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Children’s First Aid Homoeopathic Remedies

It is generally acknowledged that emergency attention –dealing with a crisis is an area of orthodox medical practice which is unsurpassed in excellence while alternative health care methods certainly have some useful additional methods to offer in first aid settings , it should be recognized that its main benefits are achieved in the treatment and care of more chronic ( i.e, long term ) conditions . In considering first aid for infants and young children , we must stress that the need to involve skilled medical attention at the earliest possible stage is vital , especially for example where dehydration is concerned in cases of fever , diarrhoea and /or vomiting if these do not speedily resolve themselves ; or where earache persist or in cases of heat or sun stroke or burns ! or blows to the head . Homoeopathic medicines first aid section for bites , burns , nose bleeds , ear throat and mouth problems , general advice on homoeopathic dosages for children .

Children Homoeopathic doses : for children too young to accept a tablet under the tongue , it can be dissolved in pure spring water or the remedy may be obtained as a liquid and added to a drink .

Bumps And Bruises : cold compresses and rest are recommended as a first aid measure .

Arnica ; every 15 minutes after an injury until pain is reduced is the recommendation

Ruta –G ; if bones are bruised , apply distilled witch hazel or corn frey it if bones / joints are involved ( sprains ) , a calendula compress ( fresh flowers crushed or prepared as an infusion ) helps heal bruises rapidly .

Distilled witch hazel or corn frey ease minor bumps and bruises .

Colic : warm or mildly hot compresses to the abdomen help soothe the pain of colic .

Homoeopathic Treatment : if also very irritable , colocynthis , if doubled up in pain , magnesia phosphoric , if combined with nausea ( vomiting ) ; ipecac .

Diarrhoea : make the child consume a lot of liquid , eat nothing for at least 24 hours and then take pureed apple (no sugar ) live yoghurt in small amounts , if the diarrhoea has stopped , if not call a doctor , infant strain “ friendly bacteria “ (bifidobacteria infantis ) which is obtainable from any good health food store , is extremely useful in normalizing the intestinal tract of young children following an infection of food poisoning , especially if anti-biotics have been used to cure it . in children who have been weaned , standard acidophilus should be used . A quarter tea spoon full twice daily in water away from mealtimes for a week is suggested

The most useful homoeopathic remedy is” arsenicum album and china , aloe socortina “, but others might be needed depending on the individual characterstics of the sufferer – call an expert .

Fever : treat with a water only fast for 24 hours and call a doctor , ensure lots of liquid is consumed at regular intervals , for a feverish child before the doctor arrives ; at first sign of fever of sudden onset , very thirsty , restless –aconite

If very red and agitated , use –belladonna

Dry heat , intense thirst worse for movement –bryonia album

Feels chilly and can not get warm –nux-vomica

Very weepy ; can not be left alone , not thirsty , worse for being hot –pulsatilla

All remedies should be taken four hourly until symptoms improve .

Heat or Sun stroke : If symptoms like dizziness , nausea , and head ache appear along with elevated temperature and dry or red skin comes on suddenly and there has been exposure to strong sun and high temperature , the chances are that sun stroke or heat stroke exists . call for medical help , apply cool or tepid water to the head ,neck chest and back using towels or sponging . if the temperature is very high , elevate the head while the child is in bed and apply a cold compress to the fore head and neck while sponging the rest of the body with tepid water . no food should be eaten but water and unsweetened juices should be drunk . If the child has been exposed to heat and has some of the symptoms listed but the temperature is only slightly raised and they are feeling exhausted with a cold , clammy skin , then child should rest receive cool sponging and have nourishing mineral rich soups and broths to replenish lost mineral salts .

Glonine ; it is the chief remedy if the fever is high should be repeated 2 hourly

Belladonna ; when there is high fever , severe headache , red face , red eyes

Natrum mur ; when there is fever and head ache etc.

Hiccups: place a warm towel ( wrung out in hot but not scalding water ) over the abdomen /diaphragm area , re apply after 5 minutes or so if hiccup continues a warm water or fruit juice drink may also resolve the problem .

In serious diseases hiccup is often indicative of collapse but the hiccup is hysteric or dyspeptic patients is not serious and is easily controlled .

Homoeopathic medicines : ginseng Q best remedy . nux –vomica ;when it is due to indigestion.  Cuprum-m ; when it is due to spasm with nausea , when hunger is gone there is disgust food . lycopodium, cicuta ; gets worse riding a car , bus , boat etc .

Motion sickness ; pressure on the inner fore arm two thumb widths above the center of the wrist can reduce symptoms of travel sickness and other forms of nausea , “ sea- band “ straps which press on the area can be purchased at health stores and pharmacies .

Preventive Measures : eat ginger ( crystallized ) or take ginger capsules , avoid reading while traveling .

Homoeopathy treatment : cocculus or tobacum taken before the journey can be helpful .

Sun Burn : apply calamine to affected areas or calendula ointment or bathe the skin in black tea infusion or use a solution containing bicorbonate of soda . A thick liquid consistency is needed for the latter , mix water slowly with the powder to form a paste and then a thick solution which can be applied to the sun burnt skin .

Homoeopathic treatment : belladonna ; if very flushed , if blistered “ cantharis

A few drops of the essential oils of chamomile and lavender used directly on to irritated skin will soothe and promote healing , it is safe to use oils on children’s skin provided no allergy to the substance exists .

Teething Problems : during dentition one or the other malady always troubles the child .if the child is cross and irritable and wants to be nursed , use “ chamomilla ‘ (also for similar symptoms associated with colds and diarrhoea )

Chamomilla the best remedy if the child is peevish and has green and yellow watery stools .
calcarea phos ; dentition will be much easier if 2 to 3 grains of this medicine are given daily to the child .
Calcarea phos ; infant homoeopathic remedies can be purchased as powders , which can be applied directly on to the gums or dissolved in pure water or in liquid form .
If weepy , clinging , pulsatilla , if not helped by either chamomilla or pulsatilla , calcarea phos .
Vomiting : make sure the child eats nothing on and sips liquid frequently .
Homoeopathic treatment would be “ ipecacuanha or (if there is unproductive retching ) nux vomica .
Ulcers in the mouth ; borax is the best remedy in white ulcers .

Weeping : when the child is very irritable he cries , wants as soon as one stops moving .
psorinum : when the child weeps all day and night  , lycopodium : when the child weeps in the day and sleeps in the night . 
cuprum met : when the child behaves as if choking his respiration due to anger during weeping .

Enuresis : voluntary urination during sleep china —-   when the child does not awaken even after passing urine and has worms.

Belladonna —-when the child urinates during deep sleep .

Gelsemium —when even during the day the urge is imperative .Verbascum Q –3-4 drops twice daily are found to be very useful . 

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