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Aconite Napellus

When the word aconite  is  uttered   – mental  anguish   , restlessness  and  fear of  death  should  come  to our mind. in   all   the  complaints  of  aconite   these  symptoms  must be   present .


Must  remember  that  its  aggravation  is  from  cold  wind   ( winter season )  and not from cold damp wind ( rainy season ) .   There are  few medicine  which are  also worse  from cold  wind  such as  belladonna, Hepar sulph  .  Causticum   and Dulcamara.

What is   the difference  ? in Belladonna  exposure  to cold wind  bring  on  inflammation   of throat  with  throbbing  pain  . Also  pain  is  worse  on  swallowing  . Hepar sulph  . is  also  except   that the  pain in  this medicines  is of  splinter  type . in causticum  paralysis   takes  place and in dulcamara   the   trouble  starts  or aggravated on  account of sudden changes  of  weather   from hot to cold . Aconite  is  also  aggravated on exposure   to  a  draft  cold  wind  while  the  patient is  perspiring  A conite is called   for in many  types of fever   such as  measles   puerperal    etc . but what is required is the  presence  of mental symptoms such as  fear  death ,  restlessness   etc   in  addition  thirst  in  fever , dry hot  skin  are  additional  symptoms  for Aconite . one thing   we  must remember  is that  Aconite fever  comes  suddenly  like a  storm  , remains  for  long  as  it has to and then , disappear . If it  reappear  not  Aconite  fever  .here  it may the  compared  with  belladonna because  in  both  fever comes  suddenly  and goes  suddenly  . In  Belladonna  the fever  may go  but it may reappear  again  on the  next day  with  its  characteristic   suddenness  . In  addition   sweat  on  covered parts , sleepy  but  can   not  sleep  , wakes  up startled   and other important mental symptoms  may  help us to differentiate between  the two .In  Gelsemium   we may find the patient  very week  , as  aversion   to  movement  and  lies quietly  . In  is  drowsy  and  as  profuse  urination  . In  Bryonia all the  complaints  are  aggravated  with  movement  , tongue  is  found to the coated  etc,  Another  thing   is  that  in Aconite  and Belladonna  the fever  comes  suddenly  In Bryonia  and Gel   . it is not so  , the  patient   starts  feeling   indisposed  with  anorexia  , malaise  a  couple of days  before the fever starts  . in fever   many people  recommend   alternation  of Aconite  and Belladonna  . This is   however  , not good  because  this   does  more harm than good .  


Bloody stool of   aconite  in  majority of   cases   arises   from   the  exposure  to  cold  wind . it  assume  a  serious  condition  with   patient  wreathing   in pain . system present are  – apart from mental fear , restlessness  – stool  and mucus  small  in quantities  with  fresh blood  .  frequent  urge  for stool  with  lot of  Tenesmus   . When aconite has  checked  the   acute   condition   with  improvement   of  mental  symptom   MERCURIUS COR   .  can the  given  with benefit  . If   Merc-cor   . does  not help a  those Aconite   inter related often  gives  better  result  .  In  Merc sol .  even though  urge for  stool  and  tenesmus   may be  present,  the  intensity    is  not  so  severe   and  apart  from blood  and  mucus   stool  is  also   found 


Many a   times  fear  may  cause  termination of pregnancy   and  if  well   in time  ACONITE  is  given  it  may save it . Opium  is  another  remedy  for this condition  but in opium  the  lady feels  as if  the  object  of  fear   is always  before  her eyes   If  a pregnant  lady believes  and  says that  she will die  in  that  pregnancy  and  there  may  not be    other    symptoms  present  aconite  can be given  with  benefit   on this  symptoms   alone  .

Aconite also  comes  handy   labor pains  if  mental symptom are  Depressant   . Lady  in labor  cries  out  that she  is  not able  bear  the  pain any more   . after  delivery  if  the  child  does  not pass  urine  or stool  , A dose of aconite  30 may  show the  miracle  in a  minute  . in   such a  condition Aconite 300 can  also  be  given . In  our   village  a  medical students  sister   gave  birth  to a  child  who  did  not pass urine  or  stool  for 14 hours  .  As   that lady  was  under  my   treatment  before  delivery  that  medical student    came  to me  for  help . I   prescribed  aconite 200   and with in a  short  time  it  gave a  very good result  .


Aconite is frequently  called  for in the  group of children  which comes  on after   exposure  to clod wind .  the child having  been   exposed  to  a draft   of  cold  wind  in the evening  found to  wake up  suddenly  in the night  at  9 or 10 pm  with restlessness    ,  dry cough   rapid  respiration    and a  suffocating  feeling   .  in such a  condition   aconite 200  1 drop  or  4 or 5 pills  diluted in water  should be  given  every  15/20 minutes   till  the   restlessness  and high   temperature   persists    there after   interval should  be   increased   till the temperature   comes  down to normal . If however   ,  dry cough  and  difficult breathing    continues   spongia  should  follows   . must remember   that  aconite and  spongia  cough are   always  dry  .  there after   when the  cough  becomes  loose and is found to the  worse  in fold  so much that  on l slightest  , uncovering  the  body  , cough is aggravated and the  cough is  found to the worse in the  morning


Aconite also comes  in  if  paralysis  is  followed  by exposure  to cold wind .  the  symptoms  will be  presence   of  numbness and  coldness  in affected part .  Needless to  say that mental symptoms  will  also be present .  such condition  calls  for a  few more  medicines  ,  such as  Rhus tox – in which exposure  to the damp cold   weather  brings an this  condition unlike  aconite  a  dry  cold weather  is   cause   .Causticum  comes  in old cases  for  example   when Aconite fails   Causticum  will do the  work  in  both  these  medicines  the  cause   is the  same viz . dry   cold   weather   . last of  all  Merc sol  . can be  given with benefit .

Belladonna   follows   well  after aconite .  If  after aconite  ,  restlessness  disappear   and  instead  new symptoms  such  as  sleepiness    but can    not sleep  ,  startles   from  sleep  as  soon as  sleep   comes  eyes  became red  , instead  of  dryness  sweat  appears   on the covered  parts  ,  belladonna  will do the work  . Sulphur chronic of aconite when   Aconite  fails  to  affects  complete cured  Sulphur   clears  the  case  .  Aconite does not cover the  chronic disease  , but is a  chronic disease aggravate an exposure to   cold  Aconite may be called  for .  aconite in all potency  is  said  to be  effective  but I have used  it  in  30 and 200  with  benefit  . I am narrating  a case to  show  how aconite  may be called for in a case with peculiar symptoms  .

Case report –   wife of Mr   Ravi   aged   22 had   puerperal   .  on the 4th day of  delivery   be  she developed  a temperature  She was  under allopathic treatment . I was   called   in t on the 14th day  .  I noted that the   patient is violent   , Always   restless   .There is lot of   thirst                and  no mental stability  . thinking  that the first stage  is already  Over ,  I was  bit resistant   to give  aconite  . I  how ever   gave   aconite   1000  1 dose  and the patient  became  alright    after  some time  except  that  dry cough  persisted   .  two  or  3 days   after  I gave her  Squilla  which cleared  the  cough  also .

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