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Corona Nosode

Dr Prajakta Tanmay Bandekar

Aim: To bring out the prophylactic and curative measures for CORONA VIRUS .

Introduction :

Always at the end of trouble when the case get more complicated especially in endemic and pandemic  there is knocking at the door of homoeopathy. It  becomes a challenging situation. But artistically scientific solution comes to it.

Homoeopathy is the therapeutic of medicine based on” Law of Similibus” introduce by Dr. Samuel Hahanemann.

Law of similibus : Like cures like. ie  which causes symptoms that can treat that symptoms.

Source of Homoeopathic drugs are plants, animals, minerals, disease part ( nosode) , healthy part ( sarcode), etc.

Method of Preparation of medicine:
In this Principle ” Doctrine of Drug Dynamization” is used.( Aph-264-271). This is a process by which the medicinal properties of crude substances are brought out and poisonous effects vanishes. As potency increases its dynamic power increases. Drug dynamization mainly consists of process of succusion in fluid substances and trituration in dry substances. The preparations obtained after advanced processes of dynamization are called potencies

LM potency: 50 mellisimal scale gifted by Dr. Hahnemann. Drug strength is reduced to 50,000 part to every succesive potency . Denoted as 0/1,0/2,0/3 etc. No fear of aggravation or frequent repeatation. it is Highest range of potency. Time required to cure is quick and rapid.


Nosodes word derived from Greek word ” Nosos” means disease. Medicine prepared from diseases part of human , animal ie discharge, respiratory swab , blood ,tissue , bacteria, virus, fungi, etc. Those germs are separated and diluted many times under potentization process. Also used as prophylactic.Nosodes can be considered as vaccine like preparation due to this nature of making, where the vaccines are attenuated while the homoeopathic preparations are potentised. However nosodes are not to be used as substitutes to the vaccines but as per homoeopathic principles for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases.


There are some drugs which becomes Genius during Endemic and Pandemic crisis.  But Nosodes are the cherry. Nosode is the readymade fruit from homoeopathy in such crisis

After 1990, Chikungunya became rampant and attacked the population in an epidemic form in India and other countries. Two nosodes, one from the whole mosquitoes and another from the blood of an affected patient of Chikungunya, were prepared. A trial conducted in 1996 by Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH, News Vol. No. 23, Scientific Activities of Council, Epidemic Dengue), the Dengue Fever nosode (source: Serum of a person suffering from dengue fever) administered to people in Delhi during an epidemic of Dengue haemorrhagic fever. In flu epidemic Influenzinum prepared by Nelson Laboratory in London was prescribed with success. Variolinum in small pox epidemic etc.

Outcome Expectation Results:

According to above explain law, preparation ,nosode ,potency and evidence, we can conclude to have a nosode for the world wide pandemic crisis CORONA by making its nosode. By collecting germs from  respiratory swab from corona positive person, further pontentising it to 50 mellisimal scale. Corona Nosode can become prophylactic and curative.

Suggested dose :

Healthy person : Corona Nosode 0/1 one dose as preventive.

Corona positive: Corona Nosode 0/1 one dose.. second dose given if required.

Humble request to AYUSH to work on this paper.

Dr Prajakta Tanmay Bandekar

B.H.M.S. ( Mumbai, Maharashtra, India).

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