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Ear Problems And Homoeopathy

There are some 60 million people in India who are deaf or hard of hearing . life with out an ability to hear is miserable , people who have a hearing loss will find that the world around them becomes silent . An inability to hear could mean missing key information in a business meeting , hearing loss can interfere with the quality of your life restricting your ability to interact with others causing misunderstanding and fatigue . Hearing loss pushes you to the world of isolation , so you should protect your hearing to prevent it from getting damaged . Often surrounded by noise in all areas of modern life , our ears are delicate and complex structures that can easily get damaged . We are also exposed to noise at work , to traffic in the streets and when we listen to music or go to night clubs where the volume is excessive . A continuous nose level of 85 db will result in hearing impairment over an 8 hour work a day . this is the sound level of heavy road traffic , rock concerts almost always reach 110-120 db – the same sound intensity that can easily be produced in head sets when you listen to your stereo in your car . the ear drum is connected to the body’s three smallest bones ( hammer , anvil , and stirrup) creating a chain to the inner ear’s entrance . as the ear drum vibrates the chain is also caused to vibrate , it sends impulses into the inner ear , where a fluid filled with tiny fibers (hair cells) converts the vibration into an electrical signal . A nerve carries this signal to the brain , where it is interpreted as a meaningful sound , all in a fraction of a second amazing , is not it ?  hearing loss is also caused by ear infections and injury to the ear , those with blocked ear canals or middle ear bones and ruptured eardrums require medical or surgical treatment . However only 10% of the hearing disorders are amenable for treatment while the rest of the 90% of hearing problems are sensor-neural in nature . this means the cause of the problem lies in the inner ear . as the damaged inner ear hair cells cannot be regenerated hearing loss of this type cannot be corrected by treatment , nevertheless most of them can be helped with latest hearing devises .

An audiometer produces sound of different volumes and pitch (frequencies ) , during testing you are asked to indicate when you here a sound in the headphone the level at which a person can not hear a sound of a certain frequency is known as their threshold , hearing loss is measured in decibels hearing level (dbhl) . a person who can hear sounds across a range of frequencies at 0-20 db is considered to have normal hearing . The thresholds for the different types of hearing loss are as follows ; mild 25-45 dbhl , moderate 46-70 dbhl severe 71-90 dbhl and profoundly deaf people who can not hear sounds quieter than 90 db

The treatment of hearing loss depends on the cause , a bacterial infection of the middle ear can be treated with antibiotics , blockages of the outer and middle ears can be cleared , damaged ear drums can be repaired surgically and icicles affected by otoslerosis can be replaced with artificial bones , some causes of sensor neural hearing loss can also be improved . If there is no cure for hearing loss ( as with age related hearing loss ) , a hearing aid for one or both ears usually helps most people . Many different types of hearing aids are available and the audiologist will advise as to which type best suits your needs . A loss of hearing can push you into the world of isolation


The ear is a complex sensory organ embedded in the skull and traditionally divided into three parts (external ear , middle ear and inner ear ). The external outer ear includes the freshly and cartilaginous part that we see on the side of the face ,it contains the canal that secretes wax to keep it oily and it stops infections entering the more delicate middle ear where sounds are registered . the middle ear where sounds are registered . the middle ear is embedded in the mastoid bone and contains the delicate hearing mechanism . This small box like cavity is connected to the back of the throat by a narrow tube called the Eustachian tube . if the latter is blocked with minus or inflammation , the middle ear can become infected and give rise to a very painful condition known as otitis external . the inner ear consists of a complex set of structures –known as the labyrinth that are concerned with hearing and balance . ear ache can caused by blockage or infection of either outer or middle ear and will lead to a pain ,which is dull or throbbing together with a temperature and if severe discharge . which can be yellow /green , thick mucus or blood strained often in children at that will be noticed is a distressed . fretful child refusing his or her feeds and running a high temperature . It is important to differentiate between otitis external former has no long lasting effects , but if not properly treated otitis media can lead to chronic serious otitis which may lead to deafness , blockage of the ear canal can arise from wax and water (swimmer’s ear ) infections can arise when people try to clean their ears and in doing so damage the delicate lining , pain also occurs when the ear is blocked because of a cold ,or because of cabin pressurization when flying in an aeroplane .


