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“NAJA”: The Example Of How Life-threatening Element Turn Into Life-saving In Homoeopathy

Naja is a homoeopathic remedy prepared from Gokshura snake i.e. cobra snake poison. It has been used in India since ancient time in many nervous and blood disease. This medicine is proved by Russel and Stokes. This is comes under ophidia group where the medicine is prepared from snake venom.
The patient of Naja is disturbed by closeness of collar. The all complaints of this patient have tendency to settle about the heart. Naja cures valvular troubles of the heart. It is indicated in young persons who grow up with cardiac diseases. There is much sneezing seen in this patient, with running of water from the nose. The patient has suffocative attacks in August.
The Naja is mainly left sided remedy. Cures all left sided complaints. The patient has dyspnoea; if he goes to sleep, he wakes up suffocating, gasping, chocking. In most of the complaints there is inability to lie down on left side. Naja is the remedy for asthma, especially in cardiac asthma. The Naja patient is subject to severe attacks of bronchitis and Naja cures it very nicely.
Mentally, the patient of Naja naturally would be intense and excitable. The patient is having suicidal tendency. Profound sleep is consistent with all the snakes. So the patient of Naja has deep, profound sleep with stertorous breathing. The patient of Naja WAKES WITH A HEADACHE EVERY MORNING. It is natural for the patient of this remedy to have a headache to be present in the morning and wear off with exertion.
The other complaints of Naja patient are aggravate with exertion. The mental symptoms are aggravate with exertion of mind. EACH AND EVERY COMPLAINTS OF NAJA PATIENT AGGRAVATE AFTER SLEEPING. Naja can also cure the chronic nervous palpitation.
So, the Naja is showing the beautifulness of our homoeopathy. Here the medicine is prepared from THE LIFE THREATENING THING I.E. VENOM OF COBRA SNAKE; but it is very helpful TO GET RID OFF MANY SEVERE DISEASES OF VITAL SYSTEMS TO HUMAN BEINGS.

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Dr. Parth Vinodrai Dave

Student at Rajkot Homeopathic Medical College affiliated with Parul University