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Homeopathy In The Female Diseases

Well more or less most people have a brief idea about the topic I am writing today, that is “The Female diseases“. Basically what we try to mean by the term, is diseases which are typical to females due to their normal physiological functions,which are unique to them.      
Broadly they can be classified into following categories.  
1. Those Occuring During Menstrual Phase 
2. Diseases Occuring During Reproductive Phase 
3. The Post Menopausal Phase 

1. Though menstrual cycle is a normal periodic process every women more or less suffers from mild to severe issues during this. Some of them may be referred as Cramping pain and colic during periods termed as Dysmenorrhoea. Homeopathic pills can do wonders here. There are many but some of the gold dusts that i have used with excellent results are Belladonna, China, Pulsatilla, Viburnum opulus, Sepia, Colocynthis. Each one of them have it’s own peculiarity that we will discus some other day. 
The excessive and continuous bleeding known as Menorrhagia  is also a regular complain among many girls. Here I will suggest China, Hamamelis, Ficus indica, Millefolium, Thalapsi, Trillium…. and the list goes on. But it’s the art of a physician in selecting the remedy holds the key to success. 
Scanty and irregular period is also another common complain which comes under the name Amenorrhoea.  As always here also a number of medicines can be named like Pulsatilla, Sabina, Sepia, Calcarea carb, Jonosia Ashoka and many more. 
Last but not atleast “Leucorrhoea“,  the whitish or yellowish discharge per vagina is a complain that we meet on regular basis in day to day practice. To my experience hygenic measures along with homeopathic medicines acts best in its management. Some of the suitable medicines are Alumina, Sepia, Pulsatilla, Kreosotum, Aletris farinosa, etc. 
2. Then comes the next set of diseases which belong to the class of  Reproductive phase disease. Reproduction though a normal physiological process it can be linked to some mild to serious degree of illness. 
First let us discuss about the most frequent disease reported now a days, PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome).  The syndrome is characterised by hirsutism, obesity, amenorrhoea and enlarged ovary. The homeopathic drugs of choice are Thuja, Medorrhinum, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Fucus vesiculosus, and so on. Along with homeopathic medicine regular exercise and thyroid screening must be done. 
Next we will discuss about Uterine Fibroids, the non cancerous growths in uterus during the reproductive years. It is manifested mostly By abdominal colic, cramp and irregular and painful menstruation. Thuja, Sepia, Iridium, Medorrhinum, Pulsatilla are some of the remedies which can have a big impact in such cases. 
During pregnancy there are many abnormalities reported such as Pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, Molar diseses, APH, PPH, puerperal infections, etc. While most of them get best results with homeopathic management some of them may require surgical intervention and general management. 

3. Menopausal phase also reports incidence of some diseases reportedly.. Most of them are hormone related  and can be effectively managed by a homeopath. 
Cervical cancer mostly reported around or after menopause. Symptoms include bleeding in between periods,  foul smelling discharge. Regular pap smear screening should be done to prevent this.Homeopathic medicines  can act here as a supporting therapy or as the primary treatment according to the stage of the disease. 
Osteoporosis, Heart diseases and weight gain is common in this age group.. And almost all of them can be treated with success through homeopathy. 
Homeopathy with its ever ending materia medica plays a key role in managing most of the female diseases. Rightly homeopathic pills are termed as friends of female. But as always, the key remains not on the vast list of medicines but with the artistic selection of medicine.

About the author

Dr Sheshadev Senapati

Dr Sheshadev Senapati is an emerging homoeopath from odisha. He graduated from national Institute of Homoeopathy. Currently posted as MO under govt if jharkhand. He has excellent clinical knowledge.