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7 Warriors To Fight Corona

The Year 2020 started with the advent of a catastrophic epidemic which rocked the whole world . The spread has been massive and presently a state of lockdown all across the world is being considered the only solution to control it.
The condition becomes critical in old age and patients suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, cancers, heart illnesses, etc. Although, it’s not that the younger generation is not prone to the infection and they also equally need to pull up their socks to stay safe.
Being a homeopath, we are always on the lowest preference for treatment in such epidemics though in the past, our great masters have reported that how homeopathy has also been considered a system to help the suffering humanity during these epidemics. We know that homeopathy has the ability to treat as per symptom similarity but somehow our system has not been able to make its place on the front foot when it comes to such catastrophic conditions. We must and should accept the fact.
But, on the contrary as doctors we should not restrain ourselves from community welfare by emphasizing the DOS AND DONT’S under such conditions. We do have a knowledge at par with the other professionals of medical field and should use it as a medium to guide and mange the state of the community and hence indirectly help in controlling the epidemic.
The governments of almost all the 190 countries affected presently are doing their best to control the corona virus spread and have laid guidelines for the people to follow.
The protocols laid down are very simple and need to be followed by each and every individual. Besides this, there are some dietary and hygiene related steps which do help in raising the immunity though not a direct protection to the specific virus in talks.
Here, I try to point out to those basic protocols and add to it the basics of health and hygiene which in general help us to be hale, hearty and healthy.
Staying in homes and avoiding movement outside the house is the first and foremost protocol to avoid getting infected. Any viral illness spreads when we come in contact with an affected person. Viral infections spread among the family members also and so it is advisable to keep yourself locked when suffering from viral fever. Staying in home helps you from not getting affected and also keeps others safe by not letting a human to human spread.
Maintaining a distance between individuals helps in controlling droplet infection in case of any illness. Use of mask is applicable to positive cases only. This virus does not spread through air, and hence chances of an air borne infection is less. keeping a safe distance with no physical contact like shaking hands, hugging, etc. keeps one safe . Social distancing is the need of the hour. Spend time with your family in the house. But being a social animal, it is not possible to stay all alone confined to the four walls of the house. So , avoid social boycotting by getting in touch with your friends through electronic modes of communication. keeping yourself in touch with ones you love keeps on mentally safe and sound and does not let depressive feelings crop up when confined indoors.
From times immemorial we have been taught to wash our hands before or after eating, when coming back home from outside, before cooking, serving etc. Now, it is no more an option but a necessity. Maintain hand hygiene and stay safe as the virus spreads through contact surfaces and washing of hands and keeping them sanitized keeps the infection away. Beware, not to use a sanitizer before eating anything as has been advisable earlier also.
When sneezing and coughing use a handkerchief and do not spit on your hands . Spit in the cubical area of the elbow joint and avoid keeping hands in front of the nose so that there is no chance of a spread through touch and contact.
The modern times have left less time to follow these during the regular working days. Now is the time and opportunity to boost our immunity by following a regular exercise regime . Yoga and meditation help keep the stress conditions in control and help us be mentally healthy. The long time stresses due to personal and professional life can be sorted in this period. Not only will it boost the immunity today but will also give us resistance to any upcoming disease conditions in future. This is a blessing in disguise for us to make ourselves both mentally and physically healthy.
We all know the importance of a balanced diet with all nutrients in the right proportion and its utility in keeping us healthy. It’s not just vitamin c but every ingredient in our diet which can help us keep our immunity fight the dangers of the illnesses. There is no direct evidence to prove that the virus can be fought with any specific nutrient be it Vitamin c , iron, protein etc. but having and healthy and balanced diet in general keeps our energy levels boosted and gives us protection against many disease causing pathogens. No junk and all healthy food is a key to a long and healthy life.
With most of our household help not available, it becomes our utmost responsibility to keep our surroundings clean and tidy. A neat and clean surrounding helps avoid the spread of any disease condition . Charity begins at home, so start from your home and its surroundings. The community is thus helped and is clean and tidy controlling the spread of the deadly virus. The governments are already taking measures to keep our common areas , roads, footpaths, clean and disinfected . But as responsible citizens we can also contribute our bit.
An overall awareness among the general public is a duty of the doctors and health professionals and we can play a vital role in it.
EACH ONE TEACH TEN …… and these 7 warriors will fight for the cause of eradicating the deadly virus which has put our lives out of gear.
No sector of the world be it tourism, hospitality, economy, entertainment, politics, religion has been put at bay by the tiny protein molecule , creating a potential danger to mankind and still looming large on the world.

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Dr Pankaj Prashar , B.H.M.S., M.B.A-HCS, worked with a reputed chain of homeopathic clinics for more than 10 years and has an experience of treating more than 10,000 patients.. Dr. Prashar has treated patients with many different illnesses and prescribes remedies following the core homeopathic principles. He is a firm believer in classical homeopathy and has seen miraculous results with it. He has special experience in handling cases of allergies and female gynecological problems. His interests include training new doctors, sharing his knowledge and experience and writing about homeopathy so people become more familiar with this beautifully logical scientific method of cure. His expertise has been major driving force in giving successful cures in the most difficult of diseases in Solviva Health. Meet him and avail his expertise for the solution of all your chronic diseases. He heads the homeopathic wing of Solviva as Chief Homeopathic Consultant in Mohali.