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Why Should We Choose Homeopathy

Have you ever thought, how the homeopathic pills work? Do they contain any medicinal property? Is it a scientific method or just the waste of time? If yes then you are in the right place, I will try to clear some of these doubts.  

Homeopathy is a rational scientific method of treatment founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Like every other branch of science it has fixed principle , the drugs are well proved and their actions are well known . So it sounds illogical to call it unscientific. 

But the onus of treatment is almost always lies upon the physician himself. The Homeopathic Materia Medica is the largest among all other systems of medicine.Hence to select the most suitable medicine is the most difficult part, rather I will term it as an art of the doctor. 

Time and again the efficacy of the Homeopathic medicines are well proved. Criticisers are always there but we must keep in mind that it is the 2nd most widely used method of treatment worldwide after allopathy. It can not be a mere coincidence. No one is so illiterate now a days that they just continue using it without any benefit. So the widespread use of homeopathy tells the story. 
Homeopathy when applied correctly not only cures the patient but also does it in quick succession. That too without any side effects if used correctly . On the other hand the modern medicines in the name of treating a disease adds few more to the original one and thus forms a amalgam of diseases,  Which in long run hava a very bad effect. Most of us fail to understand this simple thing . The pharmacological industries also play a role here.  
Thus, it’s quite evident that Homeopathy should be a prefered method of treatment for most of the people. Unless there is a situation which calls for urgent interventions like ICU, surgery etc we should advocate use of Homeopathic treatment.

About the author

Dr Sheshadev Senapati

Dr Sheshadev Senapati is an emerging homoeopath from odisha. He graduated from national Institute of Homoeopathy. Currently posted as MO under govt if jharkhand. He has excellent clinical knowledge.