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Homoeopathic Treatment For Diseases Of The Children And Babies

Children tend to respond very well to homoeopathy and are a joy to treat . There is no substitute for constitutional treatment from an experienced professional homoeopath , so that the over all immune system can be boosted as much as possible , but with a good stock of remedies , there is much you can do at home in acute situations .

Children and Homoeopathy 

The best Start you can give a child is love and security , breast milk for as long as practical , a good varied diet as few drugs as possible and homoeopathy , young children often have dramatic acute conditions , such as fevers usually there is nothing to worry about if you are well informed ,have professional support and have access to remedies . the dosage is the same as for adults , but remember to crush the pills first for babies .

Teething : For teething discomfort “ chamomilla “or “ pulsatilla “ are two of the most effective remedies . chamomilla is an angry remedy and suits bad tempered babies best , these are the ones that drain you of sympathy , because you have had so many sleepless nights and you feel so helpless , only picking them up and carrying them around soothes them , pulsatilla children respond differently – they are softer , weepy and invite your sympathy , they feel better and are soothed by being cuddlied , they also need to be kept cool .

Fevers : Many small children get fevers with very high temperatures , as they burn up infection in the most efficient way seek help , if the fever goes on for more than 24 hours , especially if there is a violent head ache or drowsiness , aconite and belladonna are the best general high fever remedies

Colic : This trapped wind (gas) and digestive pain can be very upsetting for a small baby . The baby may try to curl up to ease the pain and warmth and gentle massage should help , mag phos is a useful remedy to try , for colicky babies , mag phos often soothes the pain as well as the nervous system .

Croup : This harsh , dry cough is very disturbing in small children , but usually sounds far worse than it is , there are 3 main remedies for croup , Aconite  can be used for particularly violent and sudden cough which are often worse at night , for harsh coughs , that sound like sawing through wood . Spongia is the remedy for a rattling chest with thick yellow-green mucus , possibly marked by irritability and chilliness use hepar sulphur .you may feel unsure about treating very young children but homoeopathy usually works brilliantly on them and can be safely used from birth , the simplest way to give a child a remedy .

Enuresis : Enuresis or bed wetting can hinder a child’s social development if it discourages him from sleeping at friends houses or from going on school trips . The fact that animals use urine to mark their territory shows the usual source of the problem . there are many potentially useful homoeopathic remedies including , “kreosotum and belladonna “who sleep so deeply that they lose control of their bodily functions “Sepia “wets himself during the first part of sleep , while his days are spent tidying up in order to restore a sense of cleanliness and order .

Capsicum  – has never recovered from a house move or other displacement .

Kali bichromicum – is trying to define his boundaries , just like an animal marking its territory .

Lac caninum –is the main remedy for long standing enuresis which may continue through into adolescence . The patient believes he is worthless and that he will never achieve anything

Many people wonder about the benefits of baby walkers , which enable the still crawling child to move around the house on the one hand , these may delay the development of proper walking with the baby frightened to let go of its support on the other hand he may benefit greatly from this taste of independence and autonomy . Even with out a baby walker , the child can get around on all fours and start exploring its environment . As it becomes more mobile , it is gradually able to widen its field of discovery to take in more and more of the world out side , from 11-18 months the body returns to a state of relative calm and stability , leaving it free to develop the necessary motor skills and speech , it is important to monitor the development of the major senses of vision (warning bells should sound if the child starts to squint or bumps into doors ) and hearing which may be impeded by recurrent bouts of otitis .

Tuberculinum Aviaire ; chicken tuberculosis is the main remedy for recurrent otitis in new born , it will restore order in tubercular children , those who react badly to the BCG are worse at the seaside and better in the mountains .

They often have white marks on their nails and a visible vein at the root of the nose

Cyclamen—is an excellent remedy for child hood strabismus , especially where the left eye turns inwards , the mother often has a secret sorrow (the child’s father is not the man she loved for ex-) but she can’t talk about it and ridicules every thing .

Cicuta virosa : is a remedy for strabismus following a bang on the head , such as that caused by a fall or post-natal trauma . The child fails to develop and progress preferring to remain a baby since to him the adult world seems insane .

