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Monsoon Ailments And Homoeopathic Treatment

When it rains , its spores or more precisely , it’s bacteria , viruses and other kinds of organisms for whom foul weather means a field day . As the general level of contamination rises , the incidence of food and water-borne diseases reaches its annual peak


Causes ;  Bacteria : salmonella , escherichia coli , shigella

How it spreads : contamination of water supply with sewage , over flow of sewage in the rains . contaminated food via food handlers , vendors . organisms in stale food unwashed or uncooked food , fruits and vegetables .

Signs and symptoms ; vomiting watery /loose stools several times a day , and fever …all causing dehydration which shows up as sunken eyes , dry skin , dry tongue , thirst , excessive weakness , occasionally muscle cramps .

Is it contagious / infectious ? : yes …via the faeces of one person to the mouth of another

Self care measures and homoeopathic treatment : To treat dehydration , give plenty of boiled water with an electrolyte formulation , or( ORS which can be made at home , the juice of one lemon in a glass of water with a pinch of salt and 5 teaspoons of sugar , several times a day )

Arsenic album, aethusa , camph, podophylum , pyrogen ,

Stick to a bland diet like rice , curds apples , ripe bananas . avoid eating spicy , oily foods .


Causes : shigella group of gram –ve bacilli

How it spreads : as in gastroenteritis

Signs and symptoms ; 3 to 12 or more loose stools per day which gradually lessen . Mucus in stools , occasional pain in abdomen , vomiting sometimes , fever is rare

Is it contagious /infectious ? :  yes( as in gastroenteritis )

Self care measure and homoeopathic treatment ; self care measures as above , treat symptomatically with —-aloe soc, arsenicum alb, merc sol , merc cor , nux vomica, sulphur .


Causes ; enlamoeba, histolytica

How it spreads : as in gastroenteritis

Signs and symptoms : 1-5 semisolid stools a day , occasionally watery , mucus present in stools and occasionally blood . Severe abdominal cramps which prcede in motion , sour belching , bloating of stomach and flatulence , some times constipation

It is contagious and infectious .

Self care measures and homoeopathic treatment : medicines according to symptoms , hot or cold water bottles for abdominal pain .drink plenty of water , if there are many stools , maintain bland diet . symptomatically with —-aloe soc, arsenicum alb, merc sol , merc cor , nux vomica, sulphur .


Causes : vibrio cholerae

How it spreads : as in gastroenteritis , often in epidemics due to contamination of drinking water supply with sewage in the monsoon or after flooding of rivers .

Signs and symptoms : abrupt onset of watery , painless diarrhoea ( rice water stools ) and vomiting several times a day , some times countless stools , crmps in leg muscles due to depletion of potassium and calcium , severe dehydration with wrinkling of skin and fever –low to moderate .

Self care measures and homoeo treatment : aethusa , ars,album. Ver,album,

ORS or electral to treat dehydration . diet – as in gastroenteritis .


Causes : salmonella typhoe

How it spreads : in epidemics too , via food handlers , as in famous typhoid Mary case when a cook of the same name infected hundreds in America

Signs and symptoms : continuous very high temperature up to 104degree F. does not touch normal for the first 6-8 days , then intermittent fever continues for a week to 10 days longer . fever goes up in the evening , a cooled tongue , extreme malaise prostration , toxic appearance tiny rose spots over trunk are other features . Pain in the lower abdomen , distension and loose motions may be present .

Is it contagious /infectious ? :vry much ( as in gastroenteritis )

Self care measures and homoeo treatment :  treat according to symptoms –bryonia , baptisia , arsenicum , arnica , pyrogen ,  plenty of fluids , a low roughage diet to avoid perforation of ulcers in the intestine , so no fruits and vegetables , only their juices . Bed rest essential to prevent complications like peritonitis and inflammation of other organs .


Causes :

plasmodium vivax and plasmodium falciparum , transmitted via mosquito’s saliva during a bite .

how it spreads :the female anopheles mosquito needs a dose of blood before laying eggs ; while getting it from a human victim , she transmits the parasite into the person . the mosquito breeding season is in march and September .

signs and symptoms : sudden onset of high fever with chills and rigors , sweating , headache and vomiting .Fever comes on intermittently , usually on alternate days with the temperature remaining normal in between . Body ache and pain in limbs may be present .

Is it contagious /infectious ? : no !!! it can be transmitted only via a mosquito bite .

Self care measures and homoeo treatment : Bed rest , cold compress for high fever and headache . Fluids orally , avoid spicy , oily foods to reduce stomach irritation .

