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Last Gift Of Dr Samuel Hahnemann

To bring out the ‘Real Homeopath’ from B.H.M.S.
AIM: To have qualified B.H.M.S. as “Confident Homoeopath.”
INTRODUCTION: When comes to the term “DOCTOR”…, It is duty of any DOCTOR to cure patient and bring relief to them which can be achieved by any means. But…at least passed out B.H.M.S. must have trust in there pathy even though they practise something else. Their ideas about homoeopathy should be cleared and not be like lay person.
As Homeopathy is considered as innovation in the medical field, in the same manner ‘50 mellisimal potency’ is an evolution in this pathy. Dr. Hahnemann’s last gift to us. But not usually used by homeopaths.
50 mellisimal / LM potency
This was introduced by Dr.Hahnemann in 6th edition of organon.
Also called as “Renewed Dynamisation”.
Drug strength is reduced to 50,000 part to every successive potency.
Potency denoted as”0” eg 0/1, 0/2, 0/3 etc.
Easy to select from limited range of potency.
No fear of aggravation/ violent action of medicine.
Frequent repetition can be done.
Time required to cure is quick and rapid.
Accurate judgement of nature of cure.
Used in both acute and chronic.
Can start with 0/1 potency in both the case.
No worry of over dosing.
Toxic medicine / deep acting can be used safely and can be repeated frequently.
Convenient to use in hypersensitive patient.

There are many institutes who graduates B.H.M.S. Yes I mentioned ‘graduates’ instead of ‘Homeopaths’ because there are qualified B.H.M.S. who have just passed out and practice other pathy because they don’t have faith in their own pathy.
These happens because of two reasons:
1. Confidence
Confidence: I always used to think that homoeopathy is like a trigonometry in mathematics, which can be solved in any way, same like, there are lots of ways to come to correct simillimum in homoeopathy.
While studying and after completion of graduation, students are well known about the selection of medicine. The thing they get stuck is potency and its repetition, which is the last and least part…but very important part after the selection of medicine. They have the fear of aggravation, action, and reaction of medicine. To gain confidence, one must have experience, to gain experience one must have guts to do things. As Dr. Hahnemann said “DARE TO BE WISE”. One must have that guts/ daring to try, to start, to practise, to get experienced. For these things to be possible, one should get rid of fears about medicine’s action and its reactions. For this LM potency is one of the best option since there is no fear of aggravation, reaction, limited potency to choose etc…. This is one of the solution what Dr. Hahnemann had given to bring out a confidence in new passed out homoeopaths and also DARE TO WISE.
Money: Economical growth is directly proportional to the time taken for patient’s recovery. Homeopathy generally has misconception of acting slowly. Slow results can lead to slow economic progress which prevents the graduate B.H.M.S. from becoming homoeopath. But in reality this misconception can be overruled using LM potency which brings out quick and effective results.
JUSTIFICATION: I will shared my experienced in short:
For Acute case :
Diagnosis: Apthous ulcer
Symptoms: severe burning pain <touch since 3 days
Treatment: Merc sol0/1 frequent repetition
Result: In 15 minutes, pain was relieved and further 30 min mucus membrane was cleared completely.
For Chronic case:
Diagnosis: Constipation
Symptoms: Constipation since 5 years, irregular urging, hard stools
Treatment: given Nux vomica 0/1 frequent repetition
Result: Within 2 days soft stools and within a week there was regular urging and constipation was relieved.
EXPECTED OUTCOME/ CONCLUSION: Homoeopathy is slow.. it is only for chronic cases……..These are the myths of lay persons regarding pathy. But this myth should not be of any path. Then only a Graduate B.H.M.S. will become a homoeopath. And if it happens then this wrong remark over this pathy will be washed off in future.
Here I am ending my paper on Homoeopathy by justifying that I am not letting down CM potency in front of LM potency. I am just focusing on the “key” what Dr. Hahnemann gave us in ending… it is up to us which lock we want to open..
THANK YOU….Warm regards…..
Dr.Prajakta Tanmay Bandekar.
B.H.M.S. (Mumbai, INDIA), Contact number: 993 051 4021.

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