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Homoeopathic Intervention In The Management Of Novel Coronavirus

Dr Aparna B.
M.D. (Hom)
JSPS Government Homoeopathic medical college, Hyderabad.

Homoeopathy  was very effective in treating the epidemic , pandemic, infectious diseases. This was already proved by Dr Samuel Hahnemann at the time of scarlet fever epidemic , in Germany . He had discovered method in  treating and management of epidemic diseases.

Whether the disease was bacterial or viral should study the symptoms in depth to treat and manage the infection. Coronavirus is a respiratory virus. So, as a Homoeopath our duty is first to study and observe the symptoms in the patient. Not in a single patient but in a group of patients. Then  physician should come to conclusion about the Homoeopathic remedy.  After administering the Homoeopathic remedy  to all the patients should monitor the levels and also should observe the patient whether he was improving , should observe both subjectively , objectively and also should note the levels of improvement , his vitals , should observe the change in biomarkers, main important thing to note down before these was change in his physical generals, his sleep appetite, urine, thirst , then sensations , then temperature. Then these biomarkers.  While all these were start improving , physical generals, sensations, patient was recovering.

Homoeopathic medicines prevent the virus to further destruction in the human body,     immune system starts to fight against this virus, medicines will prepare the immune system to fight and to prevent further destruction ,that is to enter into second stage or  third stage.

At the starting stage if a patient receives a perfect homoeopathic remedy , vital force will fight against this virus, medicine will stimulate the vital force, that is immune system to fight and prevent spread further spread of pathology. Patient will be free from this virus .  He will  gain immunity as, homoeopathic medicines are immuno –modulators.

If a person had been hospitalized with symptoms of this virus infection, by observing the condition of patient  whether patients vital force will able to react to potency   at this moment or for immediate action crude doses requires , by administering crude dose we can observe the change.

If a person had been in a state that he was not able to  take the medicine orally severe in intensive care unit, we can give the medicine by following rubbing method on skin. In this way patient vitality improves . depends upon the condition of the patient, if a vital force reacts to the remedy , person regains his vitality,   change in biochemical levels also  appears . Slowly he regains his vitality.  
Those who are exposing indirectly to the patients, and living in that area,  when we  prescribe Genus epidemicus, to those persons who are susceptible, remedy will make the vital force stronger  allows the vital force to fight  with the virus, makes the immune system stronger.

We should give  Genus epidemicus by  examining a person, that is by taking a case , if he was suffering with a strong chronic disease acute will not attack him, stronger chronic disease will not allow the acute to attack.

If a person was in a immunosuppressive state Genus Epidemicus remedy, potency should be given medium potency and dose also minimum, should observe the person for every fifteen days, whether genus epidemicus remedy had reduced his immunosuppressive load  , allowing his vital force to fight, gaining of immunity, according to that we should repeat the remedy and do follow up.  D rug symptoms slightly will appear , and they will vanish in  a person, so person is becoming immune, vital force  will be able to fight with virus.

So, persons immune system will become a king to do war with the virus with the genus epidemicus remedy. As it is potentized remedy , it is  very safe.

For, some we can also prescribe constitutional medicine , that will make the persons immune system to fight against the virus.
In this way homoeopathic remedy makes the persons immune system ready, stronger to fight against any kind of disease, whether a deadly infectious virus  etc, by following our  Dr Samuel Hahnemann instructions , at the time of epidemics , how he treated scarlet fever epidemic. We can give water doses as water molecules will have a memory to first stage patients , so that spread of pathology can be stopped.
In this way we can do wonderful treatment and management of coronavirus. And can save the nation with homoeopathic medication, improves the physical quality of life index.

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