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Letter To Punjab Govt Requesting To Allow Homeopathic Treatment Of COVID-19 Patients At Punjab

Kumar Rahul,
IAS Secretary to Govt of Punjab Dept of Health & Family Welfare, 
Mission Director, National Health Mission & Director, Mines and Geology. 
Subject: Homeopathic treatment of COVID19 patients in State of Punjab. 
Your dynamic leadership and relentless efforts to tackle the current situation and able to control the spread of COVID-19 in state of Punjab is truly commendable. Excel Academy of Homeopathy is a group of Homeopaths of Punjab having aim to promote Homeopathic System of Medicine. We hereby submitting our volunteered desire to work with your health department team to treat the COVID-19 patients in State of Punjab. At this time when there is no known specific treatment of COVID-19, Homeopathy can play a positive role in treating patients as Homeopathy is based on treatment of a patient based on sign and symptoms, not on the name of the disease or causative organism.
This is also to bring in your kind notice that homeopathy has played a major role since 18th century in different epidemics of world like scarlet fever, cholera and typhus. Hence COVID 19 like other diseases may be treated successfully following homeopathic principles. We have a team of volunteer doctors from the state who can visit the suspected and the isolated mild cases of COVID19 or took their symptoms by Tele-conferencing and treat them with homeopathic medicines reducing the burden on tertiary care hospitals.
Severe to critical cases may be treated by both allopathic and homeopathic medicines along with essential general management protocols adopted by allopathic hospitals having all general facilities needed by these patients. We request you to allow our team to visit the different groups so that mortality can be decreased, and the suffering humanity be benefitted by homeopathy and war against COVID19 be won. 
Thanking you. 
Yours truly, 
Dr Anu Kant Goyal 
For Excel Academy of Homeopathy 
#4093 sector 46 D, Chandigarh 

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