In cases of strabismus it is important to check for amblyopia –a reduction or dimness of vision due to only one eye functioning properly , while the other atrophies , the good eye should be covered in order to make the lazy one work harder , other wise the child risk losing its sight in the one eye and being forced to see the world in two dimensions .

Children Who Don’t Walk : Some times , a child does not start to walk until very late –sixteen months or even later , despite the absence of any neurological disability , homoeopathy can help in such instances

Calcarea carbonica : is for fearful children who have poor muscle tone and are often overweight

Causticum :also lacks the necessary muscle tone

Sulphur : does not want to make any effort , he could not care less about walking and is quite happy to remain in his lazy state of bliss

Baryta carbonica :does not understand how much joy he will get from walking

Agaricus is awkward and clumsy

Natrum muriaticum : does not want to leave its mother in order to follow the father , while” silica” is unnerved by strangers and refuses to go towards them .

Children Who Don’t Speak : When the father is silent or absent , the child has difficulty finding its bearings and speaking its own truth , so that speech is significantly delayed , the remedy for this is often “natrum muriaticum” particularly if the child is thin introverted loves salt and avoids the sun (symbol of the father in children’s drawings ) other remedies for delayed speech include ,

Agaricus – where a disability means the child has physical problems speaking , later he will set out in search of the perfect words by writing poetry

Baryata carbonica – is intellectually slow , while nux muschata prefers to sleep rather than confront the dangerous real world , belladonna mean while is stuck in the oral stage and can’t progress . I often ask parents what they believe the father’s role to be and receive many different replies , the most common of these is that “ he provides for the family and earns the money “ I then explain that it is thanks to the father that we are able to leave the mother and that without him we would be at risk of losing ourselves in her . We need to progress from the infinite but carefully defined love of the father and the mother .

Nux vomica ; is the best remedy for an overworked digestive system , where the child is overloaded with vitamins and totally stressed out by its hectic existence

This is another remedy that will unblock the nose and enable the body to sleep at night . Children suffering from severe attacks of colic may need cuprum metallicum 

If their swallowing is accompanied by gurgling sounds or colocynthis  if they go into violent temper tantrums and have to bend double . Cuprum met is one of the first remedies to think of if the child goes into convulsions and it can be especially miraculous in cases of west syndrome – a kind of encephalitis that deforms the brain , cuprum met’s underlying then is I feel like this situation is above my head , I am not up to it , it is significant that in many parts of the world , copper is put on plants to protect them during their growth period . Excessive sweating from the head that results in the gradual formation of cradle cap being an attempt to protect their delicate font nelles , calcarea carbonica is accurately conscious of the vulnerability of the human body – protected as it is only by the skeleton and tries to make up for this by feeding greedily and layering on feet other children are the opposite and refuse to eat . This is the case with silicea which even rejects his /her mother breasts , he /she has problems adapting to life outside the womb and loves hot baths , which remind of the joy he experienced before birth

Lycopodium would like to gobble up not only the breast but the mother herself , in order to enjoy absolute power . He suffers from wind and abdominal bloating and goes into violent temper tantrums . He experiences red sandy deposits in his urine (uric acid ) , he will later be prone to gout , the lycopodium child is obsessed with growing up because to be grown up means to have power . Mothers of lycopodium babies often find that milk flows from the right breast only , in such cases , it is the mother who should be given the remedy .

Lachesis is the antithesis of lycopodium , being indicated , when only the left breast produces milk , babies needing lachesis often often narrowly escaped death when they were born because the umbilical cord was wrapped around their neck , other symptoms of lachesis include thread veined cheeks and an umbilical hernia .

Aethusa Cynapium–suffers from a communication break down between mother and child , every time the baby cries in order to express something its mother does not know what to do and hoping for the best , feeds it gorged with milk , the baby throws it all up and 2 hours later starts to cry again , these are children who will go on to have a milk allergy , by the time it is one month old , a baby is able to recognize faces and smile at them . At 3 months , it can hold up its head and see some one on the other side of the room , from 3-6 months the baby usually goes through a quiet stage where it is happy just to be alive . it feeds regularly 4 times a day and sleeps peacefully .

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