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Homeopathy For Coronavirus COVID – 19 Infection

Dr Aditya Kasariyans and Dr Rajan Sankaran

Part 1 By Dr Aditya Kasariyans, Iran
Here in Iran, I have been involved in corona virus patients’ treatment since 25th Feb 2020, directly or indirectly through the accounts of other colleagues, from different parts of the country.
Case 1:
My first case was my physician friend who at that time had almost recovered from the disease but helped much in gathering the symptoms; the main symptoms she presented were:
• General malaise and soreness all over
• Positive corona test
• Low grade fever; maximum rising to 38.5.
• Perspiration especially on the back and forehead
• Chill especially on the first two days
• The intense need to lie down all the time without the energy to get up
• Desire for open air; except in the chill phase
• Dry coughs
• Slight dyspnea when putting effort doing something
• Temporal headache I have always had the privilege of being the student of very eminent homeopaths from India, who always supported with their professional ideas every time I requested for, and this study specifically continued with the intense collaboration; kind support and wisdom of my forever teacher and mentor Dr Rajan Sankaran from Mumbai; India. Within few days I had two patients from the north of Iran where it is one of the major sites of the disease.
Case 2:
• 70 years old female
• Hx of CABG and Hypertension
• A few days prior she started complaining of intense sleepiness
• An evening before she collapsed for the second time at home, she had brought her phone to her daughter in law showing her and telling this is my bank card.
• Eyes were open but it seemed she is not understanding anything; she should had to be addressed few times before she would answer as if you suddenly wake up from a deep daydreaming.
• Intense prostration, walking was so difficult; desired to lie down.
• Appetite significantly diminished • She was found sitting with the head down due to intense prostration
• Fainted twice before being taken to the hospital
• Admission in ICU with positive test and both lungs infiltration I got in touch with this patient at this stage where after a week of hospitalization her tachypnea had resolved. She had started eating well. She was transferred out of ICU. I had prepared some further questions to be asked when she was visited by her family. But despite the report of her wellness, when the family had arrived to hospital she was undergoing CPR. Apparently very well and communicative a minute or two before sudden death.
• No restlessness was observed by the family
• About thermal inclinations: she was telling it is hot when she was transferred between wards and asked to uncover. (not reliable)
• Thirst: no idea
• Also no change was observed in mental-emotional plane by the family
• No shiver;
• No reliable information about chill, perspiration, thirst and thermal inclinations
• Max fever: 38
Case 3:
• 42 year old male
• Risk factor: BMI>30. Grade 2 fatty liver.
• General malaise and prostration
• Appetite diminished significantly
• One episode of diarrhoea on the first day only
• Admission to hospital due to severe prostration
• Fever started; max 38.2
• After fever the coughs started; dry
• Not a single cough when sleeping or lying down. The moment he lies down the cough stops
• The mucosa feel dry. Sips of water just to moisten the mucosa
• The prostration and weakness is much, even he doesn’t have the energy to sit and wait for the tea to cool down he has to lie down.
• Can hardly tolerate sitting to eat something.
• Moaning due to the general soreness.
• Doesn’t have the energy to turn around so prefers to stay in one position in the bed
• Desire for cold drinks
• I had shut my phone down as well because I didn’t have energy to speak
• Cold perspiration
• Significant increase in the sense of smell, I can even distinguish spices.
• Taste of the mouth normal Through these cases and accounts of the colleagues around the country the rubrics taken and analysis you can find below in the writing of Dr Rajan Sankaran
On the day of commencement of homeopathy treatment he was already on anti- viral medication for 10 days. 1st follow up; 40 hours post prescription of Camph 1M, every 4 hourly:
• Prostration significantly improved;
• Significant increase in general energy 4th follow up; 4th day post prescription:
• I have started driving.
• Prostration is completely gone
• Cough one or two during the day
• Appetite almost normal
• No perspiration
• No fever Right now, on Camphor 1M BID.
Case 4:
• 55 year old male:
• Extreme weakness and prostration during the day and fever-chill-perspiration 78p.m. onwards till morning.
• Severe perspiration especially neck so that it would make the clothes drench.
• Risk factor: Diabetic patient(not controlled;HbA1C= 10
• Day one had diarrhea; Has not recurred
• 5 days post commencement of fever and chill, I started to have dyspnoea and dry cough
• In two days the dyspnoea increased so much that had to be transferred to a hospital with O2 aid.
• Ground glass CT
• Severe body aches bone pain kind specifically lower back and legs with fever, chill and perspiration 7-8p.m. onwards. During the day time no bone pain.
• Skin sensitive to touch; But needed someone to massage the legs.
• Cold perspiration
• Tongue coated in white
• Very little thirst
• Bitter taste in the mouth
• No appetite at all
• I prefer to lie down. When I would lean somewhere my body would itself slide down so that I would lie down.
• Best position: supine; amelioration of breathlessness
• Cough mostly dry
• I feel both warm and cold, if my feet are out of blanket, they become ice cold and then I put them in the blanket and till they get warm and then I get over heated and I have to uncover.
• Evening and nights are worst This patient decided to only stay on anti-viral medications
Case 5:
• A 30 year old female
• Fever for two days max 38.2; mostly evening and night
• After two days the fever totally stopped and i stayed well for two consequent days
• Again i started having fever and prostration
• Severe nausea
• I fainted while trying to go to bathroom
