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*_Homeopathy 360_*in association with *S* amuel *H* ahnemann *A* cademy for *H* omeopathy – *SHAH* 

*TOPIC*:*_Homeopathy – Hope for Hopeless & Help for Helpless_*(Evidence Based Case studies)


_Dr Krutik Shah_M.D. (Hom.), PG. IACH (Greece)
_Proud Child of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann_
▪️Consultant Homeopath, The Hon’ble Governor of Gujarat.
▪️Bharat Gaurav Award
▪️Most Promising Homeopathic Professional Award
▪️ International HealthCare Services Award
▪️Dishwal Shiromani Award
▪️Chief Consultant Homeopath & Medical Director at Gujarat State’s First Private Digitized Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital.
1️⃣   Chemical Imbalance with Panic Attacks (Video)
2️⃣   Fukuyama – Japanese Muscular Dystrophy (Video)
3️⃣   Acute Appendicitis & Colitis
4️⃣   Bilateral Pneumonia
5️⃣   Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
6️⃣   Trigeminal Neuralgia

️*DATE:* 25th & 26th May 2020
*TIME:* 3 to 5 PM

*NOTE*: _Delegates are requested to have Dr Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine during the webinar for reference._ 
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