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Homoeopathic Perspective

Good evening all, today I face a misconception towards a medicines and I was so curious to understand the whole perspective of medicine. From different Materia Medica I learn some medicine and I had been collect such points which directly pointing finger to that perticular medicine. So, I’m here with you people to share it.
1 ) Phosphorus
– Who can forget the radiant, handsome and affectionate Phosphorus, the nicest of materia medica?
– A tall, slender but graceful demeanour attracts everyone.
– Eyes are powerful, large and give an impression of innocence.
– The eyelashes are long, neatly bordered and they add up to the beauty of face. Eyes radiate the vibrant character and take a lead in making a cordial friendship.
– Eyes are sensitive with lively perceptions.
– Facial expressions are animated and hence, others are drawn in towards him.
– Teeth are even, bucked and hair is straight and silky and all this adds up to attractiveness.
– The lips are delicate, curved and joined in a refined manner.
– The dress is neatly ironed and there are art paintings on the clothes.
– Phosphorus likes to wear a different variety of dresses and they are chosen with precision. He likes pink, white, blue and red colours more.
– He is showy in dress and the young Phosphorus may be seen wearing unbuttoned jackets especially in warm weather. Phosphorus woman likes heavy make-up, the Hairstyle is elegant and suits the facial configuration.
– The face has a dimple and there is a definite smile with mischievousness. She likes light flowery, crisp eau de cologne and a tangy scent more. She charges the atmosphere by her personality.
– ‘Fine’ is the right word to describe the Phosphorus appearance; she is also refined in her manners, etiquettes, talk and behaviour.
2 ) Platinum metallicum
– More a female type (some Plat. may be masculine), beautiful but lacks the innocence of Phos. She likes to wear gaudy, elegant and expensive dresses and prefers heavy and caked make-up.
– She may even wear ungracious and indecent dresses. She attracts others but her facial expressions may be blank.
– She likes to wear many ornaments and always gives an impression of being a special individual.
– The Hair-style is long, straight, blonde and out of proportion to the height. Platina is also found in brunettes.
– Philip Bailey gives his impression, ‘The fullness of their lips in most cases, is consistent with their passionate nature.’
– Platina is a ‘Hollywood image’ woman. She likes heavy oriental scents and when you are in her aura, you feel that aura and there is a definite element of attraction.
– You always get a feeling that she enjoys maintaining her ‘delusion of being grandeur’.
3 ) Tarentula hispanica
– Tarentula is very special in appearance.
– He generally carries a good sturdy physique, the body is well built; he is in good health physically.
– He is anti-aging and anti-lazy. Even an old person looks young. Evergreen.
– There is always commotion and animation, he is spirited and vivacious and his presence even for a little while keeps an impression.
– Tarentula appears before the others. See that even in desires and aversions of clothes, Tarentula is contradictory.
– Some rubrics stands here for Tarentula, that are as follow
– Here some bipolarity in rubrics , Let’s go for a walk with A to Z
A ) Clothes himself, differently, every day.
B ) Clothing, colourful, desires.
C ) Showy, dresses, in.
D ) Aversion, black, colour, to
E ) Aversion, blue, colour, to
F ) Aversion, green, colour, to
G ) Aversion, red colour, to
H ) Aversion, yellow, colour, to
I ) Desires, black, colour
J ) Desires, blue, colour
K ) Desires, green, colour
L ) Desires, red, colour
M ) Hair-style: Men- Medium length, side-parted. Women-Long, straight, blonde
N ) Make-up, heavy
O ) Smoking, finger-tips, with
P ) Smoking, flute-like
Q ) Smoking, little finger, with
R ) Namaskar, face to face
S ) Face, happy, smiling
T ) Face, mask
U ) Dimple on face, funny people, in
V ) Hooked nose
W ) Fake, pretending smile
X ) Fraud smile
Y ) Non-sense smile
Z ) Eyes, flashbulb
4 ) Lycopodium clavatum
– Whimpish, stoop-shouldered and skinny in appearance, with dark, straight and thin hair and horizontal furrows on the forehead characterizes Lycopodium.
– Many Lycopodium have sparse hair, early baldness and an angular face.
– Lycopodium likes to wear a beard especially goatee (a small chin beard trimmed to a point, and resembling that of a goat) type and keep a long moustache.
– This appearance helps him to hide his weakness. He may have a stoic appearance with a broad muscular body.
– Many Lycopodium patients put on weight as they advance in age. This helps them to take more space.
– Many Lycopodium boys could be effeminate (nancy boys) or they maintain their youthfulness and look boyish.
– They prefer T-shirts for casual dressing but they will put on an expensive suit for an executive meeting to boost up their image.
– Spruce in clothing, neatly ironed, Lycopodium patient gives an impression of being a VIP and executive type.
– Tidy dress is typical of Lycopodium. He doesn’t like to wear unclean clothes and the outer appearance is important for him.
– He likes to show off and he will do this by wearing many rings, expensive wrist watch and ornaments.
– He gives more importance to the first impression and he always tries to hide his inner weakness.
– There is predilection for white colour and this is true for idealistic, non-pseudo-intellectual Lycopodium of spiritual path.
– He likes short, tousled or medium length, casual type of Hair-style. He prefers heavy make-up and he likes perfumes especially a crisp eau de cologne and a tangy scent.
I share these four medicine for now.
Thank you for read this.
Thank you all the faculty members of RHMC for this guidence as well great motivation.

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