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Haemorrhage And Homoeopathic Remedies

Ipecacuanha Nash says (leaders);the control that this remedy has over haemorrhages deserves honorable mention, it has haemorrhages from the nose , stomach rectum womb lungs and bladder , from all the orifices of the body, so does “crotalus” but the blood of “Ipecacuanha” is bright red , not decomposes , “sulphur acid” also has haemorrhages from all the outlets of the body , but the other attending symptoms are different with “Ipecacuanha “ ,the haemorrhages are active , profuse, bright-red . It is a better remedy than secale ever was or can be for post -martum haemorrhages and it is not necessary to use it in the large and poisonous doses , for it will stop them in the 200th potency and is quicker in its action than secale . let us notice a few remedies for haemorrhages .

Ipecacuana : active bright with great fear and anxiety .

Arnica : from injuries , bodily fatigue, physical exertion .

Belladonna : blood hot , throbbing carotids , congestion to head .

Carbo veg : Almost entire collapse , pale face , wants to be fanned .

China : Great loss of blood , ringing in ears , faintness.

Crotus : blood clots , in long dark strings .

Ferrum Phos : partly fluid , partly solid , very red face or red and pale alternately .

Hyoscyamus : delirium and jerking and twitching of muscles .

Lachesis : blood decomposed , sediment like charred straw .

Crotalus, Elaps, sulphuric acid black fluid blood ;the first and the last from all out lets .

Nitric acid : active haemorrhages of bright blood .

Phosphorus : profuse and persistent , even from small wounds and tumors .

Platinum : partly fluid and partly hard black clots .

Pulsatilla : Intermittent haemorrhages .

Secale : passive flow in feeble ,cachectic women Sulphur : in psoric constitutions ; other remedies falling and indications might be added here but haemorrhages is only one symptom and never alone furnishes a reliable indication for any one remedy but ipecacuanha is one of the best if indicated  .

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