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Carcinoma Of Cervix And Homoeopathy

– Carcinoma of cervix is the most common cancerous condition in female
– In most of the developing countries, carcinoma of the breast and cervix are the leading sites of malignancies in female and are major public health problems.
– Cervical cancer is an entirely preventable disease as the different screening, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are effective.
– At present throughout the globe, there are nearly 1 million women each year having cervical cancer.

– Ailments from :- hormonal imbalance
– It is a cancerous growth of cervix because of hormonal imbalance because of dyspepsia, dysplasia, hypertrophy of cervical canal that lead to chronic discharges.
– Swelling and induration of ulcers mark weakness with menses & pain in thighs
– Inflammation of cervix with grade plug more than 1st degree neoplasia and changed in cervical gland
– Female pron to develop cancerous condition in early stage.
– Good remedy for uterine hemorrhage ;well indicated from ovaritish, wedge like pain from ovary to uterus.

2. Kreosotum:-
– It is indicated for carcinoma especially for squamous cell carcinoma of cervix
– It indicated at specially in menopausal age due to rapid decomposition of secretion
– Female having excessive vaginal bleeding after coition
– Swelling and rawness of cervix with copious, clotted, bleeding which stop suddenly and start again and reappear for long time.
– Excoriating discharge with granulation of vagina.
– Irritation in vagina and vulva to overgrowth of cervix with intense itching and burning , follows by yellowish ,acrid leucorrhea , smell of green corn

3. Hydrastis:-
-Ailments from:- defective assimilation and bad effect of syphilis and gonorrhoea
– It is indicated in ulcerative type of cervical carcinoma
– Cervical erosion with discharge of blood or thick, yellowish and stringy discharges
– It is indicated to early stage of carcinoma to later stage of carcinoma
– In later stage of carcinoma this medicine remove offensiveness of discharges
– It modified pain and destructiveness cause by malignant cells
– Malignancy of cervical cell associated with gastric and hepatic derangement
– Well indicated remedy for tumour of Breast , when nipple is retracted

4. Natrum Muriaticum:-
– Ailments from:- grief , fright, anger, profuse menses, and loss of vital force
– Indicated in early stage of cervical carcinoma

5. Graphitis:-
– It is indicated for cervical carcinoma with gushing leucorrhea
– It is indicated for induration of cervix and carcinoma of pylorus
– Ovaries are enlarge and hard
– Cauliflower like over growth causes burning in genital area with putrid , bloody discharge

6. Thuja:-
– Aliments from:- suppretion of gonorrhoea and other
– Cervical carcinoma has tendency to spread specially over the vaginal surface of cervix to right and left fornices , so there are chance of invesion and inflammation of vagina
– Endocervical carcinoma spread to cervical canal with infiltration
– Barrel shape cervix with hardness and associated with small over growth to uterine wall
– Vascular and papillary growth or malignant ulcers visible on cervical os

7. Nitric acid:-
– Ulceration of cervix with easily suppurets and there is thin , offensive discharges ,chronic replacement of cells lead to malignant changes or malignant ulcers.
– Patient having history of STD
– Cancerous growth with spread very fast and in the latest stage there is involvement of bladder with offensive urination.

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