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Infertility And Homeopathy

Infertility is define as a failure of conceive within one or more year of regular unprotected coitus.
Cause of infertility
Male is directly responsible in about 30-40% case.
Female is responsible in about 40-50% case.
Both are responsible in 10% case and other 10% is unexplained.

Defective spermatogenesis.
Obstruction of the efferent duct system.
Failure of deposit sperm high in the vagina.
Errors in the seminal fluid.
Prolong exposer to heat.
Chlamydia trachomatis.

CAUSES (Female)
Ovulatory dysfunction.
Peritoneal factor.
Uterine factor.
Obesity or weight loss.
Psychologic disturbance.
Improper Thyroid function.

Advance age.
Improper coital technique.
Diabetes mellitus.
Endocrinal factor.
Psychological factor.

Homeopathic Medicine for INFERTILITY
Aurum met.
Constant dwelling on suicide.
Profound melancholic.
Over sensitiveness to pain, touch, hearing and taste.
Female sterility
There is prolapse of uterus because of straining.
Passive congestion in uterus with swollen and hardness in vagina.
There is marked leucorrhoea copious, yellow will cause inflammation of vagina and labia.
Mentally depressed because of profuse frequent menstruation.
Male sterility
Sterility because of lower vitality with great mental depression.
Gonorrhoea, swelling of inguinal gland induration of testis.
It is also used in epididymitis.
Also recommended in orchitic those who have history of mumps in past.

Rush of blood to head and face with distention and flatulence.
Discharge oozes watery, transparent and sticky fluid.
Decided aversion to coition and bath.
Music make her weep.
Female sterility
Graphites acts on left ovary with enlargement, scanty and delayed menses.
There is displacement of uterus extending to hypogastrium.
Leucorrhoea acrid excoriating occur in rushes day and night before and after menses.
Great aversion to coition, vagina cold, oedema of pudenda.
Male sterility
Uncontrolled sexual desire, violent erection.
Impotence so there is dislike to coition.
Want of proper coition with no seminal discharge.
Seminal emission with flaccid penis almost involuntary escape of semen.
Sexual weakness due to great abuse leading to total aversion to coition.

Acridity, putridity of all discharges.
Trio of offensiveness.
Highly chilly patient.
Menses flow only on lying down position.
Female sterility
Highly acrid offensive leucorrhoea.
Leucorrhoea excessive like bloody water, offensive, corrosive cause itching in vagina.
There is violent pain during coition because of burning and much excoriation of parts.
There is eruption in the vaginal wall with itching burning and offensive discharge.
Male sterility
Malnutrition, offensive discharges, anaemia.
Burning in genitals.
Eruption on prepuce, bleeding during act of coition.
After coition there is swelling of penis.

All complain worst from sunset to sunrise.
All discharges very offensive.
There is intense thirst for large quantity of cold water inspite of moist and salivation tongue.
Tongue large, flabby show imprint of teeth.
Female sterility
Gonorrhoea with menorregea.
Sterility because of too profuse menses.
Leucorrhoea excoriating, greenish, bloody with rawness of part.
Male sterility
In sterility there is lascivious excitement painful erection.
Sperm always mix with blood.
Gonorrhoeal discharge greenish, yellow, offensive with loss of sexual power.
Ulcer on prepuce transformed into chancer and chancroid.
There is pymosis.

Natrum Muriaticum
Great emaciation, losing flesh while living well.
Tongue mapped with red insular patches like ringworm on side.
Female sterility
Chlorosis, iron deficiency anaemia.
There is great dryness of vagina which cause pain and burning after act.
Loss of sexual desire, sometimes regular aversion to coition.
Sterility with too early, too profuse menses.
Male sterility
Seminal emission soon after coition with increase desire.
There is deficient secretion with dirty, fleshy, torpid skin.
Genitals smell badly and strongly.
Feeling of weakness in sexual organ there is excessive weakness during embarrassment.
After coition weakness with paralytic condition of lower limb.
Scrotum flabby, emission of prostatic fluid, without erection or thinking of sexual relation.

Natrum Phosphoricum
Mental exertion.
Hyper acidity.
Female sterility
High acidic leucorrhoea.
Discharge from vagina and uterus cause sterility.
There is itching rawness soreness of parts.
Prolapse of uterus at early age also cause sterility.
Male sterility
Psychological cause.
Involuntary seminal emission.
Sexual coition without erection.
Swelling of penis and testis.
Semen thin watery smelling like state urine.

Natrum Carbonicum
Great debility by heat of summer.
Chronic effect of sun stroke.
Female sterility
Constitutionally unable to conceive lean and thin.
There is relaxation of sphincter will not allow semen after ejaculation as soon as expel out because of relaxation sphincter.
Discharge of vagina only mucous where ever embarrassed.
Leucorrhoea yellow, greenish and copious.

Trio of burning.
There is weak empty all gone sensation in head, chest, stomach, and entire abdomen.
Oversensitive and restlessness.
Female sterility
These excessive voluptuousness for sexual relation.
Chlorosis, iron deficiency anaemia.
During sexual excitement vagina become very numb.
There is dropsical swelling of labia majora and labia minora.
There is fig wart, condylomata in vagina.
Leucorrhoea so excoriating instead of menses.
Copious, yellow leucorrhoea with great weakness.
Male sterility
Chlorosis, systemic infection like TB.
There is irritable weakness of male sexual organ result of masturbation.
Impotency because of TB.
Constant discharge which is colourless fluid from urethra.
No seminal discharge during coition.

Sexual organ exceeding sensitive cannot bear napkin to private part.
Superiority complex.
Female sterility
Trichomonas, monilial infection, vaginismus chronic cervicitis, ovarian dysfunction.
There is sexual erythrism (excessive desire for sex).
Excessive sexual development in virgin with great nymphomania.
Leucorrhoea albuminous, always in day time.
There is recurrent uro-genital infection leads to oophoritis, salpingitis, endometritis.
Recurrent infection will directly not effect sterility but process of ovulation.
Coition painful unable to complete act.
Vulva and vagina very sensitive.
During coition female goes into spasm this prevent act of coition.
Recurrent infection also effect threatened and habitual abortion especially secondary sterility.
Pluritus vulva voluptuous itching with anxiety and palpitation of heart.
Leucorrhoea like white of egg.
Male sterility
Ill effect of masturbation.
Constant erection at night without seminal discharge.
Voluptuous crawling, tickling, itching with excessive sexual desire.
Satyriasis only when female lying down.

Great sadness and weeping indifference to own family, own reputation, those whom she loves the best.
Prolapse of uterus and vagina.
Pressure and bearing down sensation as everything protrude from pelvis.
Female sterility
Laundry work, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, indifference.
There is sever pain in vagina during coition.
Lady tiered after coition.
Even a thought of sexual relation causes nausea, irritability and loss of sexual feeling.
Coition is painful because of dryness of vagina and sometime there is bleeding after coition.
Also recommended for threatened abortion especially 5th -7th month.
Male sterility
Tobacco chewing and alcohol.
Increase sexual desire with loss of sexual power due to satyriasis.
During an embrace insufficient erection.
No thrill after sexual relation.
Warts on genitals.

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