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Zincum Metallicum


• This remedy corresponds to the poisoning of *NERVES and BRAIN.*

• BRAIN AND NERVES ARE *FAGGED*; tissues are worn out faster than they can be repaired; causing depression and enervation.

• Can not throw thing off; can not develop exanthemata or discharges.

• Period of depression in disease.

• Marked anaemia; increasing weakness; agg. eating; with restlessness.

• Poisoning by suppressed discharges and eruptions.

• Isolated effects; formication.

• One part numb another sensitive, one part hot, other part cold.

• Pain in spots; between skin and flesh.

– Trembling; internal.

• Convulsive twitching or jerking of single muscles,,,agg. at night, during sleep, spasms; from spinal injuries.(Agar, Ignat, Hyos).

• Fidgety feet and other automatic motions of mouth, arms and hands.

• Feels numb, all over, on lying down.

• Neuralgia after shingles amel. touch.

• Transverse pains; shooting pains.

• Descending paralysis.

• Disabling bone pains.

• Chilblains; blueness of the surface.

• Bloody discharges.

• Ill effects of grief; anger; fright; night watching; operations, excessive study.

• Chorea from fright or from suppressed eruptions, agg. during sleep, the feet esp. affected.

• Ill effects of concussion of brain.


• Easily, startled; excited or intoxicated.

– Forgetful.

– Screams with pain.

• Averse to conversation; to work.

– Sensitive to others talking and noise.

• Stares as if frightened on walking, and rolls head from side to side.

• Muddled.

• Brainfag.

• Weeps when angry.

• *Lethargic.*

• Thinks of death calmly.

• child repeats everything, said to him/her.

✓ Fears arrest on account of a supposed crime..



Feels as if he would fall to left side.



Occipital pain, with weight on vertex.

Automatic motion of head and hands.

*Brain-fag;* headaches of overtaxed school children.

Forehead cool; base of brain hot.

Roaring in head.

Starting in fright.

• Brain paralysis.

Heavy aching pain in temples agg. biting.

Headache with dim vision agg. heat.

• Meningitis.


Lachrymation, itching.

Pressure as if pressed into head.

Itching and soreness of lids and inner angles.

Ptosis. Rolling of eyes.

Blurring of one-half of vision; worse, stimulants.

Squinting. with severe headache.

Red and inflamed conjunctiva; worse, inner canthus.


Tearing, stitches, and external swelling.

Discharge of fetid pus.


Sore feeling high up.

pressure upon root.


Pale lips, and corners of mouth cracked.

Redness and itching eruption on chin.

Tearing in facial bones.


Teeth loose – Gums bleed.

Gnashing of teeth.

Bloody taste.

Blisters on tongue.


Dry; constant inclination to hawk up tenacious mucus.

Rawness and dryness in throat and larynx.

Pain in muscles of throat when swallowing.

Pain in fauces while yawning.


Hiccough, nausea, vomiting of bitter mucus.

Burning in stomach, heartburn from sweet things.

Can’t eat fast enough.

*Cannot stand smallest quantity of wine.*

*Ravenous hunger about 11 am (Sulph).*

Atonic dyspepsia, feeling as if stomach were collapsed.

Aversion to meat esp. veal; sweets; cooked or warm food….


Pain after a light meal, with tympanitis.

Lump in luver region or navel
Pain in spot beneath navel.

Reflex symptoms from floating kidney. Griping after eating.

Piles drawn down amel. heat; agg. walking.

Hot putrid flatus.

Itching at anus during stools.

Ulceration of piles.

Cholera-like diarrhoea in infants.

Jerking from groins to penis.


Can only void urine when sitting bent backwards.

Hysterical retention.

Involuntary urination when walking, coughing or sneezing.

Bleeding after urination.

Involuntary urination when walking, coughing or sneezing.


Testicles swelled with retraction.

Drawn up testicles up to spermatic cord.

Erections violent..

Emissions tooo rapid.
Emissions with hypochondriasis.
Sadness after emission.

Falling off of hair (pubic).

• Neuralgia of testes agg. walking.


Ovarian pain, especially left; can’t keep still (Viburn).

*Nymphomania* of lying-in women from suppressed lochia.

Menses too late, suppressed; lochia suppressed (Puls).

Breasts painful.
Nipples sore.

Menses flow more at night (Bov).

Masturbation desire during menses. *(as vulva feel itchy)*

Complaints all better during menstrual flow. (Eupion; Lach).

?All the female symptoms are associated with restlessness, depression, coldness spinal tenderness and restless feet. Dry cough before and during menses.


Lameness, weakness, trembling and twitching of various muscles.

Chilblains (Agar).

*CAN NOT KEEP FEET AND LEGS STILL;* cramps, when cold.

Burning in tibia.

Paralysis of feet.

Large varicose veins on legs. Sweaty.

Convulsions, with pale face.

Transverse pains, especially in upper extremity.

Soles of feet sensitive.

Steps with entire sole of foot on floor.

Pain in deltoid agg. raising arm.

? *Modalities*

at menstrual period, from touch, between 5 to 7 pm.

after dinner.

from wine.


milk, sweet things.


while eating.

Free discharges.

Rubbing , scratching.

Hard pressure.


? Comparison : –

Zincum aceticum: (effects of night-watching and erysipelas; brain feels sore .

Zinc ars:
(chorea, anaemia, profound exhaustion on slight exertion.
Depression and marked involvement of lower extremities).

Zinc carb: (post-gonorrhœal throat affections, tonsils swollen, bluish superficial spots)..

Zinc muriat : (disposition to pick the bedclothes; sense of smell and taste perverted; bluish-green tint of skin; cold and sweaty)..

Zinc phos:
(neuralgia of head and face; lightning-like pains in locomotor ataxia, brain-fag, nervousness, and vertigo.

?Essence of zinc met- Basically here the person will feel that he is not able to understand and comprehend things because his mind has got tired as there is exhaustion just like brain fag. For eg:- when you have studied for a very long duration of time like 8-12 hrs and because of this long continued exertion now one cannot comprehend or understand things.There is inability to fix the attention
Mind cannot focus anymore it’s lost.
Mental operations very difficult ; difficult to grasp ideas and to co-ordinate thoughts.

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