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Management Of Psoriasis Using Individualized Homeopathic Therapy

Psoriasis cases of same diagnosis but different phenotypes—Management through individualized homeopathic therapy

Seema Mahesh | Viraj Shah | Mahesh Mallappa | George Vithoulkas


This case series demonstrates that classical homeopathy may have a solution to psoriasis and its complications which goes beyond skin clearance and achieves general well‐being. The variety in clinical phenotypes and their response to treatment may be explained on the basis of the theory of “Levels of Health.”


Six cases of varying severity of psoriasis are presented here. Two cases had erythroderma one of which developed septicemia. They were all treated exclusively with individualized homeopathy showing improvement in PASI scores and the general condition. The varied results are explored in the background of the concept of “Levels of Health.

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