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Right Breast Fibroadenoma Birads Category -3 Cured By Homeopathic Medicines

Dr B S Suvarna

B.A, D.I.Hom[Lond.], M.I.H, PhD, PGDPC (Psychotherapy & Counselling, USA)
Jeevan Shanthi
Karnataka State, India

Cytological Features Consistent With Benign Cyst In Right Breast Fibroadenoma Right Birads Category -3 Cured By Homeopathic Medicines

Fibroadenomas  are the most common benign  tumors  of the  female  breast  . they  develop  at any age  are  more common  in young woman  , often teen ages  and are  mistaken for cancer  ,  it is a benign breast  growth  ( Pseudopsora / psychosis   ) that most commonly  presents in teen age  girls  and women under the age of 30  the presence of a fibroadenoma  mass   in a breast  often  causes  women  anxiety  ( psora / pseudopsora ) and concern partly  because  people  associate  any type of  breast  lump   with  cancer . Fibroadenoma  carries  a very slight manace   for future  breast  cancer, but the majority   of fibroadenoma  are benign breast  growths . they may be excised   but frequent recurrence  is , common.


Estrogen  sensitivity (psora) is  thought  to play  role  in  fibroadenoma   growth , some tumors  may increase in size   towards  the  end of the  menstruation   or during  pregnancy ( sycosis  )

After  menopause  ,  many fibro adenomas  spontaneously  shrink due to lower e estrogen  levels  ( psora/ syphilis)  hormone therapy  for  post menopausal  women may  prevent  fibro adenomas  from shrinking  .


1. Physical   examination 
2. Mammogram 
3. Breast ultra sound
4. Biopsy
5. Fine   needle   aspiration cytology

While biopsy is the only  sure  way to  confirm  Fibroadenoma , young woman in there  teens  to  mid twenties  may  not  require   a  biopsy  if the  lump meets  all the requirements   for a characteristic   Fibroadenoma   mass .

Case history – Mrs Kalavathi  age 60 years   she brought  all reports  biopsy  mammogram    and laboratory test report  she came to me with all reports

She explained  all her problems  she told me   that she will not be in the station for 6 months   as she is going to abroad  so she r requested  me to give medicines for  3 months    I prescribed for  her all problems   I gave her medicines   for 3 months    
Smt Kalavathi  age 59 years   on 11-4-2015 

Case history  right breast  fibro adenoma  , since 2 years  mamo graphy once in 6 months   breast lumps  no pain   obesity  fatty 

Past history – right side arthritis   since 10 years   knees pain sitting position aggravation  both side  knees pain ,  feet burning  numbness   pulling pain menopause   after 9  years   right side   wrist  ganglion  cyst  pain ,  neck hands  pain  dry skin  severe itching  appetite is good  motion normal  disturbed sleep  stomach pain after food  since 4 years   after break  fast  commence daily  stomach pain   right side knees pain   severe pain  sciatica   due to over work  obesity  weight  78 kgs B.P 130/80 pulse  80 .

Complications of fibroadenoma

  1. Women  with fibro adenoma  have a  slightly  higher risk ok of breast  but not by a  significance amount
  2. Very rarely  cancerous   cells  are found  in  fibro adenoma  biopsy  sample  but all most  all fibro adenoma  are   benign 
  3.  Complications  from fibro adenoma  are  not  an  common  ,biopsies   and  fibro adenoma are  not  un , common  biopsies  and  fibro adenoma  removal  , like  all surgical  procedures  , carry the  risk of  bleeding  ,scarring  , and  post operative infection  .
  4.  After a fibro adenoma  is  removed ,  its  recurrence  is  quiet common .


