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Metabolic Problems And Homoeopathy

Dr B S Suvarna

B.A, D.I.Hom[Lond.], M.I.H, PhD, PGDPC (Psychotherapy & Counselling, USA)
Jeevan Shanthi
Karnataka State, India

The word metabolism is used to describe the chemical processes that are continually taking place in the body , these processes include the building up of complex substances , such as proteins from simpler ones and the breaking down of complex substances usually with the release of energy into simpler ones . the chemical processes of the body take place in every cell and are controlled by proteins knpwn as enzymes which often require the help of vitamins and minerals to function effectively . In health these processes are balanced , this balance can be lost as a result of inherited abnormalities , disturbances in the secretions of hormones such as those produced by the thyroid or adrenal glands or poor nutrition , metabolic disorders such as severe diabetes mellitus , can be life threatening and these will usually require conventional treatment , some times no conventional treatment is as yet available minor metabolic disorders may require no treatment at all .

In chronic fatigue syndrome the exact metabolic problem has not been identified a variety of research projects have highlighted possible areas of unbalanced metabolism and it seems likely that there are several areas of unbalanced metabolism and it seems likely that there are several areas where the normal controls are not functioning properly including those involved in the release of energy with in the cells of the body , the response to homoeopathy varies greatly but in some people it seems to be very helpful .

Food intolerance appears to cause disabling fatigue syndrome , those who are intolerant of alcohol often feel better if they stop drinking , they may find that their energy is further improved if they cut down on the sugar and yeast in their diet , bread made from dough or sourdough , vinegar and other fermented products dried fruit and mushrooms are usually the major sources of dietary yeast , excess weight is often balanced on “gland problems” occasionally this is the case for example when the thyroid gland is not secreting sufficient hormones .for many people the problem is also partly related to the body shape that has been inherited from their parents the thin types having apparently a natural ability to burn up more food without storing fat , those who store fat easily and attempt to control their weight with long term low calorie diets run the risk of eating inadequate amount of minerals and vitamins and this can itself be a cause of unbalanced metabolism , this problem is made worse by the modern fashionable emphasis on being slim which often leads women to try to achieve unrealistic weight goals .

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) & Other Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)   

Low recovery from influenza or some other viral infection is not uncommon and should not be a confused with the more unusual myalgic encephalomyelitis .

By convention ME is not normally diagnosed until the symptoms have lasted for more than 6 months after an infection and only then after excluding other diseases

The name is a descriptive term for the illness—–Myalgia=muscle pain , Enceph=affecting the brain , Myel=affecting the nerves , itis=inflamation

About 20 % of people with ME symptoms show no evidence of infection being the  cause , some of them may be suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities , a controversial condition that is poorly recognized by doctors , the term “chronic fatigue syndrome “ will be used to include all causes

Key Features of CFS(always present)     

Extreme physical and mental fatigue after trivial exertion and recovering only very slowly symptoms fluctuate from day to day or even with in one day .

Other Symptoms :

  1. muscles pain and weakness
  2. brain poor memory , impaired concentration
  3. speech difficulties
  4. emotional variations
  5. sensory changes for ex-over sensitivity to sound or light
  6. severe headaches not helped by pain killers
  7. sleep disturbance .

Nerves Regulating Normal Bodily Functions :

Disturbed digestive function for example , nausea and diarrhoea , palpitations breathlessness and blood pressure changes , poor temperature control , inappropriate sweating , blurred vision , disturbed bladder function

Miscellaneous : Recurrence or continuing symptoms of original infection . Intolerance of alcohol and some times food stuffs .

Adverse Reactions to : chemicals , including medicines , perfumes and house hold cleaning agents , electromagnetic fields , including fluorescent lights and television sets .

Self Help : get plenty of physical and mental rest and sleep particularly in the early stages of the illness , avoid stiffness ; move your joints through a full range of movements each day if you are too weak ask for help , eat regularly ; unprocessed whole foods , plenty of fruit and vegetables , good quality protein once or twice a day , avoid any thing that causes an adverse reaction , including alcohol and caffeine , if you have vaginal thrush , ask your doctor to treat you and your partner . The role of thrush /candida in CFs is controversial , read a book about CFs and and encourage your family and friends to read one to help them understand your condition , consider complimentary medicine including constitutional homoeopathy try relaxation techniques and /or learn meditation , join a CFs pressure group , the meetings and / or news letters provide practical help , never give up over 50 % of sufferers get better with in 5 years . Research into CFs is increasing and the cure may be around the corner .

Hypo Glycaemia ; hypo=low , glyc = glucose , aemia = in the blood .

If you ask most doctors about hypoglycaemia , you are likely to be told that it is rare , except in diabetics who have taken too much insulin , however many homoeopaths recognize a condition that they call “reactive hypoglycaemia “ in which the symptoms often start suddenly and may appear before breakfast after missing a meal , 2-5 hours after eating or during exercise

Symptoms Of Hypoglycaemia : weakness faintness fast heart beat cold sweat and dizziness , mental disturbance , anxiety , panic irritability and mood swings , hunger but also nausea , migraines and head aches , waking hungry , raiding kitchen for food at night , reactive hypoglycaemia requires a constitutional prescription from a homoeopathic doctor but help your self by ; eating whole grain products in preference to white flour , rice , pasta etc, eating small meals frequently , cutting out tea , coffee and alcohol . avoiding sugar chocolate , jam , etc, changing your life style take plenty of rest , regular exercise and try to reduce stress .

