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Cancer Prevention Recommendations

1.Consume plenty of vegetables ,fruits, cereals, and grains .
2.Eat an abundance of foods containing beta-carotene, vitamin-C, vitamin-E and folic acid (folate) .
3.For most men , limit energy intake to about 2500 calories / day and for most women , limit energy intake to about 2000 calories /day .
4.Keep dietary fat low . not more than 20 %of daily calories .
5.Keep meat intake low , eat lean meat and skinless chicken .
6.Eat low-fat or non-fat dairy products .
7.Eat lots of starchy foods , bread , pasta , rice .
8.Have a high fish consumption .
9.A multi vitamin nutritional supplement which includes vitamin-C & E and folic acid may be useful for some if not all adults .
10.Avoid all tobacco and tobacco smoke .
11.Alcohol drink not more than 3 drinks /day , if you are a man and not more than 2 , if you are a woman .
12.Avoid excessive exposure to direct sun light .
13.Cover up when out doors .
14.Use suitable sun screens ,in physical activity .
15.For 30 minutes or more , 5 or more days / week enjoy moderate physical activity , such as brisk walking , gentle jogging , swimming , cycling , or gymnasium work which raises your pulse or causes a little sweating .
16.Your doctor should first agree that such a physical activity program is safe for you .
17.Sexual activity : practice “safe sex” to avoid sexually transmitted diseases , some of these can lead to cancer .
18.Stresses of life : avoid stress full life situations whenever possible or practicable .
19.Practice daily stress reduction methods which work for you , such as physical activity , enjoyment of hobbies , relaxation , meditation , imagery , yoga, autogenic training .
20.Primary prevention recommendations : Meticulously , practice protection from any undue exposure to physical and chemical agents which may cause cancer . If necessary , request information from your employer , union or environmental agency .
21.Home and environment :

  1. Protect your home and environment from various cancer risks .
  2. Tobacco smoke –passive smoking .
  3. Asbestos fiber .
  4. Radon gas .
  5. Pesticides .
  6. House hold cleaners , solvents and other chemicals .
  7. Electro magnetic fields .                                                                   

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