International Book Launch Of Dr Amarsinha Nikam's 'Homoeopathic Hospital..? YES!' In Collaboration With Homeopathy 360 - homeopathy360

International Book Launch Of Dr Amarsinha Nikam’s ‘Homoeopathic Hospital..? YES!’ In Collaboration With Homeopathy 360

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*International Book Launch of Dr Amarsinha Nikam’s  ‘Homoepathic Hospital Yes..!’*
The book elaborates thirty challenging gross pathological cases treated with classical homoepathy in exclusively homoepathic hospital.Keeping aside the the lengthy theoretic narrative Dr nikam step by step explained the the case pathology, detailed history, miasm totality, and finally differential remedies.The book not only shows simple path of classical homoepathy but also teaches entire methodology through thrilling case studies.With publication of this book in portuguese the whole new horizon of practical knowledge is opened which will inspire generations of Homoepath.
▫️Date : Sunday,7 June 2020.
▫️Time : 6 PM IST .

Lançamento para Brasil, Portugal, Angola, Moçambique e outros países e colônias de língua portuguesa”. Hospital homeopático? Sim! Extraordinário livro do Dr. Amarsinha Nikam

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