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Homoeopathic Medicine As Immune Booster In Pandemic Disease

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Homoeopathic medicine as immune booster in pandemic disease.
Introduction :
Pandemic Disease : Disease that affect a whole country or the entire world, looks like similar but in different countries the features are not same but similar, with geographic spread.
Miasm behind pandemic disease : acute miasm
There is identical morbid susceptibility which produces pandemic disease.
Role Of Homoeopathy :
Homoeopathic specific : Homoeopathic specific selected on the basis of totality of symptoms of that particular area, the dose, potency and repetition also defers from country. The procedure of selection of it is same as Genus Epidemicus.
Homoeopathic medicine acts as a prophylactic, preventive as well as curative also.
A specific, dynamic and potentised homoeopathic medicine acts as a Hapten which is non-antigenic, Non-protenious, synthetic substance.
Hapten takes help of body protein globulin and by binding with protein globulin it converts globulin into antigen.
Against these antigens our body’s defensive mechanism produce antibodies which remains inside our body.
These antibodies protects our body from the external morbific agents and act as a immune booster by producing active immunity against morbid agents or morbid susceptibility.
Some Examples Of Homoeopathic Prophylaxis :
Dr. Hahnemann time not even a single case was found in a village in Germany due to administration of cup. Met as a prophylaxis and near by a village which was terribly attacked by cholera.
In 1799- prevention of Scarlatina epidemic by Belladonna.
Nosodes in prophylaxis : Influenzinum for flu & morbillinum for measles.
Author : Krupa M. patel
Student of parul Institute of homoeopathy and research.
Guided by Dr B. P. Panda sir.

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