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Fibroadenosis Cured By Homoeopathy

Dr B S Suvarna

B.A, D.I.Hom[Lond.], M.I.H, PhD, PGDPC (Psychotherapy & Counselling, USA)
Jeevan Shanthi
Karnataka State, India

A woman, aged 37 years ,came to my clinic with a complaint “Fibro adenosis “, 2 times operated , 8 months back . Both the breasts with right side 3 lumps and left side 5 lumps in the breast with pain also .

Breast lumps are often recurrent and difficulty arises when a new lump appears at the site of a previous biopsy or where a lump has been removed . The new lump must be fully reassessed , so it may be due to a recurrence of a fibro adenosis a cyst or thickening of the underlying scar tissue . Breast tumor recurrence , after operation . I have referred the patient for investigation by lab test .

Investigation report :date-31-01-1997  :
Specimen : Resected breast lump –side ?
Gross: Irregular ,grayish , fibro faulty pieces 3.4×3 ca in all
Micro : sections showed groups of ducts separated by fibrocollagenous str. ,few ducts are dilated
Diagnosis : “Fibro adenosis “
“fine needle aspiration dat:16-07-99”
Biopsy report :
Clinical data and clinical diagnosis :(enclosed )
H/O swelling in both breasts and since 3 years , had bilatal biopsies and reported as “fibro adenomas “
Microscopic Examination :
Aspiration carried out from right and left breast masses . From left breast aspiration about 15 ml of straw coloured fluid obtained .
Smears from right breast aspiration and left breast . centrifuged sediment reveal red blood cells , breast epithelial cells and macrophages . The breast epithelial cells are seen in small groups having regular nuclel . no cellular cr. Nuclear atypia sen . no evidence of malignancy seen .

Diagnosis :”fibro cystic disease breast : past history :  chronic allergic bhronchitis , wheezing dust allergy , morning sneezing (agg) , nose blocking , difficult breathing , weight 45 kgs . lean 2 children mental worries too much , depression mind , joint family mental tension too much , very anxiety for tumour and hardnes of breasts . big size movable and severe painful too much . it can cause anxiety and distress, breast discomfort , the cough was dry with very small occasional sputum and wheezing get worse on lying . There was no apparent sign or symptom of any complication , appetite is good and good sleep , she was cheerful too . She was refused for any treatment from allopathic hospital , which made her unhappy , but still she was hope full as she had lot of belief in homoeopathy .

I have given her a dose of –“Medhorhinum-1M” , followed by
1.Conium 200 –30 ml pills
2.Silicea 200   – 30 ml pills.
3.Nat. Mur. 200-30 ml pills.
4.Lachesis 200 –30 ml pills

(6 pills at a time daily 3 times –m/a/n/, for 1 month)
Thuja 1m – 3 dose weekly one day for 3 weeks only .
Lachesis 200 – morning & night daily 2 dose for 1 week .
Calcarea flour 6x –bio chemic tabs daily 3 times for 1 month .
Nat. mur 200- 6 pills at a time daily 3 times m/a/n/ for 1 month
Continue “conium 200 , daily 3 times m/a/n for 1 month .
Breast tumour recurrence after 2 times operations .

2nd  Month treatment :
1.Calcarea flour 200 – 6 pills at a time daily 3 times m/a/n for 1 month
2.Lachesis 1m – 3 dose , weekly 1 day for 3 weeks . (for chronic allergic asthma ,nose blocking , sneezing , wheezing also )
3.Silicea 200 – 30 ml pills ,6 pills at a time daily 3 times , for 1 month (for fibro adenoma )
4.Nitric acid 200 – 6 pills at a time daily 3 times m/a/n for 1 month .

After on examination , the lump was in left and right side breast upper quadrant of firm oval and was of the size of a hen egg and was non tender and mobile treatment

3rd month treatment :

Calcarea flour 10m –3 dose , weekly one dose for 3 weeks , after calcarea flour CM –one dose .
Nat. mur. 1 M –weekly one day for 3 weeks only .
Conium 1 M –3 dose for 3 weeks .
Right breast became smooth , hardness gone . no tumour in breasts .both the breasts became normal , she was quite well . tense, tight ,and hard with burning pain stopped . Even now she is completely free from the trouble . 4 months homoeopathic medicines treatment , cured her completely to normal . Allergic bronchitis also cured.

Weight – 55 kgs , she was very happy and cheerful too .

I assure her husband about the homoeopathic efficacy in removing the lump completely , with out any surgery . no surgery – no life long scar
Treatment : 17-07-1999 to 26-11-1999.
Diagnosis : Normal study . “No fibro cystic disease breast “

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Dr B.S Suvarna

B.A, D.I.Hom[Lond.], M.I.H, PhD, PGDPC (Psychotherapy & Counselling, USA)
Jeevan Shanthi
Karnataka State, India