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Mr. Rajiv Bajaj: A Believer Of Homoeopathy Recommends Genus Epidemicus For Coronavirus COVID-19

In the absence of a vaccine or a known cure so far for COVID-19, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, the MD & CEO of Bajaj Auto, is working with homeopath, Dr Rajan Sankaran to make a passionate argument in favour of homeopathy. When asked about its placebo effect and the need to stick to Science only at a time like this, Bajaj says, “Even if it is mind over matter, it has no downside. so what is the harm. Give it a fair shot. And no one is advocating it to the exclusion of other treatments.”
Homoeopathic Genus Epidemicus for COVID 19 recommended by Dr Rajan Sankaran is CAMPHOR 1M. His thoughts have been vehemently supported by Mr. Rajiv Bajaj,
To see the video interview of Mr. Bajaj with a prominent news anchor, Barkha Dutt, click here.

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