Fatigue : Feeling fatigued after a busy day is perfectly normal feel exhausted all the time , particularly if this begins to interfere with your work your family life or social activities , you should spend a few minutes thinking about possible causes for your fatigue because it is often possible to improve matters .

Are you looking pale ? do you some times feel faint , do you get more short of breath than you used to , or experience palpitations if you do you should see your doctor as you may be anaemic – Are you putting on weight or feeling colder than you used to , is your hair thinning or your skin dry , your thyroid may becoming under active , so you should see your doctor . Are you eating a good diet , are you pregnant , tiredness is very common during early pregnancy but you should tell your doctor or midwife about your symptoms – are you regularly drinking more than 3 units a day of alcohol , alcohol even in moderate amounts can make you depressed , stop for a week and see if you feel better ,do you need a holiday ,over work and stress can both cause tiredness . do you have one or more of the following symptoms , poor concentration , indecisiveness , loss of interest in sex , changed appetite , altered sleep pattern or recurrent head aches , if so depression , have you recently had an infection or an operation , you should not expect to be back to normal immediately take ir easy , give your self time .

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome : It is estimated that there may be well over 150000 sufferers of this illness in the UK alone , also known as ME and post-viral fatigue syndrome , chronic fatigue syndrome ( CFS ) often starts with excessive fatigue , muscle pains head ache and some times a slightly raised temperature , extreme weakness of the arms and legs develops many other symptoms have also been reported as being related to this little understood condition . the most frequently occurring of the blurred vision , nausea anxiety abnormal periods of weight gain or loss lack of concentration confusion irritability insomnia mood swings and noise intolerance . The symptoms may date back to a minor , viral type illness and can continue for years , there is no single recommended homoeopathic medicine of universal benefit in treating the symptoms of CFs and it likely that at some stage constitutional treatment will be necessary .

Symptoms and Medicine :

Impaired memory depression irritability and very easily offended ,general weakness especially in the legs , indigestion and an empty feeling in the stomach relieved by eating —–Anacardium

Throbbing head ache with anxiety and irritability weariness and prostration –skin feel cold –loss of appetite with a great thirst for water –insomnia —chininum arsenicosum

Physical and mental exhaustion with a dislike of meeting people , irritable anxious and very nervous , tinnitus ( noises in the ear ) is often present , breath is offensive and mouth is dry . stomach feels perpetually empty , weakness in back and legs and the symptoms are worse for exertion —Kali phosphoricum

Great weakness that is worse in the summer heat , mental weakness and difficulties in comprehension sensitivity to noise and anxiety restlessness during thunder storms head ache from the least mental exertion very poor digestion, legs feel particularly weak in the morning ——Natrum carbonicum 

Symptoms start with mental weakness and physical weakness quickly follows . Apathy and indifference to comprehension difficulties frequent severe head ache that are made worse by noise , symptoms are worse after sour food and drink flatulence and nervous diarrhoea , frequent urination at night —phosphoric acid

Weakness with back pain and needles in the legs , head ache is relieved by pressure (from bandaging) limbs feel tired and heavy and feet are cold , no will power and a disinclination to work —-picric acid

Tiredness , depression and impaired memory very sensitive to noise and very chilly ravenous hunger mid-morning , lower back pain is worse from sitting feet are in constant motion .——-Zincum Metallicum

Food Intolerance  : food intolerance is a term that some doctors use to describe a reaction to a food that can not be explained by our present knowledge of the immune system , it is there fore not strictly a food allergy in the way that , for example a peanut allergy is many doctors dispute the diagnosis altogether , to complicate matters further, the reaction can be any of a wide variety of symptoms including for example migraine , joint pain and swelling or irritable bowel syndrome . Despite the medical controversy a growing number of people experience symptoms after eating particular foods and get better if they avoid these foods unfortunately the cause or causes of food intolerance are unknown and there are no tests that reliably confirm the diagnosis .

In general the foods most likely to cause food intolerance are those that are eaten “ frequently “ . In western countries milk and wheat are often the culprits but maize (corn) and soya products are now used widely by food manufacturers and intolerance to these is also increasing people who suffer from food intolerance often crave the food to which they are intolerant and this is one reason for weight gain . food intolerance responds to treatment , this usually consists of avoiding the offending food(s) completely for a time and then testing to see if the reaction still occurs ,, most people can reintroduce the food to their diets but it is wise to restrict them to once or twice a week ( even with homoeopathy ) . Homoeopathy can be helpful if you suffer from food intolerance . the symptoms will often improve if you take your constitutional medicine , in addition the homoeopathically prepared form of the food itself will sometimes “neutralize “ the reaction if you take it before a meal containing the food you react to the many of the common foods are already available and new ones are being prepared so if the one you want is not on this list check with your homoeopathic pharmacy . Many every day foods such as wheat bran , wheat flour , yoghurt, maize (corn) soya flour , soya oil and milk products have been made into homoeopathic medicines .

About the author

Dr B.S Suvarna

B.A, D.I.Hom[Lond.], M.I.H, PhD, PGDPC (Psychotherapy & Counselling, USA)
Jeevan Shanthi
Karnataka State, India