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Talkative Tongue Of Homoeopathy


• Yes we all talk with our tongue and today I want to introduce that what our tongue tells us. Tongue is the only visible part of the digestive tract.
• It is sometimes called the mirror of the stomach. It can prove to be a key-factor in determining many conditions and the overall health of the body.

• Let’s see what tongue says to us :

• Tongue fiery red, swollen , sore and raw with vesicles as if varnished, tongue feels scalded, red, wet, trembling : APIS MELLIFICA.
• Coated pasty thick white with reddened papillae and red edges, dry in middle, on the tongue there is small pustules which are painful, thirstless tongue in most of complaints : ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM.
• A thick milky white coating on tongue : ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.
• Tongue is raw and bleeding with profuse acrid salivation, strawberry tongue : ARUM TRIPHYLLUM.
• Tongue is dark red and dry with stammering speech, strawberry tongue : BELLADONNA.
• At first tongue is white with red papillae, dry and yellow brown in centre, later dry, cracked, ulcerated : BAPTISIA TINCTORIA.
• Dry parched tongue, coated along centre, red at base with great thirst for large quantity of cold water at long intervals : BRYONIA ALBA.
• Clean tongue with white papillae raised on red edges : CINA.
• Clean tongue with no thirst and copious salivation, constantly obliged to swallow saliva : IPECACUANHA.
• Parched dry tongue yet no thirst, feeling like tongue is too large and broad with soreness : PULSATILLA NIGRICANS.
• Large, flabby, clean, smooth as if varnished and fiery red with difficult articulation : PYROGEN.
• First half clean, posterior coated with deep fur, white, yellow, cracked edges : NUX VOMICA.
• tongue so dry that it adheres to the soft palate : NUX MOSCHATA.
• large, flabby, with imprint of teeth, mapped tongue, moist salivated tongue with intense thirst of large quantity of cold water : MERCURIUS.
• fissured in all directions : FLUORIC ACID.
• Dirty Greenish grey or brown coating of the tongue : NATRUM SULPHURICUM.
• Dry, sore, red, cracked, triangular red top. Takes the imprint of teeth : THUS TOXICODENDRON.
• Tongue yellow with imprint of teeth, large flabby, with red edges : CHELIDONIUM MAJUS.
• Greyish white coating of tongue, dry or slimy : KALI MURIATICUM.
• tongue clean, red with central furrow, fissured in all directions : NITRIC ACID.
• Geographic tongue : NATRUM MUR & TARAXACUM.
• Tongue coated white with bright red edges : LAC CANINUM.
• Tongue is white or yellow but red streak down the middle, tongue may dry, moist with coating or
without coating on either sides with scalded feeling.

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