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Colic In Babies And Homoeopathy

Most commonly , this is a symptom , of young babies with feeding problems . Although not serious , it may cause great distress to both baby and parents . In adults it is usually a symptom of intestinal infection or irritability . In both cases , it is associated with gripey , acute abdominal pain – the baby may raise its legs and scream while adults may double up in pain . It usually lasts only a few seconds , rarely longer , and may be associated with nausea , vomiting , diarrhoea , and the sufferer may break out in sweat and feel cold and shiverish at the same time . The abdomen can become very distended , and in both cases there may be the passage of wind which brings instant relief .
Causes :
Colic in babies is common in the first six months , worst during the evening (six o’clock colic )or may wake the baby up at night . It is more common in bottle fed babies but may also occur in the breast-fed . A simple cause may be the swallowing of air while the baby is feeding because either the teat on the bottle is too wide or the baby is so hungry that he or she rapidly sucks in air as well as milk . How the baby is held while feeding is also important . It is customary and enjoyable to help the baby bring up the wind (and occasionally a little milk )by keeping him or her upright after a meal and tapping or rubbing gently on his/her back . colic in babies occur partly because the gut has not established its own rhythm , and it should not be seen as a sign of poor mothering . If the child is breast- fed and the mother eats onions , garlic or pulses , this may pass through the breast milk and give rise to colic , so dietary care on the part of the mother is important .

“Colic is common in babies , it is more prevalent in bottle fed than breast fed babies . Mothers who do breast- feed should avoid onions and garlic “

Homoeopathic Medicines :
Homoeopathic remedies for colic include  Colocynthis, Dioscorea, Magnesia phos
( patient shall consult homoeopathic doctor, before administering medicine )

Case No.-3

A child age 10 years was born with a large brain and very sensitive organ

Clinical history
When an infant he was easily terrified by strangers , sudden notice would almost produce convulsions ; when about 2 years of age he laid unconscious for 2 days on account of exposure to the heat of the sun . from that time his health remained good . when 7 years old he commenced attending school .and advanced rapidly in his studies , intellectually and physically he was a phenomenon . his only complaint for 8 years was from occasional headaches , bad dreams or insomnia produced by over study .

Present illness ; one night after a cold ride , he retired with chilliness , head ache and sore throat , in the night his parents wakened , finding him in convulsions , when seen by his physician his face was flushed , temperature 101 degrees , pulse 96 . During intervals of consciousness he complained of intense head ache and crying out would endeavor to get out of bed . his movements were sudden and violent , any attempt to swallow was intensely painful . he made no complaint of stomach or bowels and the urine was natural . The next morning the head ache and nervous symptoms were much the same , temperature 103 degrees , pulse 110 , he had called for a drink occasionally and had two bowel movements during the night , a slight rash was beginning to appear . Under the use of belladonna  which was given on account of his clinical history , improvement was soon manifested , the diarrhoea was first checked ., then his temperature began on abate , later the nervous system and brain was quieted . As the fever abated the eruption began to develop , but not fully until the brain was relieved , on the fifth day he was practically convalescent . little desquamation ensued and no renal symptoms at any time worthy of mention.

Belladonna  the symptoms of the brain and nervous system most important , with those of the throat next in point of severity , while the skin phenomena appeared to be least importance .

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