Ear ache ,discharge from either ear . temperature and vomiting (small children ). Uncontrollable crying and (in small babies ) diarrhoea . partial deafness or ringing in the ear . Because this problem can arise so quickly . It can be to prevent but general measures encompass avoiding damage to the outer ear  (i.e.do not clean the ear canal with the match stick ). And trying to prevent colds and infections (concentrate on a good whole food diet and take extra vitamin c ). It is important to avoid leaving the ear canal wet especially after swimming .

CHILDREN : children who regularly get colds and suffer from chronic catarrh should follow the measures described in those entries . Avoiding dairy products will help as well a 24 hour fluid (water ) fast. Acute infections can be so distressful and worrying that it is usual and advisable to follow orthodox medical treatment , but the following self help measures can be helpful in relieving the symptoms . Ice packs will bring immediate relief for pain when placed next to the ear . A small piece of cotton wool soaked in garlic (squeezed from a capsule )and inserted gently in the ear is soothing . A gauze plug soaked in an emulsion made from mixing a 40 % alcoholic tincture of propolis with olive oil and inserted in the ear helps to relieve pain .


Treatments here include “Ferrum phos “for fever pain and congestion .and “Kali sulph “ when there is a thin, watery yellow discharge , take 4 tablets 4 times a day . A small drop of warm olive oil dropped into the ear canal will help to relieve pain . Take care that it is not too hot as the ear will be sensitive .


This can be very effective both as a first aid remedy in the middle of the night and also in long term problems ‘ The following may be taken according to the symptom picture . “aconite “for severe pain ,irritation ,due to chilling

“Chamomilla “-high temperature ,crying /restlessness ,discharge .
“Mercurius “-sweating ,very cold sensation ,may be a delirious child .
“Pulsatilla “-yellow /green discharge ,temperature ,tearful.


This is common ,unpleasant and potentially serious condition affecting children more commonly than adults . usually as a result of an upper respiratory tract infections . two varieties are known :one is characterized by an acute discharge with yellow /green pus and is the result of an infection (acute otitis ) the other ,chronic otitis is also known as serious otitis or glue ear ,other causes of ear discharge are the result of a foreign body in the ear (such as a peanut or match stick )or may follow a blow to the head when there is an accompanying fracture leading to a bloody discharge ,occasionally soft wax may be confused with an ear canal and does not usually affect the ear drum or inner ear . skin disease , such as eczema or psoriasis , can affect the skin lining the ear canal ,also giving rise to a trouble some ear discharge .

CAUSES :These are generally as explained above and usually as a result or bacterial (heamophilus  streptococcus ) infection . Clear yellow /green or blood stained discharge . all accompanied by pain , tinnitus (ringing in the ears ) and dizziness, painful ears often result from changes in atmospheric pressure that can be allowed to poke matchsticks in their ears and care must be taken with cotton buds if they are used to clean the ear canals , chewing gums will ensure the Eustachian tubes connecting the middle ear to the nose are kept open , which will ensure drainage occurs from the middle ear . Babies and children can be encouraged to swallow if they are flying by using a bottle to reduce the pressure in the middle ear ,pain from ear infection can be treated with ice packs . a hot salt bag is also helpful . heat a cup full of salt gently in an oven –place the salt in a cloth bag and hold against the ear . A little warm olive oil will help ear ache but ear discharge will need to be seen and examined by a qualified doctor to ensure there is no damage to the ear drum . These include using a warm clove of (garlic contains a natural antibiotic ).


