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E-book On Scope Of Homoeopathy In Corona Virus Infection: A Scientific Empiricism By Dr Dilip Soni

Book Name: Scope Of Homoeopathy In Corona Virus InfectionA Scientific Empiricism
Author: Dr Dilip Soni
“Know The Utility Of Homoeopathy To Cope Up With COVID-19”

About the book:
This Book may prove to be a boon for whole world to against today’s critical situation as well as the homoeopathic fraternity.This book is divided in two parts. In the first part, the author has given the prevention chart and in second part, suggested the treatment. Prevention chart is divided on hot, chilly, thirsty and thirst less with their indicated medicines and their behavioural differences.
The treatment part is divided into three sections; stage one, two and three based on the severity of complaints and involvement of other organs or systems along with their best indicated medicines with their indications. Stage 1 & 2 medicines are also subdivided as chilly, hot, thirsty & thirst less, because this helps in deciding the appropriate medicine. In stage 3, thermals & thirst becomes insignificant unless and otherwise very prominent. 

About the author:
Dr Dilip Soni, a renowned Homoeopathic Physician practicing at Jaipur, India. He completed his BHMS from Rajasthan University and also a distinction holder at SCPH, Mumbai. He has several years of experience in handling a wide variety of cases including congenital disorders, complicated cases and emergency medicine. He has been instrumental in resolving numerous critical and hopeless cases. He is a voracious reader, a great teacher, an eminent speaker and a proficient researcher known best for his rational thinking and zeal to share his vast knowledge. He is highly admired by everyone and has a humorous way of communicating and teaching. Among homoeopathic doctors he is known as THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HOMOEOPATHY. Dr Dilip Soni is an excellent academician and has numerous publications in various journals. He has also been a speaker at multiple national and international seminars. Besides this, he takes a keen interest in outreach camps for the treatment of Congenital and Hereditary Disorders treating those cases which are generally considered incurable.
He is also the author of, THE GOLDEN THREAD OF HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE, an unparallel book, in which he has explained how homoeopathic medicine acts on body and the ways by which a reader can learn whole medicine scientifically and logically.
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About the author

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