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Advice To Community Regarding Prevention Of Corona

Frequent hand washing – with warm soapy water or high alcohol based hand sanitisers. It is particularly important to wash hands after travelling and after blowing your nose. Practitioners should always wash their hands before and after contact with patients. Avoid anti-bacterial washes without high alcohol content as they do not eradicate viruses. Look for hand sanitisers containing 65-95% alcohol.Considerate Cough Hygiene – it is important to catch coughs and sneezes in either a clean tissue or the bend of your elbow. This greatly reduces the spread of droplets and any infective organisms. Tissues should be disposed of thoughtfully so that others do not come into contact with them. Avoid touching other people or objects until you are able to wash or sanitise your hands again.

Avoid touching your face – this is especially important when you are out and haven’t recently washed your hands. Viruses can survive on objects or our own hands and can enter our systems through the eyes. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes with unclean hands.

Avoid contact with large numbers of people – and refrain from close physical contact with associates and colleagues such as handshakes or hugs.

Isolation – if you are concerned you may have contracted the virus, do not go directly to your GP or visit another medical service. Instead, phone 111 for guidance and maintain self-isolation until you are advised

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