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Causticum Remedy


☸ The emotional indifference as well as psychological and physical paralysis.

☸ I have never been well since that burn.

☸ Causticum theme of the sympathetic, serious, intense, sensitive type who can become a social activist, working on behalf of others, to overcome injustice can be seen as being made up of the three elements KOH, potassium, oxygen and hydrogen.

☸ Anxious Causticum : –

?Extreme anxious & hypochondriac people.

?Hysteria, hurriedness, and restlessness can also play a part in the mind of a Causticum personality. In other words, they can be very anxious people.

?Their anxiety can get so intense to the point that they will develop extreme sensitivity to noise, touch, excitement, anything unusual. Every noise on the street can bring on anxiety.

?They can even develop restless leg syndrome due to their anxiety.

☸ Constitutional Pessimism : –

? In the early stages, Causticum’s can start out with a pure heart and positive outlook. However, there could be a specific incident that can cause them to become extremely pessimistic.

? This change in outlook is also very similar to the personality characteristics of Phosphorous.

? They may also be pessimistic as a result from experiencing numerous losses in their life.

? This can lead to emotional indifference as well as psychological and physical paralysis.

?☸ Sexual Desire : –

? In general, Causticums are not sexually oriented. Sex is not really an issue for them. They may not have a strong desire or even any desire at all for sex.

? As a matter of fact, they may even retain their virginity or be impotence

☸ Causticum Cognition, Thinking Process : –

? Causticums are known for having a very weak memory. Their memory is so horrible that they need to come up with routines to manage their forgetfulness.

? This lack of memory retention can lead to lots of constant confusion and stupefaction, as well stammering when talking.

☸ Passion For injustices: –
? The theme of injustice is what separates Causticum from other remedies , they won’t tolerate any kind of injustice with them & others as well.

? In other words, they are sensitive to the suffering of others.

? When they are passionate about a certain injustice, they look at injustices in a more broader scope: first within the family, then town, state, country, and then finally, the world’s injustices even it can be social, economical, political, etc.

☸ Great remedy for chronic Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

☸ They usually crave salty foods, bacon, smoked meat, cheese, and/or eggs and an aversion to sweets. When eating, they may have difficulty swallowing food.

☸ Some important indication of causticum :-
? hysteria at puberty.
? Rheumatism of joint and muscle.
?Agg :- cold, dry wind, clear weather
?Amel :- damp weather..

☸ After Fright :- convulsin and hysteria.

☸suppersion of skin eruption leads to chorea..

☸ According Dr. Kent sir wonderful remedy for urine incontinence of women..

?Skin prone to intertigo during dentition.
? Pain remains hip after pertusis.
? Coryza with hoarseness.
? Lt sided sciatica.

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