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Cardiac Ailments And Homoeopathic Management

Dr B S Suvarna

B.A, D.I.Hom[Lond.], M.I.H, PhD, PGDPC (Psychotherapy & Counselling, USA)
Jeevan Shanthi
Karnataka State, India

Cardio vascular diseases claim 45% of all lives last every year all over the world . Increase in cardio vascular diseases cautions the physicians of all systems of medicines to find out solution for the same .

Incidents of cardiovascular diseases are very common among the age group between 50-59 years , but among children and teenagers in the age group of 12 – 18 years are increasing and alarming

In general the patient enters in the clinic with the following symptoms

1] Dyspnea on effort 
2] chest pain 
3] palpitation 
4] syncope
Homoeopathy offers following remedies for the different conditions

1] dyspnea on effort :
aconite –anxiety with ammo.carb—worst on ascending , nat sulph—worst in cloudy weather ,            ars. Alb.—worse after lying down ,  calc. Carb—by bending back wards ,  sambucus —-by sitting up , psorinum—by lying down  sulphur—in open air 

2] chest pain :
aconite —pain by taking cold ,    bryonia —sharp stiching  pain < slight movement and breathing in . chellidonium –sharp stitch on right rib

3] palpitation :
aconite —vigorous audible palpitation , nux . vomica —due to indigestion with flatulence , pulsatilla—-with hyper acidity and loose bowels , iberis am —palpitation with irregular and rapid pulse

4] syncope :
moschus —weak pulse and fainting in nervous subject , Ignatia –fainting , hysterical due to mental shock , ars. Alb –debilated people , china off—fainting due to haemorrhage , spigelia –fainting due to anemia , belladonna —faintinf due to hypertension .


Atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis , generally there is no clinical sign to enable one to recognize atherosclerosis, it can be recognized by its effects on the body , narrowing the lumen of the vessel causes serious impairement of the blood supply to important of the blood supply to important parts resulting in disorders like angina pectoris , atherosclerosis , venous thombosis , cardia –infarction , hemiplegia , the arota and its branches , get widen . Treatment for atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis

1] adrenaline–used successfully both in high B.P as well as arteiosclerosis , roaring in ears due to blood pressure

2] arnica —used in cerebral arteriosclerosis , vertigo , plethoric people who have a tendency to haemorrhage

3] ars.iod  –senile heart with arthritis myocarditis and fatty degeneration

4] aur. Mur —hypertrophy of heart , congestion of chest & head , strong palpitation

5] baryta . mur —artceriosclerosis of large vessels , aorta & aorta < at night when lying down , dizziness & threatened apoplexy with buzzing in ears

6]crataegus ox. —A powerful solvent of calcareous deposits in the lumen of arteries  < on least exertion & exercise

7] opium —in case of loss of consciousness

8] spigelia —angina pectoris , neuralgia radiating to left arm , stitching pain , palpitation , dysponea , shoulder through the frame of whole body


Types –malignant and benign essential hyper tension , with the proper treatment patient may have long life but more often symptoms of complication appear death follows due to left ventricular failure , cerebral haemorrhage & cardiac infection , but less commonly from uraemia

The following treatment is offered by homoeopathy

1] aconite —anxiety , restlessness with pulse full strong and hard

2] glonine —fullness in the region of heart with sharp pain and fluttering of heart as if chest will burst open , laboured breathing with pulsating head ache

3] verat. viride —-intense arterial excitement and congestion , pulse abnormal , some times slow , some times rapid

4] strophanthus —-pulse quick , heart action weak , rapid , irregular due to muscular debility and insufficient

5] crataegus —-threatened heart failure during tension pressure in left side of chest below the clavicle

6] viscum album —-in arterioscle –rosis and atheeromatic , gouty complaints , with hyper tension , oppression of heart , as if squeezing


1] carboveg —low BP on account of imperfect oxygenation .

2] gelsemium –low pulse , tired feeling , mental apathy and dizziness

3] silicea —due to imperfect assimilation and consequent defective nutrition

4] rhus tox —-lack of vital heat , hypertrophy , of heart , pulse quick , irregular , intermittent with numbness of left arm


Hypertrophy is an increase in size of heart muscles and hence in the structure of heart independent of its natural growth , while dilatation is stretching and outer enlargement of the tissues of the heart resulting in widening of the cavity of heart , patient’s diet should be free from liquor , spices , tea and coffee


1] kalmia lat —cardiac hypertrophy especially after rheumatism , numbness , left arm with pain . pressure from epigastrium towards heart

2] cactus g. —-hypertrophy of heart in young persons with characteristic symptoms of gasping and relaxing of heart alternatively

3] arsenic alb.—-hypertrophy  from climbing mountains and high altitudes

4] rhus tox —hypertrophy from over exertion

5] arnica –hypertrophy from over exertion and trauma

6] agaricine —dilatation associated with emphysema and twitching

7] Adonis .v.—-heart hypertrophied after rheumatism and fatty degeneration of heart muscles .

8] strophathus —-weak, hypertrophied , irritable heart with tense arteries . It will reduce the pulse and strengthen heart

9] crataegus —dilatation of heart , tonic for weak heart .

10] plumbum acet –stitches in the region of heart during inspiration , heart and redness of face , rush of blood in the region of heart during fast walking , cold sweats .


Prognosis is good , choose from :

1] aconite –abnormal rapid pulse . patient is full of fear with anxiety , numbness and crawling in fingers

2] gelsemium —pulse slow when quiet but accelerated on movement ; pulse slow , weak , full flowing

3] coffea —rapid , high tension with violent palpitation

4] opium —pulse full and slow

5] china —-irregular pulse with weak rapid beats followed by strong hard beats

6] quinidine —-paroxysmal , tachy cardia and fibrillations

7] arsenic album—-pulse more rapid in mornings , tobacco smokers and chewers require this remedy

8] cactus . F —irregular pulse , constricting pain in heart and left arm, left leg and foot swollen , left arm numb

9] arsenic album —-pulse rapid , feeble and irregular

10] digitalis –slow pulse , intermittent , weak and quickened by least movement

11] crataegus ox —pulse accelerated , irregular , feeble and intermittent (heart tonic in all respect )

12] camphor —-pulse small , weak slow with icy coldness of whole body

13] veratrum alb . —–pulse irregular but rapid , it stimulates the heart


There are 3 grades of heart block :

  1. delayed
  2. partial
  3. complete

aconite , gelsemium , coffea , opium , china ,arsenic, spigelia, ars.iod. cactus , rhus tox , crategus , camphor , varat alb , etc., are recommended.

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