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Homoeopathy For Didaskaleinophobia – Bettering The Life Of Parents And Children

Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of school or fear of going to school. Nearly 2 to 5% of school going children is known to be inflicted with such phobia. The word Didaskaleinophobia is derived from Greek Didasko meaning to teach and phobos meaning aversion or fear. Another common term for the fear of school is Scholionophobia which is derived from Latin scius for ‘knowing’.

Kids are often known to “play truant” or skip school. However, the kids who do so aren’t always afraid of school- anger or boredom are the more common reasons behind their behavior. Mark Twain’s famous character Tom Sawyer also often played hooky from school but he was not suffering from the fear of school phobia. Rather, he simply had ‘better things to do’ like finding adventures in the great outdoors.

In case of Didaskaleinophobes, the mere thought of going to school can trigger a full blown panic attack. Most psychologists believe that such phobia is typically more common in preschool aged children of 4-6 years. This is often due to the fact that they are leaving the safety of their homes for the first time. Often, diagnosis of this phobia is difficult as the young child is unable to express his fears accurately.

As stated before, diagnosis of Didaskaleinophobia often requires in-depth analysis as the young child might not fear school per se; rather it is the fear of bullies or riding on the school bus, or a scary dog encountered on the way to school, or a particularly strict teacher that may be causing the problem.

Children between the ages of 4-6 who suffer from fear of school phobia usually have separation anxiety. They fear they might not see their mother (or a loved one) again after going to school. A negative or traumatic event (divorce of parents, death etc) at this time can also reinforce the fear of school where the mind recreates the phobic response over and over as a defense mechanism against further traumatic news.
Some middle-school children (13 to 15 year olds) might also suffer from Didaskaleinophobia. This is the time when school work tends to increase tremendously, and students often have to deal with difficult topics in Math, Science etc. At the same time, their bodies are also undergoing changes associated with adolescence and puberty and naturally it can be a difficult time with their raging hormones.
Overall unsafe school environment, (recent reports of children bringing guns and other violent objects to school), bullying, or changing to a new school (which is termed as school refusal) are some other factors which can trigger the fear of school phobia.


The fear of school phobia manifests itself in the form of various physical and emotional symptoms.

Younger children might cry, scream, or have a full blown anxiety attack at the thought of having to go to school. They pretend to be sick in order to avoid school. Some also tend to cry all night before. This can be very trying and frustrating for parents as they are often unable to help the child relieve the overwhelming anxiety.

The child might have constant thoughts about death/dying (especially the death of the loved ones) when it is in school. This might make him/her overly clingy so much so that s/he might shadow its parents constantly around the house. Other phobias may also be seen in the child, including the fear of being left alone, the fear of the dark, the fear of monsters/ghosts etc.

Dizziness, heart palpitations, dry mouth, excessive sweating, breathlessness, nausea, and full blown panic attack are few other symptoms of Didaskaleinophobia.

Teenagers might not speak about their phobia- however, they will show avoidance behavior like coming up with fake illness or excuses etc to avoid going to school. Depression is a common symptom of the phobia.


BARYTA CARBONICA —Baryta carbonica is one of the leading remedies for school phobia where the fear is due to their slow mental grasp and learning disabilities. They fear they are ridiculed by others in class room. Poor memory. They suffer from loss of memory, mental weakness.  Children cannot remember to learn. Child does not want to play , but sits in the corner doing nothing. Slow in all developments –slow to walk, talk, read, speak or mature.

BISMUTHUM —Bismuthum is another best remedy for school phobia , where the child holds on to its mother’s hand, a strong fear of school. They suffer from acute stomach pain due this phobia. Craving to cold drinks is characteristic to Bismuthum.

CALCAREA CARBONICA —Calcarea carb is suited to fat, fair and flabby child , catches cold very easily. They are forgetful, confused, misplaces words, and expresses himself wrong. Fears of being observed.Dull lethargic children who do not want to play.  They prefer safety to high risk behaviors. They are cautious. They prefer indigestible things like dirt, chalk, coal, pencil etc. Craving for eggs is characteristic to Calcarea carb. Profuse sweating during sleep  , especially head and chest.

CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA —Calcarea phos child is often  suffering from school headaches and stomach pain, a reason for school phobia. It is a remedy for bad effects of mental strain , such as headaches in school children of weak intelligence. Children are peevish and fretful, difficulty in performing intellectual operationsThey are dull , obtuse having poor memory. Feeble minded children unable to sustained mental work. They  often suffer from fractures and growing pains  due to poor nutrition . Also they often suffer from enlarged glands. They have a craving for bacon, ham, salted or smoked meats.

PULSATILLA NIGRICANS —Pulsatilla  child is dainty looking with fine skin and hair. They are mild, timid, emotional and tearful. They tend to weep easily. Craves sympathy and attention. Changeable nature is another leading symptom of Pulsatilla. Their digestive system is easily disturbed by rich foods, fats, pork, pastries, desserts, ice creams etc. Thirstlessness is another characteristic symptom of Pulsatilla. All complaints are better from open air.

TUBERCULINUM -Tuberculinum is indicated for very sensitive, mentally and physically children. Mentally deficient children. Great nervous weakness. Rapid emaciation of the body. Catch cold very easily. Diarrhea in children running for weeks. Poor appetite. Desire for cold milk. Tubercular history

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