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New Vistas Of Perception In Homoeopathy

The language of universal symbolism blends with holistic philosophy of homoeopathy and a homoeopathic physician will miss a lot if he neglects the important information flowing from the cluster of symbols, signs and cues.

“Hence, the issue of NON-VERBAL CONSCIOUSNESS has a great scope in homeopathic practice. ”

It is a peep hole into the patient’s hidden conflicts and feelings which will certainly help a homoeopath in knowing an elusive and indefinable mind.

The concept of totality which is central to homoeopathic prescribing will be redefined if we include appropriate appreciation of body language

At the same time , a homoeopath must know its limitations and he should be wary of its exclusive clinical application.

Utility of body language in homoeopathy

1 ) Homoeopathy is a holistic science , it is based upon the sound philosophy of totality , where MIND , BODY AND SOUL are inextricably connected. The theme is to study , not in ISOLATION but in INTEGRATION.

2 ) CASE TAKING in homoeopathy is an intricate process where not only the CLINICAL diagnosis has to be perceived but also the PERSON ( individual ) diagnosis.

3 ) The central tenet of homoeopathic prescribing is INDIVIDUALIZATION. One has to individualize and identify a case in order to know the man behind the sickness.

4 ) Case taking is an exploration of man in all of his ramification. skillful elicitation of data is the primary step towards success.

5 ) through the interrogation , a homoeopathic physician elicits information where verbal exchange is followed but OBSERVATION or VISIBLE CODE also has to be paid attention.
– Action speaks louder or more accurately than words.
– Every BODY movement has meaning.
– The wealth of meaning resides in non-verbal behaviour controlled by a non-verbal brain.
– Your word tell me the story but your body tells me the whole story.

6 ) One-sided disease , owing to he scarcity of useful data , pose a practical problems for a homoeopath because the selection of the most similar remedy becomes difficult.

7 ) In psychiatric illness, body language of the patients is of paramount importance as, many times , they are unable to express themselves through words.

8 ) Often , it is difficult to arrive at the final remedy owing to similarity of data. In such cases , the body language serves to unblock the case.

9 ) The homoeopathic remedy is like a HUMANOID. who has been presented to us with its colors and hues , each homoeopathic remedy has its unique verbal & non-verbal communication.

10 ) A patient who is not used to talking , often frowns at the physician or his assistants for compelling him to talk about the things which he had never thought of before.

All these reasons stands for the importance of BODY LANGUAGE in Homoeopathy.

Decoding non-verbal message : some examples

1 ) Lifting one eye brow
– Disbelief
– Shock
– Surprise
– Feeling of assault
– judgement

2 ) Pointing the finger
– Emphasis
– Attacking
– Assaulting the other person
– Aggressive move
– Wants to control the situation between two people
– Arrogant

3 ) Enlarging the eyeballs
– Astonishment
– Shock
– Surprise
– Fear
– Feeling of assault

4 ) Rubbing the nose
– Puzzlement
– Wanting time to think
– Buying time to search for answer

5 ) Shrug the shoulder
– Indifference
– I don’t care
– It’s not my responsibility
– detachment

Guys there are many symptoms in our MM which we can identified by only and only BODY LANGUAGE. So, we must be the master in understanding the body language for making a great justice with each and every case.

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