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Homoeopathic Medicines For Dyspepsia

*Can not bear the sight or smell of food , nausea , retching , vomiting after eating or drinking , burning pain , gastralgia from slightest food or drink . Dyspepsia from vinegar, acids , ice cream , ice water , tobacco —–Arsenic Album

*used in case when while passing the gas , involuntary , abdomen feels full , heavy , hot , bloated , weak feeling , great accumulation of flatus , pressing downwards , causing distress in lower bowels , burning , copious flatus .—-Aloe socortina

*Acts on flatulence which causes distressing eructation , flatulence , belching of bitter fluid or regurgitation , of food gives no relief , pain in hypochondrium  undigested frothy , yellow ; painless , worse at night after meals during hot weather from fruit , milk , beer ———China

*For all types of worms ——-Cina

*Catarrhal gastritis with profuse secrection , tendency to ulceration , constant desire to go to stool with inability to pass any thing , for some time , constipation –Geranium mac Q 

*Chronic constipation , used in catarrh of throat and stomach , gastro duodenal catarrh , sore feeling in stomach more or less constant , weak digestion , bitter taste , pulsation in epigastrium , cann not eat bread or vegetables , atonic dyspepsia , gastritis , affections of stomach ; gastritis –—Hydrastis   

*Flatulence , desire for sweets , feeling of lump in pit of stomach , gagging dyspepsia , burning acidity , bloating , gastric disorders from ice water , sour eructations , nausea ; constant feeling as if stomach were full of water , sour vomiting ; throbbing and cutting in stomach , disgust for food , anxiety felt in stomach , easy choking when eating epigastric pain to back —Kali carb 

*Useful in urinary & digestive disturbances , dyspepsia , sour eructations , great weakness of digestion , incomplete burning eructations rise only to pharynx , there burn for hours . Dyspepsia due to farinaceous and fermentable food , cabbage , beans etc desire for sweet things , food tastes sour , great weakness of digestion , much bloating after eating , pressure in stomach with bitter taste in mouth , eating ever so little creates fullness , can not eat oysters , rolling of flatulence , wakes at night , feeling hungry . immediately after light meal , abdomen is bloated , full constant sense of fermentation in abdomen ——Lycopodium

*Sour eructations , sour vomiting , greenish diarrhea , spits mouth  full of food , relieves excess of acidity , flatulence , sour rising and colic (pain) – Natrum Phos 

*Dysentry , diarrhea , worms, nervous weakness ——Kurchi Q

Sour taste and nausea in the morning after eating , weight and pain in stomach ; worse eating , some time after flatulence . Constipation with frequent ineffectual urging , incomplete and unsatisfactory feeling as if part remained un expelled , diarrhea after a de-bauch ;worse morning , frequent small evacuations . useful for digestive disturbances , reduces acidity and flatulence , thus relieves pressure on the chest and distress in breathing , regulates bowel movements , there fore promotes healthier digestion , it helps to over come the digestive disturbances in people who have sedentary habits ——Nux vomica 

*Relieves acidity , vomiting , pain in stomach , flatulence and constipation , use full in gastric symptoms wit acidity .——– Robina 

*Acts on flatulence which causes distressing eructation , acidity , water brash and gastralgia , it helps persons who get temporary relief with eructation , burning in stomach , extending to back and along spine , digestion slow ; food putrefies before it digests , flatus hot , moist , offensive ——Carbo veg.

Pimples , pustules and boils on face , eruption on cheeks and chin , desire for acids ,pickles . Gastric and intestinal complaints from bread and pastry , sour food acids , over heating , slimy , flatulent stools , constipation and gastric symptoms .

Note—Whenever the specific symptoms mentioned against each medicine , you feel , it may be taken till it sub sides and stop there after .

*Consult homoeopathic doctor , before taking any medicine , self help is not advisable.

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