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Homoeopathic Treatment For “Quit Smoking Habit“

It might sound ironical to people who do not smoke , but it is true that every smoker , no matter how badly he/she might be addicted at some stage of his /her smoking life wants to quit the habit , unfortunately despite all good intentions only a few succeed to do it eventually , while others continue to live with it . Nicotine is indeed very addictive

Smokers fail to quit the habit because either they do not know how to begin or once started do not know how to hold on to the initiative

Professional help has always been there , but for some reason very few smokers ever choose the option , most would still like to do it on their own and that is what this article is al abut A simple 5 steps process and homoeopathic treatment to help you quit smoking

“Start by asking your self why do I want to quit smoking ?” Don’t just say “because smoking is injurious to health “. Search for some real , down to earth answer ; some thing that is relevant to you

For instance , I wanted to quit smoking because I had some how grown tired of contributing regularly to the fortunes of the tobacco giants , while my personal finances kept dwindling , also I had stopped enjoying it altogether . The nicotine would leave a bad taste in my mouth and a good amount of my time and money would go towards mouth fresheners .

Answering the above question is really important because you would never be able to quit with out a valid answer

It would not only provide you with a direction but would also keep you motivated at times when the going gets difficult , besides it would give you an additional opportunity to bench mark your performance as an out going smoker


Don’t try to cut down the numbers , it simply will not work ! when it comes to smoking there is no such thing as gradually stepping down the ladder . Do not waste your time and energy trying to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke . Remember your objective is to quit smoking and not to just cut down on the numbers , besides there is another problem with the above line of action ! .

Long time back one person who is a smoker had decided to bring down his cigarette consumption by 50% , in order to achieve his target , He defined stringently as to when and where would he smoke . He imposed self defined restrictions like not smoking at home and at work place etc.

The plan took off well but did not last longer . One day he was invited to a party , it was an occasion to celebrate and in the light atmosphere of the gathering , the discipline got shattered that evening , he ended up smoking double the number , he normally did on such occasions

Next day onwards , he was back to consuming his usual quota . I have heard many people narrate similar tales about their failed attempts to contain the habit . The moral of the story is that if you want to quit , quit it at once ! no point trying to do it gradually , it just won’t work . At this stage a question might come to your mind ; how can a person quit smoking at once ?

STEP – 3

Ask your self”: what could possibly happen , to you if you stop smoking right now ? would you die ? would you go crazy ? would there be pain ? would you get anxious ? what could possibly happen ?

Do some soul searching and watch all your fears , come alive !

Most people are not able to quit because they can not visualize a life with out cigarettes . others are afraid that some thing horrible would happen to them if they stopped smoking . Every smoker has his /her mind , it is this fear of the unknown that stops them from taking the first step . one has to over come all such hidden fears associated with the habit before one can think of quitting . Some how I believe in learning things the hard way ! so I chose a really crude method and thankfully it worked , soon after this question came to my mind  , I suggested strictly a smoker to under take an 8-hour train journey to another town  and decide not to smoke over the journey and much to my own surprise he did not smoke at all ! . He did  in the same way and told me accordingly . but yes , there was some anxiety , perhaps it was there because he had been suppressing a strong temptation to smoke . so that was my method !. I told him you can invent a new method for your self or could adapt mine to your circumstances , the aim is to get over the hidden fears and anxieties . people often say that it requires a strong will power to quit smoking . Indeed it is true , but I feel there is some thing more  important than even the will power.

STEP-4  [It is all about commitment to quit the habit]

Not every one has the will power to suppress the temptation to smoke . smokers never had the thing in them , as a matter of fact after complimenting the historic journey mentioned above , which required a lot of determination , he felt he deserved a celebration , and what a celebration that was ! .He lit up a cigarette took a deep drag and patted himself . thinking back he should have realized that he had done it again ; Despite the apparent failure he was committed to quit smoking , it was the commitment that kept bringing him back all the time . It took him at least 20 failed attempts spread over a period of 2 years to finally get to the day when he smoked his last cigarette .

Habit is indeed a very strange thing . Because if ‘h’ is taken out of habit ‘a bit’ remains ,if ‘a ‘ is taken out ‘bit’ stays back ! if ‘b’ is taken aback ‘it shall still be there! So get rid of ‘it’ for ever you must wipe it completely off the board

STEP-5 ;  the 2-minute will power and the 3 magic words !

What tempts  to light a cigarette , what if you do not satisfy this urge has only a momentary life , if you don’t satisfy it by lighting a cigarette , it would disappear some where into the back ground .

Just try it your self in case you find hard to believe my words ! this infamous urge never remains for more than 2 minutes inside our brain and if we do not light a cigarette with in this period , it would die out . but yes …only to resurface again with in a few minutes ! the time after which the new urge resurfaces depends upon how much of an addict you are !

We all have come across at least a few people who smoke occasionally and are not addicts like us –Regulars . these people can manage with a few occasional fags because their urge pattern follows a weekly or in some cases even a monthly schedule . the fact is you can quit smoking right now . Just follow these exercise …

Imagine your self feeling an urge , by now it is really there alive and ticking , right inside your brain , tempting you to smoke ! but do not light the cigarette !

To put things in a nutshell , you can quit smoking any time you wish . all  you need is a little will power and some sort of commitment .

With this , I wish you all the luck and eagerly await your early enrollment into the now getting famous “ex-smoker’s club !!

Homoeopathic Medicines;

Nux vomica , gelsemium , tabacum

Note – the above medicines shall be taken depending upon the symptoms and only with the consultation of the homoeopathic doctor. Self medication should not be done.

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Dr B.S Suvarna

B.A, D.I.Hom[Lond.], M.I.H, PhD, PGDPC (Psychotherapy & Counselling, USA)
Jeevan Shanthi
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