Homoeopathic remedies to relieve pain include  “aconite “ belladonna”. If recurrent ear infections occur in children, it can be helpful to change from cow’s milk to soya milk , added vitamin c will aid resistance to infection . Ear discharge is taken seriously , especially in children as unless properly treated it may lead to deafness and permanent loss of hearing . Careful cleaning of the ear is under taken homoeopathic medicines “merc.sol.” prescribed either locally (in the form of ear drops mullen oil )                                                                                                                    

Acute  ear aches are most common in young children . They need to be treated quickly ,as an infection with in the middle ear can be both painful damaging ,speedy home help can be very useful.  But get medical help if the ear ache worsens or persists. One of the most soothing remedies is “verbascum oil “,pour a few drops into a warmed spoon and insert gently into the child’s ear . For sudden and violent pains ,accompanied by fever which usually start at night ,use “Aconite “ when there is a fever with a sudden and violent appearance and the ear throbs and looks very red “Belladonna “ will cure it . for ear ache where there is great pain and the child is exceptionally irritable ,use “chamomilla “,”ferrum phos “is indicated where the pain comes on slowly and there are no other particularly distinguishing symptoms . for very painful and sore ear aches with some discharge of yellow- green mucus ,when the child is also chilly and irritable use “Hepar sulphur “ for pains that extend to the throat and sinuses accompanied by sweating thirst and bad breath , use “Mercurius “ –“pulsatilla “suits children who prefers to be kept cool and seem to feel better when they are held and comforted . the ear aches may come and go without particular reason . An effective cure for children ear aches is “Verbascum oil “


The complex and sensitive mechanism involved with sound transmission and hearing works almost perfectly, almost all of the time for almost all of us . when it does not work well we can develop symptoms of deafness vertigo (dizziness )and tinnitus (noise in the ear )occasionally some children are born deaf ,but the two most common modes of deafness and conductive and nerve deafness .

CAUSES :Conductive deafness occurs where there is an obstruction (infection ,wax ,a foreign object )that blocks the sound waves from reading the middle ear. Damage to the middle ear itself and otosclerosis (a fusion of the small bones in the moddle ear )will also cause conductive deafness . This form of deafness can be cured . Nerve deafness occurs as a result of damage to the auditory nerve from virus infection (measles ,mumps, German measles)as a result of ageing (deafness of old age )or because of long and constant exposure to loud noise . This form of deafness is usually not curable.


Depending on the type of deafness ,certain sounds (high pitch/low pitch )will become inaudible ,listening to the telephone will become difficult ,a child will not turn his head when you call him ,there may be delayed speech, which can be serious . Other symptoms ,including tinnitus and dizziness ,should be reported to your doctor as they may be indications of disease of the inner ear (the balancing mechanism )


Avoid sticking matchsticks or cotton buds in your ear in an attempt to remove foreign objects your self . If it is ear wax causing obstruction ,so often it with oil ,you can make a preparation by adding a few drops of olive oil or almond oil to a cup of water and heating it to body heat . add a few drops of lemon juice and then using a dropper apply two or three drops in the affected ear three times a day . Always wear mufflers if using loud machinery or working in a noisy factory . Do not play your hi-fi very loudly or put your ear close to the loud speakers ,be careful to regulate the volume of personal stereos carefully . Ice packs applied over the ear will help with any pain in the ear ,deafness caused by “Kali phos and Kali sulph ,bio chemic tissue salts “

DEAFNESS :there is no remedy for those who are deaf and dumb since birth but when a person becomes total or partly deaf due to weakness of nerves or any other cause , he can be cured or relieved by suitable medicines . The head remedy in all sorts of deafness often deafness occurs after typhoid ,and if so ,this remedy will cure it ,when there is roaring or ringing in the ear or echoing –“Phosphrus “When deafnes is due to a loss of vital fluids from the body ,when there is ringing in the ears –“China “When it is due to sexual indulgences –“Acid phos “

“Graphitis ,Sulphur,Silica and Dulcamara “shold also be considered .

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