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Homoeopathic Treatment In Warts

Personal Data of the Patient

Name of the Patient:-Anil Marotrao Shelke
Age:-32 years
Name of Father:-Marotrao Shelke
Marital Status:-Married
Family Size:-9 members
Address:-302, Sun Aspire Apparment, Bopal.
Mobile:- 8149134767
Attending Physician:-Dr.Jagruti Patel.

1.Presenting Complains & History of Presenting Complaints

Complains with duration/location & extension/Sensations Character & Pathology/Modalities/Ailments from/Concomittants/Associated Symptoms with Duration:-

Since 6-7 months Small elevated pigmented warts upon forehead, rough to touch, also present on chest, abdomen.
Small tiny black coloured warts. There was just one wart initially which increased in number. No itching, no bleeding.
Concomittants:-Headache, malaise < exertion

Past History:-Malaria 2-3 times, before 3 years

Family History:- Mother-NAD
Father-Low BP, chain smoker not now, now occasional smoking

Personal History:-
a) Physical Generals:-
Thirst- 3 lt/day
Urine-burning micturition sometimes
Desire-Spicy, acidic food, always prefers something sweet after eating
Aversion-Not specific
Sleep-Sound & Refreshed

b) Mentals:-
-Angry, doesn’t speak out
-Contradiction <
-Anxious & become angry when upset
-Talks easily
-Desire company, desire open air
-Dreams-Daily routine
-Fear N.S.

2.Physical Examination:-

2.1 General Examination:-
• Conscious/Unconscious:-Conscious
• General Appearance:-dark complexion
• Intelligence & Education level:-well educated
• General built & Nutrition:-well nourished
• Skin-dark skin, warts on forehead, abdomen, chest
• Nails-pink
• Weight-80 kg
• Height-165 cm
• Gait-coordinated
• BP-124/72 mm of hg
• Pulse-70/min
• Temperature-98 F
• Respiratory rate-14/min

2.2 Systemic Examination:-
Respiratory System-BLAE clear
Cardiovascular System-S1S2 normal
Nervous System-Conscious & Oriented
Gastro-Intestinal System-P/A soft
Genito-Urinary System-N.S
Locomotor System-Normal

3. Provisional Diagnosis:-

4. Totality of symptoms:-

Angry, don’t speak out
Contradiction , warts decrease in size, no new warts,

Nitric Acid 1 M/1 Dose
S.L. 30 BD x 3 weeks

No complaints at present S.L. 30 BD x 1 month.

Author:-Dr.Jagruti Patel, M.D. (HOM), praactising since 9 years & lecturer of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Department since 7 years at Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College.

Acknowledgement:-Preeti Kukreja, M.D. Part-1.

About the author

Dr Jagruti Patel

Dr Jagruti completed her M.D. homoeopath in 2013. Since then she is working as a faculty member at AHMC, Ahmedabad.