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About Homoeoprophylaxis And Genus Epidemicus And Vaccinosis

Dr Aparna B.
M.D. (Hom)
JSPS Government Homoeopathic medical college, Hyderabad.

The term Prophylaxis coined in early 19th century, combining Latin  word Pro meaning before and the  Greek word  Phulaxis [ act of guarding]

Homoeopathic prophylaxis never causes anaphylaxis or shock, never results in secondary infection, never leaves in its wake serum or vaccine disease or any other severe reaction ; it simply protects surely and gently. Dr. Arthur. Hill. Grimmer

There are four main approaches of using homoeopathy for epidemic disease; individualization, combination remedies, genus epidemicus  and isopathy 

Genus epidemicus  is the name given to the medicine identified  in homoeopathy to be used for preventing communicable diseases.

Hahnemann describes the process of determining genus  epidemicus  concisely in Organon aphorism number 101 and 102

Hahnemann   insists that examining each epidemic or sporadic disease  as an independent new disease which has never occurred in the past.  He insists that the totality of each epidemic or examination of epidemic or sporadic disease as an independent new disease   which has never occurred in the past. A careful examination of epidemic or sporadic disease would certainly reveal that it is a unique phenomenon and differs in many ways from any of similar diseases in past. Physician does not  get complete picture of epidemic  by seeing 1st case , but by seeing carefully several cases of epidemic , gets conversant with all signs and symptoms of epidemic disease.

When we give an appropriate   homoeoprophylactic   remedy against a targeted infectious disease,  the remedy resonates , energetically on the same spectrum as the disease.  The homoeoprophylactic  remedy will , if sufficiently  potentised , remove any similar foreign or not –self  material in the person’s energetic system which resonates with the remedy and the disease,  meaning that the vital force will be able to act  with complete freedom in that particular energetic spectrum of the person.

So, with homoeoprophylaxis , where the remedy removes the impediments  that otherwise would prevent the vital force from responding to the energetic challenge of an infectious disease. Once the patient’s energetic is cleared in the area that resonates or is similar to the energy of the targeted infectious agent, thus   allowing  vital force to immediately deal with any exposure to the agent.

Homoeoprophylaxis  provides no additives, no preservatives, no antibiotics, benefits immune system, stimulates  general immune response exercise and educates with natural disease.  

Vaccinosis:  Vaccinosis  is defined as  The syndrome produced  by the  adverse effects of vaccination; state of chronic ill health resulting from immunization . It is considered  to arise as a result of compromise to the immune system . It was originally coined by Compton Burnett  who described  two forms of the condition acute and chronic. The acute form incorporates  the occasional fatal consequence of vaccination, many of the  syndromes that  appear shortly  after administration  and common manifestation  which might be regarded  as vaccine reaction in current terminology.

His chronic classification   is equivalent to what is now generally regarded as vaccinosis.

Burnett says ‘’ the taking of virus   becomes a   chronic process- paresis, neuralgia, cephalgia, pimples , acne etc.  The less a person takes  , therefore  , the more is  he likely to suffer from  chronic vaccinosis.

Burnett gives credit ; He remarks that Boenninghausen  was the  first to point out the homoeopathicity   of Thuja  occidentalis  to small pox itself ; Kunkel and  Goullon , then used it to cure ill effects of vaccination – vaccinosis.

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