• I had severe dizziness, numbness all over
• Severe shiver started, teeth chattering
• Cough, dry, agg by talking, amel by lying supine
• Desire cool weather except the chill phase
• No vomiting
• Appetite diminished
• Taste is less but i can feel the smells
• Much perspiration, on tummy and back, I need to change the cloths
• I cannot sit, I need to lie down
• My prostration is so much that I cannot even sleep, I just lie down
• Bitter taste in the mouth Started Camphor 1M 12 days post anti-viral medication 1st follow up within 10 hours post Camphpr 1M, every 3 hourly:
• Prostration has decreased much
• I need to lie down but my general energy feel much better
• Nausea less but still there 2nd follow up 72 hours later:
• Prostration is much less
• I can sit longer
• I have taken a shower after 10 days and I feel much refreshed
• Nausea is gone I can eat
• Coughs are less
• Less dyspnea Latest update 5 days post prescription:
• I don’t have prostration
• I can sit without support
• Nausea is gone
• Cough is much less
• Dyspnea is much less but still much when I put an effort to do something like climbing the stairs. Previous days I was not able to climb the stairs.
• CT scan was performed as she gained energy: both lungs are infiltrated; she is still under treatment. Right now on divided dose of Camph 1M; every 5 hourly.
Case 6:
• A 19 year old lady; no risk factor
• Severe pain all over the body and soreness
• Nausea
• Appetite diminished
• Bitter taste in the mouth
• Intense prostration; I need to lie down all the time; best position is supine
• Frontal headache
• Coughs; dry
• Sense of smell normal
1st follow up after 24 hours Camph 1M every 4 hourly. (Only on Homeopathy):
• Intense body pain has decreased and it was continuous previously, now there is a significant interval between the pains
• I have been able to sleep last night better
• Coughs have started dry one or two
• Intense prostration I had is 50% less still I need to lie down; supine
• No appetite yet
• Headache had decreased in intensity but it is still there 2nd follow up 48 hours later:
• I don’t have prostration; but still I like to lie down supine
• I have one or two coughs daily
• Much less weakness
• I have been able to eat but not much
• I still feel sick
• Headache is only when I cough
• Nausea is gone 5th day follow up:
• I feel almost healthy
• No weakness
• Appetite is almost normal
• Cough is gone
• Headache is gone Right now on Camphor 1M BID
Case 6:
• A lady in her middle age
• Severe prostration so that she has not been able to really move around for the last 2 weeks
• On anti-viral medication
• Cough
• Nausea
• Appetite is diminished 1st follow up on 14th day of anti-viral medications; after 17 hours of Camphor 1M, every three hourly:
• She has asked for milk
• Prostration seems less to the eyes of the family
2nd follow up after 24 hours:
• Prostration is much less
• She has taken a shower after 2 weeks
• Appetite better but asks more for milk
• Nausea is less
• Cough still present Latest follow up 6 days after the remedy:
• Prostration is much less almost not there
• Nausea is gone
• Appetite is much better
• Coughs only one or two during the whole day
• Is taken for a CT; awaiting for the results Right now on Camph 1M 5 hourly
Case 7:
• A 50 year old male
• Tested positive for corona
• No risk factor
• Itching in the throat for the last week
• Lumbar pain and knee pain
• Bones pain
• Headache in the temporal areas
• When I sleep on sides, I feel ache on the ribs of same side, to alleviate I turn to the other side but again it starts paining. I have to lie supine or totally get up to feel fully well again.
• No dyspnoea
• Every few minutes one or two dry coughs; I drink a warm drink and it totally gets better and after 10 minutes it starts again
• Thermally chilly but now I don’t feel colder than normal
• I have dryness in the mouth more and I need more of warm drinks
• No coating on tongue
• No taste in the mouth
• My sleepiness has increased, when my leg pain started I wanted to only sleep. But the pain of the back and knees and ankles and headache also rib pains were not allowing me to sleep. I had to change position to be able to sleep. • Soreness and bruised feeling all over the body, as if you have climbed the mountain
• Fever (max 38)
• The pain in knees and ankles are when I sleep when I wake up these decrease or go
• Deep massage alleviates the pain temporarily
• Dryness of the mouth; need to drink sips of warm water 1st follow up 24 hours after the Camphor 1M (Only on homeopathy):
• I feel much less bruised and I have been able to sleep
• The rest of symptoms are the same 2nd follow up 48 hours later:
• Body aches and pains are much less
• I feel lying down still but I have more energy; if I desire I can sit for 10 minutes
• The pain in the back got so severe during the night for 2 hours and then subsided along with all other pains in the joints that I had
• I have dryness in the mouth still; very little amelioration 5th follow up; the 6th day:
• I am back to work
• I don’t have any fever
• No cough
• Energy level is normal
• No stuffiness in the nose
• No sore throat
• I can tolerate sitting down like normal.
• No joint pains or back ache any more
Case 8:
• Female; 57 years old
• Symptoms started 15 days ago with fainting and dyspnea
• Fever, max 40
• Chill during hospitalization; teeth chattering chill
• Perspiration very insignificant
• Ground glass CT scan
• One or two coughs daily
• I feel extreme prostration despite I am much better compared to the days I was in the hospital
• White coated tongue
• Bitter taste in the mouth
• Less sensitive sense of smell
1st follow up on the 17th day of anti-viral medication; 30 hours after Camphor 1M every 4 hourly:
• I feel much better with prostration;
• I feel much better with my mood as I felt very depressed
Continuing the treatment with Camphor 1M every 5 hourly.
There are about 10 more cases being treated with homeopathy and for the cases who have more of repiratory symptoms, or more severe symptoms we suggest Camphor 10m. The rest of the cases and the follow ups will published as an update to the work we are doing.

