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The function of any one part is either too much or too little whenever you see hyper & hypo of anything – alternating as center of case likely to be a sarcode.
Mania & depression, if you see both sides, excitable alternating with indecision…
One of the source of HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE.

Sarcodes from healthy secretion ( hormones ) :
Adrenaline (epinephrine) :Hormone produce by the adrenal glands & may also be prepared synthetically.
Cortisone : A crystalline steroidhormone secreated by the cortex ofthe adrenal gland in man
Adrenocorticotrophin ( syn-acth, corticotrophin) : A polypeptide hormone secreated by the pitutary gland which control the adrenal glans.
Insulin : A pancreatic hormone that controls “Sugar metabolism” in the body
Pepsin : A digestive “enzyme” produce in the stomuch, which converts proteins into peptones produce from the stomach of hog or pig (secretin)
2. Sarcode from whole endocrine glands :
Thyrodinum (of sheep or calf)
Pitutary postenium (the post position of the pituitary gland of sheep)
3. Sarcode from Extract :
Orchitinum (Testicular)
Oophorinum (ovarian of cow, sheep, pig)
Pancreatinum (from pancreases of beef, containing digestive enzymes)
Corpus luteum (from ovaries of pregnant animals)
4. Other Sarcodes :
Choesterinum : A principle steroid in higher animals, main constituent of gall bladder & bile.
Fel tauri : Fresh Ox-gall
Valois fel : fresh fox-gall etc.
Mammary glands : from the glands of cow & sheep
Parotidium : Extract of the Parotid gland of the OX
Ingluvin — Gizzard of a fowl, Lecithin – Yolk of egg and animal brain

Adrenalin :
It stimulate the sympathetic nerve, causing constriction of the peripheral nerve resulting in rise in blood blood pressure & showing down of pulses strengthening of heart beat.
Useful as powerful astringent & thermostatic & in capillary hemorrhage
Indicated in acute congestion of lungs, asthma, Graves disease, Addison’s disease, chronic aortitis, angina, hemophilia, chlorosis, hay fever, serum sickness associated with vertigo, nausea, vomiting & abdominal pain. In case of shock or heart failure during anesthesia as it cases rise BP by acting on nerve ending in vessel wall.
Cholesterinum :
Recommend for Carcinoma of the liver.
Indicated in climacterics period when the flow ceases and tendency to obesity & increase BP.
Hot flashes, psychosis & visual irritation in natural & artificially climetrics ( hysterectomy & oophorectomy) , pruritus vulva & also for neurasthenic woman, sterility when bacterial infection,
Lecithin :
Indicated in faulty nutrition when there is an excessive excertion of phosphorus
It’s use in anemia ( increase RBCs) & convalescence, nerasthenia & insomnia & TB in young.
The mammary glands :
Indicated for menorrhagea, metrohagia & uterine fibroid.
It has an abortifacient action. And it has also been employed as a galactogogue.
Orchitinum :
Indicated for climacteric disturbances esp. Nervous suffering, cutaneous disorders – acne resource prurigo, ovarian cyst & complains >during menses.
Pancreatinum :
It is very effective in gout & intestinal digestion. Pain a hour or more after eating.
Lienteric diarrhoea.
Parotidium :
Indicated in ovarian hyperemia & headache, reflex from ovarian disturbances & also for dysmenorrhea & menorrhagea.
Pepsinum :
Indicated for imperfect digestion, with pain in the region of the stomach, as observed in nerasthenia, acute protracted diseases, surgical diseases, traumatism, gastric cancer&ulcer.
Also useful in marasmus in children who have been fed on artificial foods, diarrhoea in children & adults.
Placenta (it’s extract) :
It is administered to nursing mothers – the amount of milk is increased & also acts as galactogogue.
Pituitary gland :
Indicated for growth & development, cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure, shock, uterine inertia (as fully dilated during labour), high BP, chronic nephritis, prostatites, vertigo, headache during menses, menorrhagea &metrohagea, nocturnal enuresis, fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, rickets & diabetes insipidus.
Secretin :
It helps to relieve constipation & raising low urea output & also for stasis, fermentation & putrefection.
The Spleen :
It has been employed in the malarial cachexia & enlargement of spleen.
The Thymus :
It has been employed in Exopthalmic goiter, enlarged thymus, rheumatic arthritis, Rachitis & marasmus.
Thyroidinum :
It is very effective in Myxodema, Cretinism, anemia, emaciation, nervous tremor of face &limbs & paralysis.
Effective in Rheumatoid arthritis, infantile wasting, Rickets, delayed union of fractures & undescended testis in boys.
It is of use in psoriasis & pityriasis rubra.
Arrested development of children.
It improves the memory.
It is useful in goiter, excessive obesity, mammary tumour, uterine fibroid, hunger yet looses flesh & Nocturnal enuresis.
Agalactia & vomiting of pregnancy.
It is powerful diuretic & also effects on various type of oedema & swelling.
Indicated in optic neuritis & accommodative asthenopia & also for growth of hair.

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