Breast – abscess   , breast – nodules  ,  painful and fistulse   discharging  , ichorous pus – –Phytolacca  
Breasts   – breast  – feeding , nursing , lactation   of  right  ,  burning pain – Conium
Breasts- Induration     breasts  – right  breast  feeding  during , burning pain –conium
Breasts   nodules   breast I  indurated     -carbo   anmilis , -conium ,-nitric acid , silicea  -sulphur  
Breasts –tumors  , breasts , growths  – hard n nodular   Silicea 
Breasts  tumors  breasts growths  indurated   – Arsenicum iod , conium  , hydrastis , Carbo  animalis ,kali iod  , Lachesis , Phytolacca  .
Breasts  tumors  breast growths   –  Arnica  ars.iod , Bellis perennis , Bellodanna ,  Calc flour , Thuja ,  pytolacca  , Silicea .conium  , lapis alba .
Breasts lumps   breasts  – Arsenicum iod –Phytolacca,  Bellis perinnis  , CONIUM , Pulsatilla ,  silicea CALCAREA FLOUR , LYCO ,  sepia  ,  Cimicifuga .

Mammary glands  are  hard and  sore , A typical  carcinoma   of the  breast , that is  Scirrhous  adeno carcinoma  which  begins  in the  ducts  and  ends  in the  parenchyma  As  be stage  advances  the Coopers   ligament  ,  shortens  and  thus  it  produces   the  noth  , sometimes  be conditions is  associated with the  inflammation  of the  breast  tissue  ,  the region is  hard  and nodular , tender  to  touch  burning  and  stinging pains  in the breast the  skin  over  the tumor  is  adherent   occasionally   there is   discharge of pus  from  the  nipple  the lesion  is hard  , almost   cartilaginous  . the edges are  distinct , Serrated  and  irregular  , associated   with  productive  fibrosis  .

Breasts   are  hot  and swollen  . chronic   cystic mastitis   .  blunt   duct Adenosis   best remedy for  fibro  adenoma . lump in breast  is hard nodular  and  tender  to  tuch  in the beginning  .  then the pains are reduced  and the lump  turns   to be hard   due to  calcification  .  Calcarea  acts    best   when the       tumor are   calcified   .  these breasts are  swollen   and tender  before menses . Deficient   lactation  , the  breast are  distended  in lymphatic  women  .  patient complains of profuse sweating   around  the  genitalia  with  dirty smell inflammatory   condition  of the breast  with  breast condition  patient has the mental symptom due to sufferings  . patient is anxious   , tired and week  ,  both mentally and physically  .

This remedy is indicated  in the  fibro adenoma   of the breast  ,  lump in the breast  it is hard, movable  with  clear  margins  which are  sharp  in nature  ,  or  their edges  are  sharply defined  . most commonly  they are solitary   very rarely   multiple  ,  occurs  in young patient  usually  unmarried . nodules are  in upper  right  quadrants  the patient is  sad and  depressed   due to  financial condition . confused  due to  melancholic  condition of mind  patient is chilly  ,  and  she is very sensitive to cold air ,  cold wind  and  cold atmosphere  in general ,  genitals are   sore ,  urine is copious  and  offensive  pain at the tip of the  urethra   while urinating   and  after the  acts  pain in  back extending to sacrum .

By  seeing all her symptoms she was given the following suitable medicines

Date  11.4. 2015

  1. Phytolacca  200
  2.  Conium 200 
  3. Calcarea  carb 200
  4. Calcarea  flour  !M
  5.  Causticum  200
  6. Ruta G 200   ( ganglion  cyst )

Breast lumps  normal report completely cured  all symptoms subsided  no arthritis  pain no skin itching  no stomach pain   knees pain  completely cured all symptoms   she took these medicines for 3 months  after 1 month gap  she brought all laboratory report  

Date 22-8-2015   
Completely normal report

She came with all reports and presented to my clinic  are found normal allopathic doctor surprised   after seeing the report  doctor asked her how disease cured miraculously   what is the treatment you have  taken she told  doctor  I have taken  Homoeopathic  medicines only  her uncle  allopathic doctor felt happy  doctor advised her  not take any  medicines   all reports are normal  her family also felt  very happy it is being cured only homoeopathic medicines all reports are attached with this article  .

About the author

Dr B.S Suvarna

B.A, D.I.Hom[Lond.], M.I.H, PhD, PGDPC (Psychotherapy & Counselling, USA)
Jeevan Shanthi
Karnataka State, India