Part 2
By Dr Rajan Sankaran, India

About ten days ago my former student and now colleague from Iran Dr Aditya Kasariyans approached me for some help in dealing with the spreading corona virus epidemic in her country. As per the Hahnemannian guidelines in treating epidemics, I suggested that she collect symptoms from actual patients either directly or through her colleagues and send me a list of the symptoms and the course of the disease which are found in a majority of cases. She did so form 40 cases , including two whose cases she took herself in a homeopathic manner. I list below the symptoms she sent and the course of disease observed . From a detailed study of these facts, I came to 4 remedies : Ars, Camph , Carb-v and Verat. A reference to the genius of the disease , its individuality : sudden collapse, cold sweat and a relative absence of restlessness, led me to the remedy Camphor. I asked her to administer the remedy Camphor in 1m to the 2 cases under her care. Within 24 hrs she reported a significant improvement in the cases.
Then she found more cases and sent me more symptoms. I found these too corresponded with Camphor (see repertorisation chart 2 )
The next day she applied it to 3 more cases, one of them even without taking the symptoms. The results in her words were ‘dramatic’. I asked her to give more cases the remedy and report. The next day she reported very positive results from other cases 8 ( pl see her writing above. ) . I felt that I have some data to share with the profession. Based on these findings I suggest Camphor as the genus epidemicus and to use it as a treatment ( 1m in water every 3 hrs ) and prophylactic ( 1m in pills twice a day for 2 days ).
Symptoms gathered from patients and analysis:
Nagging headache .. forehead. .
Fever low grade.
Perspiration upper body. Forehead .Cold.
Shivering , chills
Extreme prostration.
In cycles. Swinging.
Collapse. Sudden . sit .. lie down. Legs together .. not falling. Sinking .SUDDEN COLLAPSE.
Sleepiness . during. before the fever
I want to lie down. Cant even sit.
Desire cold drinks
Thirst less
Irritation in throat causing cough
Cold hands
Touched agg. Skin is sore.
Weakness is so much that they don’t want to change the position.
Respiratory distress but completely conscious.
No restlessness.
Skin of the whole body painful
Camphora is always indicated when death threatens through rapid depression of neural activity or of pulmonary or cardiac activity, e.g. in drowning. In such situations of collapse it is on a par with Carbo Vegetabilis.
Sensitive, slightest touch hurts.
It is used, as a rule, in prostration occurring suddenly and increasing rapidly.
Camphora ( Analysis From Plant Kingdom )
Camphora comes form the subclass Magnolidae which has the theme of shutting yourself in and walling off the outside world.
You can see this from the following rubric :
mind; DELUSIONS, imaginations; world; she has her own little, in which things are clear, outside is uncertain
This seems to be the main idea in this epidemic with everyone retreating in to their own world and the outside world seen as dangerous and uncertain.
Repertory chart 1 & 2 ( Using Mac Repertory )

1) To give Camphora 1m twice daily for 2 days as a prophylactic.
2) To give Camphora 1m 6 hourly to people who have got the infection.
3) To give Camphora 10 m 6 hourly for those with severe lung complications.

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