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An Appeal To The Homoeopathic Fraternity By Dr S. Bhattacharjee

From the desk of Dr S. Bhattacharjee,

It is hilarious and ridiculous as well to watching  that many Homeopaths are announcing (not prescribing, I think!) different remedies for #CORONA_VIRUS affection.
This is simply due to their illogical perceptions that they differ from each other. And that, nobody keeps absolute faith on Homeopathic treatment.
#My_humble_questions :
1) Are they treating the patient or the disease, this time? (as generally  claimed !) 
2) What are their basis of suggesting remedies?
3) If hypothetical symptoms are considered then are they considering the ‘Totality of Symptoms’ at all ?
4) If the patient is ‘#Asymptomatic’ but #Corona_positive, they how do they treat the patient?
All these are arising out of the system of ‘symptomatic treatment’ and not considering the scientific ‘analytical diagnostic approach’ to the diease – remedy – relationship.
A symptomatic treatment, which depends upon the ‘TOS’, is bound to differ in opinions of different doctors as per their learning, experience, perceptions and capability etc.
Only,  when remedies are found diagnostically, considering the resemblance of its pharmacokinetics with the biomechanism of the disease, then the remedies will be unique and acceptable to all. 
In my book ‘HOMEOPATHY VIEWED DIAGNOSTICALLY’,  I have explored the remedies in this way. Only in this way a disease can be treated whether the patient is symptomatic (whatever it may be) or asymptomatic.
May I humbly appeal  to all of you to raise the voice to trnasform the method of treatment in this way, which is suitable to modern era and  follow ORGANON as well.

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