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Rauwolfia Serpentina


History , uses  , side effects  identification , and  standardization    of homoeopathic rauwolfia serpentine  is described  by  T.L.C and U.V Spectrophotometry  .


Rauwolfia serpentine   benth  , exkurz , family  Apocynapeae  known as  serpa gandha  in  ,Sanskrit,  chhota p chand in Hindi  ,pagla – ka – dawa in   Bihar  , is a small shrub , with  smmoth leaves  pink  or white  blooms , and  a long  , tapering , snake like  roots , found through  out  India , Burma  , Pakistan , Thailand  , Africa  etc . In the 17th century , this plant was  described  by a French  botanist  and was  named  raulwollfia serpantina   in honor of German  botanist  abd  physician  Dr. Leonhard Raulfia  of Augusburg

This is a remarkable  plant  valued  by Indian  medical practioners   fro time immemeroial    it was not until  1944  that  favourable  reports   were  published  as a modern drug    sen and Bose   clinical  trial  report   on hypertension  and afterwards  it was widely   appreciated  in the western world  In the Indian system   of medicine  rauwolfia  favoured  for all the ills   of  men  , it was   used epilepsy   insanity   , insomnia  , dysentery  , diarrhea    cholera , head ache   , blindness   a wide variety of fevers  and as an antidote  for insect   bites  and snake bite  (2).

rauwolfia   was introduced  in homoeopathy  by DR.  W  .Templeton( 3) the  description  which has been   proved  by the faculty  of homeopathic   proving    ,London    is noted  the case  )4)   , it has been   very popularly   used   in sanity   , hypertension  , high blood pressure   and certain   neuropsychiatric   , disorders etc  

Rauwolfia  serpentina  is recognized   as an  official preparation  in India   and in other countries  about 5 species   occur in India    A number   of  apocynaceae family   R.  canescens  linn .R,  ducurva Hook  f,and R    denisflora  Benth exHookF,   R. micrantha Hook   F and R serpentine benth  exkurz ,

 Contain  alkaloids  in    different  quantities and  reserpine  as  the chief  constituent of them

R. serpentine  contains   at least 20  alkaloids (5)  of which  reserpine   ajamaline  , rauwlscine,  alstonine    yohimbine,, serpentine ,  serpentine  raubasine , raupine ,  reserpinine  ajmalcine , ranucscine , iso- raunescine , serpine are well known ( 6)

The effects  of its different  alkaloids individually  very  thus  serpentine  and  ajmaline   alkaloid are  neither  hypnotic  nor sedative  to the central nerves   systems , but they  lower  blood pressure  . Serpentinine  alkaloid , raise  , blood  pressure  and is a  powerful central  stimulant .  primary action  of reserpine . alkaloid is to deplete  the tissue  stores  of their catecholamine  serotonin  content  , especially  in the brain  , adrenal  medulla  , heart , and  blood vessels  .  reserpine is absorbed  from the intestine . it is taken up  rapidly  by lipid  containing  tissues  through out the  body and is cumulative  in its action it is metabolized  in the liver  and its products are slowly  excreted . 

Reserpine is not now  widely used because  of the toxic  effects  which show  lethargy , apathy , nasal  stuffiness , diarrhea  , dyspnoea  , oedema ,  cardiac failure  depression  and even suicide  , and  parkinsonism    . long term use  may  occasionally  lead to  breast carcinoma  in women  (7) .  ajmaline  aalkaloid  is  closely related chemically  quinidine  alkaloid  ( cinchona bark)   and it has almost same  action  . it has  been  used  in the treatment of  cardiac  arrhythmias  ( 8) EXPERIMENT AND RESULTS

Rauwolfia  mother  tincture  was prepared  in the labouratory  according to the method  described   in   H .P. I.  (3) . standard  solution  of the principal  alkaloid   reserpine  ( 10 mg/ml)

 In   ethanol  was  used  for  comparison .  mother tincture rauwolfia (1;100)  and  resertine  alkaloid 0.01  percent  were  diluted  with  ethanol  .the U.V  absorption  curves  of rauwolfia mother tincture and  reserpine   were  drawn  from  220 nm  to 300n  the absorption  peaks  of rauwolfia mother tincture  and reserpine were  maxima   at 267 nm  , 295 nm  and minima  at  245nm  and  285 nm  .

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