Sulphur ,  valerian ,

Worst   lying  painful side   kALI IOD  ,  NUXVOMICA  .

Worse at wet weather = SULPHUR .


NUXVOMICA    was  chosen  and  one dose 200 given  .

She returned   much better   like a women   simply marvelous   .  not been   so well  for years  a and  yet weather  had   been   at its  worst , wet  and  blustery  . She   tripped  out  like a  2 year old .  this case  shows   the  value of  taking  the local  symptoms   when  well   marked  and  running them  through  the  repertory  . Although  the  action  of nux vomica  on the  spinal cord   eg   . is only functional   still , the  factor of   spasm  is  usually  of  importance  in  any of the pain ful condition  for which  Nux vomica  is  found to be useful  take , eg , the Rheuamatic  condition  , even  arthritic   states  in  which  Nuxvomica  has   been  found  of value   it would  seem  that Nux vomica affects  spasm  round  the   joint rather   than  any into  articular structures  and yet  with  great relief  . In   large  dose Strychnine    converts  . what are  normally  In  hibitory  impulses   into  excitatory    impulses with  the result  that the  extensors,  eg , contract   violently  .  Nux vomica  or  strychnine in  smaller doses might  there   fore be  excepted  to  reverse  processes  and diminish  contraction s which  otherwise   might  give  rise  to pain  the remedy  depends  upon the  individual patience  reactions and  not on the  name of the disease  the drug was Nux vomica the condition sciatica when reading these not it must always   be remembered   that homoeopathy essentially   an  individualist    treatment .  it t therefore  never makes  use of  nor seeks  specific    for  disease . so it must not be thought  that  any remedy  mentioned  in these notes will  necessarily  be the   remedy  for  other cases  of the same illness  .


Case no.3.  Male  age  59  on  and  of  loss of  smell  since   5 years     He has had  his tonsils  removed  and  numerous   polypi   also  at  various   times  but the smell was  better  only   for  24 hours  or  so , though  it might  have been  less  in  degree  . As he is a  is  a   chef  , this is a serious matter  for him .

X-ray   had  showed   that as a  result of an  old accident    during  the re been a fracture  of the ll

Left  maler bone  with depression  of the floor  of the orbit  and  displacement  of the wall  of the antrum  so  that the left  antrum  was now smaller  than the  right  but there was no  evidence of  fluid in  either  .

At  time  of consultation  there were  no polypi  seen  in the nostril  nor had  a   cold recently  . He  had   local  treatment with out avail  and as  he  complained of being  completely  run  down , and  his  nerves  a  tangle it  was  decided  to  take his   case as  fully  as possible and ignore  the  local condition for the movement  .

He  flares  up  easily  and can not broke   contradiction  . His  wife   confirms  this   . He  is impatient   ,  impetuous ,  impulsive   , does  not suffer  fools  gladly  ( how his wife  comes  into this he would  not say ) . Is critical ,  fussy   , oho , yes  , not   very  confident   .  sympathetic   people  do come with there  troubles   frightfully   conscientious  . Will   work  of  the  night  preparing  for the next  day . Loves  fat and  vinegar  and  pickles  . Gets a   craving some times .  His  paste and  smell  used  to the  exceptionally   acute  .

T taking  ,  worse   contradiction  ,  impatience  ,  quick  , critical , and  conscientious  , as  out standing ,  the  following  drugs  were considered   .


Impulsive  – arsenic album nux vomica 

Impetuous  – brynoia  nux vomica sulphur   fussy –arsenicum album  nuxvomica 

  Sympathetic   arsenic album  nux vomica

Lacks confidence  –  nux vomica sulphur  

Desire   fat – arsenic album  nux vomica  sulphur 

 Desire   pickles   – sulphur  

We had arsenicum  10-20 , nux vomica  13- 17  and  sulphur  12- 24  . learning from other sources  that he was a  perfect  devil  for  temper that  nux vomica  be the  choice  . nux vomica   200  3 doses were given report   sense   of smell  and  taste  came   back in  14 days  and  have  remained  and  later   still  , quite O.K    now    strongly  enough  nuxvomica  .  does not  appear in  KENT  under  “Loss of smell” . contrariwise   it is in the  highest  and   that ,  of course  , was the patient BEFORE HELOSYS HIS SENSE OF SMELL ‘– it was acute normally

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