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Mental Illness: Anger, Temper And Irritability Cured By Homoeopathy

Women vary in the way they react to annoying events or individuals , indeed some are constantly angry due to real or imagined grievances , others simply argue for the sake of arguing – it is part of their personality , however irritability may be a feature of another illness constant pain is one example worry can often show itself by out bursts of bad temper whatever the cause homoeopathy will help .

Symptoms and Medicine : 

Can not bear to be touched or looked at , anger occurs in many situations , over excitability —Antimonium crudum

Anger follows a fright —Arnica Montana

Weakness and restlessness with exhaustion after the slightest exertion –Ars. Album

Nightly aggravations , anger ,fear and worry –peevish at the least contradiction , profound depression perhaps with talk of suicide , over sensitivity- Aur. Metallicum

Head ache and dizziness from sitting up dry parched mouth , every thing is irritating –Bryonia alba

Absent minded and looking in self confidence –Calcarea silicata

Anxiety and intolerance – Carboneum sulphuratum

Wild anger , promiscuity and tendency to swear –Cereus serpentines

Complains after a period of anger colic is often present , anger causes perspiration —-Chamomilla

Nervous with an aversion to being touched can get very angry much at night –Cina

Abdominal pain after anger and with great indignation –Colocynthis

Laughs a lot may be violent with anger and sorrow afterwards –Crocus sativas

Can not bear the slightest contradiction feels much better if kept busy –Helonias

Un reasonable anger , head ache follows the anger forever sighing and sobbing with changeable moods . Melancholic and uncommunicative symptoms may follow shocks , grief and disappointment –Ignatia

Very nervous and is easily started pale sensitive and weepy –Kali phos.

Sudden anger with an impulse to do violence –Mercurius solubilis

Ill effects from anger with fear –Natrum Mur.

Hateful vindictive head strong but with hopeless despair , sensitive to noise pain and touch —Nitric acid

Violent temper and can not bear contradiction , generally irritable and angry

Anger from loud noises which are painful Anger may lead to indigestion . Irritable and can not bear noise or smells sullen fault finding and with a fiery temperment –Nux vomica .

A feeling that death is near , irritable easily offended and vexed at every thing –petroleum

Easily offended and indifferent to family very sad and weepy with anxiety towards evening –Sepia

Ill effects from anger and insults , suppressed anger and indignation –Staphysagria

Feels depressed , weak lazy and irritable selfish with no regard for others –Sulphur

Sudden mood changes and seems ungrateful and discontented –Tarentula Hispania


Stress results from a situation or event that disturbs your mental emotional or physical health , in small amounts stress can be a stimulus but if it is excessive or prolonged it can lead to to a break down of health , some suggestions to help you reduce  the stress in your life are given on self help homoeopathic medicines will need to be chosen according to the symptoms that you are experiencing such as depression mood swings or temper . To help you cope with stressful situations you may have come to rely taking various substances such as tea coffee alcohol sugar and tobacco , the problem with relying on these substances too much is that you become accustomed to them and tend to need greater amounts of them as time goes on

Symptoms and medicines : 

A craving for tea , withdrawal head aches and muscle pains –Thea

A craving for coffee –coffea cruda

Stress Disorders

In the section on stress and life style we looked at the causes of stress and the symptoms and signs that are the early warning signals if not properly attended to will turn into stress disorders or diseases in their own right . Many of these disorders and diseases are dealt with separately in other sections of the book . Stress can affect the muscles and organs of your body in a variety of unwelcome ways .

Causes :

It is now generally accepted that one way that stress results in increased infection or disease is through the immune system which is that part of our bodily processes that protects us .

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