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Poetry And Leucoderma

Dr Ardhendu Sekhar Chatterjee

My age is 60+
My world is hard and corrogated.
My life is poetry my patients are pen, their mind and body is the matter on which I am writing.
My ambition is to remove a poetry of sorrow changed to a song of delights, within my patients. 
When hanging attempted lady came again with quarrelsome husband or contrary to my poetry walks alone.
I have to read my poetry from distance, and have to forget it hide for ever.
One girl  of my locality on one afternoon came and asked me:
What will be happen my brother ( me), I have leucoderma
My marriage is settling today. 
I assured that do not think I am present, if your husband charges, you tell my name, white spot means scald by milk.
Husband and wife came.
Husband asked me what is her disease?
I replying nothing.
He angrily if it was not leucoderma? 
Probably not, I knew that the disease will be cured.
Are you giving guarantee Yes or not?
When I talked, it should be cured that is all.
Go and try to conceive if you have azoospermia
I have to make another story
Son delivered, no divorce
But the pathy never came to me.
Is it Not A Poetry?

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