Arsenic alb, camphora , ced , china, eup perf , lachesis , nux vom, phos acid ,


Causes : humidity , dust , fungus , in the rains ; seasonal allergy ,

How it spreads : suffers may be afflicted regularly each monsoon or winter .

Signs and symptoms : breathlessness , dry cough , and uneasiness , all either at rest or on exertion . These may be preceded by attacks of sneezing and a runny nose , some times severe oxygen hunger .

“It is not contagious .”

self care measures and homoeo treatment : steam inhalations twice a day , deep breathing exercises , over the counter cough medicines should not be taken , since they may be expectorants which contain ammonium chloride etc., which are not needed for the usual dry cough of bronchial asthma .

drosera , ipecac , nat sulph , thuja , ant tart , apis , kali carb , rumex , pulsatilla , phos , spongia , sulph , nux vom , nat sulph , gives excellent result in asthma in children as a constituitional remedy . ( depending upon the symptoms , doctor prescribes the medicine )


Causes : as in bronchial asthma

How it spreads ? :as in bronchial asthma

Signs and symptoms : watering of the nose , sneezing , watering of eyes , sore throat

Is it contagious /infectious ? : allergic rhinitis ( unlike the common cold ) is not contagious .

Self care measures and homoeo treatment :  steam inhalations . am c , ars , merc , puls , rhus tox , nux vom , sanguniria , dulcamara , silicea ,

CONJUNCTIVITIS (pink eye ) :

Causes : chlamydia trachomatis and other organisms

How it spreads ? : through hand shakes , physical contact , etc., from one person’s hand to another’s eye .

Signs and symptoms : inflammation of the conjunctiva which causes redness and swelling of the eye . Profuse watering of eyes and itching , watering of nose , headache , intolerance to light .

Contagious /infectious ? : extremely

Self care measures and homoeo treatment : wash the eyes several times a day with distilled water . Dark glasses out doors .

Arg nit , apis , belladonna , carb s , euphrasia , sulphur , rhus tox , –extreme burning & redness : arg nit 200, frequent doses .


Causes ; the virus of hepatitis  A(HAV)&E(HEV)

How it spreads : as in gastroenteritis the foecal contamination of food . Occurs in epidemics too .

Signs and symptoms : in both forms : pre-jaundice phase ..body ache , malaise , loss of appetite , nausea , vomiting , especially after eating fried foods , lasts 1-2 weeks . Jaundice phase …yellow skin , eyes and urine , pale , clay like stools , low grade fever , itching over body , enlarged and tender liver . post jaundice stage lasts 1-4 months .

Contagious / infectious ? :yes !!!!

Self care measures and homoeo treatment : bed rest not always needed , but activities should be restricted , high calorie , low fat diet , plenty of glucose and fruit juices . symptomatic treatment with indicated homoeopathic remedy .


Causes ;;usually the moist air of the monsoon which gets into ears ; bacteria

How it spreads : the moisture in the air reaches the external and middle ear and causes inflammation ,

Signs and symptoms : itching and discharge from the ears , severe pain inside the ears , high fever if not treated , and deafness .

Not contagious /infectious .

Self care measures and homoeo treatment : clean the ears with boric spirit .

Merc sol 200 , pulsatilla , calc s ,  clear out wax ( use wax –dissolving drops )


Causes : staphylococcus , aureus ,

How it spreads : the fluid oozing from surface is contagious

Signs and symptoms : it begins as an erythematous spot –forming a vesicle with clear fluid , then purulent ,it then dries and forms a thick yellow crust . Removal of crust exposes underlying eroded surface with little oozing , the crusts fall off and leave no scar .

Contagious and infectious .

Self care measures and homoeo treatment : local hygiene is maintained , wash the hands with antiseptic .  dulc, hepar 200, kali bic , rhus tox , ly


Causes : mite , sarcoples , scabiei ,

How it spreads : the disease is spread through contact with infected individual or rarely through contact with infected clothes , bed linen , towel .

Signs and symptoms : pruritus – severe itching which is worse at night –the itch starts 4-6 weeks after the contagion . Scabies is suspected when several members of family have itcing at night , Burrows –diagnostic sign of scabies , it is slightly elevated grayish tortuous or dotted line on the skin , site of lesions are interdigital folds , flexor aspect of the wrist , elbows , around the nipples and umbilicus .

Contagious /infectious – yes

Self care measures and homoeo treatment : the clothes bed linen and towel should be boiled and ironed , contact with infected individuals should be avoided .

Psorinum 1M , sulphur , mez , bovista , crot tig ,

(the homoeopathic medicines are indicated in italics letter above , for each disease)

The homoeopathic medicines mentioned above are chosen according to the symptoms, for which the homoeopathic doctor must be consulted and taken

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